Top 10 Most Terrifying Robots Ever Built

With a rate in technological development, many things have been innovated and that is the reason we have an easy time while doing various day to day activities. To this day, man has created a machine that looks exactly like him and is capable of doing everything that man is capable of. This machine is called a robot. Some have very unpleasant looks. Below is a list of the ugliest robots in the world.

Checkout the list of Top 10 Most Terrifying Robots Ever Built until 2018

10. Bina48

Most Terrifying Robots Ever Built

This is a social robot that was created by a renowned scientist called Rothblatt. He took his wife’s model and made it with it. It is a perfect example of artificial intelligence. This robot is one of a kind because it is capable of having conversations on certain issues like politics, technology and religion. This robot is known to have a small head and shoulder which is equivalent to that of a human being. It is capable of showing certain expressions through its face. By connecting it to the internet you will be able to fur then its knowledge.

9. Robot Fly Catcher

Most Terrifying Robots Ever Built 2019

This is a product of the United Kingdom. James Auger was the one who made this product of artificial intelligence. This device may look very harmless but if you get to see it work, you will be thrilled. For it to work, flesh is the thing that fuels it. In other words the robot feeds on flesh. It can be the flesh of a human being or that of an insect hence the name fly catcher. This robot can kill a human being easily especially if it confuses you to be a mouse of n insect. That is enough to terrify you when you see it.

8. La Machine Spider Robot

Most Terrifying Robots Ever Built

This a giant that was made by the French. The group that spear headed it was La machine back in. It weighs 37 tonnes and has a height of 40 feet. They placed them first in Liverpool, England. These robots had the capacity to terrify great crowds half to death when they started to fire flames, smoke, water and wind from their limbs. They are made from steel and wood. They also have complex hydraulics which allow for movement in the abdomen and legs. They built this giants so as to make the cultural festival of Liverpool livelier. They were removed in the streets because they created fear among people.

7. NAO

Most Terrifying Robots Ever Built

Parents have forgotten how to teach their children necessary skills for socialisation. This robot was specially built for that purpose. It has hands designed to di great work without wearing off. The good thing about it is that it is very responsive to voice commands. It is capable of dancing as per the rhythm of the song. The terrifying thing about the robot is that it will soon replace teachers in school leaving them unemployed.

6. Animatronic

Most Terrifying Robots Ever Built 2019

This is a robot that was made specifically for dancing. Jordan Wolfson was the one who created the robot. This robot can turn, speak and lip sync on modern songs that are very popular. It has a terrifying face. That is the thing that makes it very terrifying. The way it dances aggressively makes it a very terrifying robot. It is installed with the technology of facial recognition to do a variety of things.


Most Terrifying Robots Ever Built

This robot is one of a kind. It freaks people because it has the ability to mimic a human being. It has the ability to walk around and the most interesting part is that it can run very. It is said to be the first robot to have the ability to run. Just like a human being, it responds to commands of the voice and as if that is not enough it can look around if it hears that noise is coming from somewhere. It can also help you find directions, note gestures and do a bit of speech. That is thing that terrifies people.

4. CB2

Most Terrifying Robots Ever Built

This is a product of the Japanese. Its manufacture was spear headed by a Professor Ishiguro. It a robot that was built like an infant. The scary thing about it is that it can speak like a baby. It can ask you for some affection and love. If you do not respond it can run after you if you don’t. Many people don’t see the need of constructing such a robot.

3. Robokiyu

Most Terrifying Robots Ever Built

This robot was made initially to help in remove any remains from disasters that occurred naturally. The creators soon decided that it was soon the robot should play the role of disposal of dead bodies. In other words, the robot had a role of removing bodies from the streets and eating the body up. The terrifying thing about the robot is that it could mistake an unconscious person and eat him while still he or she is alive.

2. T52 Enryu

Most Terrifying Robots Ever Built

People’s lives are of great importance. With this in mind the T52 robot was constructed. Its major was to save people in times of major calamities. It has proven to be very effective and that is the reason it is widely used in the country. It gives the rescue team an easy time while rescuing by lifting up objects that are heavy.

1. Titanoboa

Most Terrifying Robots Ever Built

It was built to look just like a big snake only that it made of steel. It has feature that make it just like a big snake. They include jaws and eyes that are automated, it also moves like a snake and just by a look at it you just get terrified because it is like a real snake. The one who made it knew exactly what he was doing.

Though the use of robots has not yet taken roots, these ones have proven to be very effective in the roles that they do. Despite the fact that they are very effective, they should not be made in large numbers since they may lead to massive unemployment.

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