Top 10 Cheapest Gaming Laptop Under 200 Dollars

Laptops are actual significant technological gadgets which have continued to positively influence lives of many people across the world. Besides it being used for schooling and work purposes, also it is very essential for people who like playing video games or surfing internet.

Gaming laptops are known for its powerful, with advanced sound graphics and output. Moreover, it has durable Hard Disk Drives and Solid State Drive that offers sufficient spacing storage. Below are top ten cheapest gaming laptops under 200 dollars in 2018 reviews.

10. Black 10-Inch Mini Laptop Net-book Android Computer Notebook

Cheapest Gaming Laptop Under 200 Dollars

This is one of the cheapest laptop which at least cost less than 200 dollars. It is compact gaming laptop which features 512M DDR3 memory, 10 inch screen, two USB ports, one HDMI port and SD-card slot. This item is made of 802.11 b/g/n built-in WiFi which makes it possible for you to play online games without any difficulty as long as you have WiFi access. You can be able play any game it is on online and learn more games.

9. Runningstar 10-Inch Silver Laptop

Cheapest Gaming Laptop Under 200 Dollars 2019

This is among the budget friendly and top quality product which uses an android system. It is designed with a sleek design and features a 1 GB DDRII RAM, 8880 Dual core ARM Cortex A9 1.5 GHZ processor and big 10 inch screen. In addition, it uses 8 GB hard drive. You can play any games you want comfortably with access to WiFi.

8. The CB3-111-C670 11.6-Inch, Acer Chromebook

Cheapest Gaming Laptop Under 200 Dollars

Acer Chromebook is a very powerful machine and has a reasonable price with high specs that meant to ensure you have best gaming experiences ever. This laptop features 16 GB Solid State Drive, Google Chrome operating system, 1366 x 768 pixels 11.6 inch anti-glare LED backlit screen and 2.16 GHZ Intel Celeron processor. This Intel HD graphics is meant to ensure you have a clear view of game you’re playing.

7. ASUS C-201 11.6 Inch Chromebook

Cheapest Gaming Laptop Under 200 Dollars

It is a new product from ASUS that is known to load and start at a lightning speed, which thanks to its highly efficient Chrome operating system and super- fast 1.8 GHz Rockchip processor. This laptop allows you to multitask because you can switch various browser tabs and between apps. It is energetic efficient product which comes equipped with 13- hour battery life and a powerful battery.

6. Orchid Magenta HP Stream 11.6 Inch Laptop

Cheapest Gaming Laptop Under 200 Dollars 2019

This is a pocket-friendly and stylish laptop which features high performance of 2.16 GHZ N2840 Intel Celeron processor. It also has a 32 GB SSD and 2 GB DDR3L SDRAM storage without any optical drive. Its 1366 x 768 pixel 11.6 inch LED- lit screen which is meant to provide the best view while you are playing. It also uses Windows 8 Operating System and has orchid chassis magenta.

5. The ASUS X- 205- TA DHO1 Laptop

Cheapest Gaming Laptop Under 200 Dollars

If you are looking for a high performance laptop for gaming that has super-fast processing power, well this model is perfect for you. It is an ultra-thin and lightweight product which features fast quad –core processor that guarantees you perfect gaming experience. In addition, this product boasts of long- term battery life and has a 2 year web storage of 500GB ASUS that is expandable through micro SD.

4. The AO1-131-C9PM Acer Aspire One Cloud- book, 11.6 Inch HD Laptop

Cheapest Gaming Laptop Under 200 Dollars

It is one of the outstanding product, yet pocket friendly gaming laptop which features 2 GB DDR3L onboard memory with N3050 high speed 1.6 GHz Intel Celeron processor. It has an internal storage of 32 GB, HD screen of 11.6 inch with Intel HD Graphics. Moreover, it comes installed with high efficiency operating system of Windows 10.

3. Horizon Blue 11.6 Inch HP Stream Laptop

Cheapest Gaming Laptop Under 200 Dollars

This laptop is made with a lightweight and a stylish design that will withstand constant impact while gaming. It features 2.16 GHz very powerful N-2840 Intel Celeron processor, Stellar Intel HD graphics as well as 11.6 inch anti- glare LED backlit screen. This product comes also with USB, microphone/headphone ports, 2 GB DDR3L, 23 GB SSD and HDMI. Also it has 1 year, 1 -TB and one -Drive cloud storage.

2. The EeeBook X-205- TA USO1BL 11.6 Inch Laptop from Asus

Cheapest Gaming Laptop Under 200 Dollars

It is a lightweight and stylish design gaming laptop which can give you memorable experiences of games. This unit features 1.3 GHz Inter Atom processor, Z3735F, and up to 1.83 GHz Intel Burst Technology. It also has 32 bit laptop which comes with installed windows 8.1 operating system. The HD Intel Graphics and 1366 x 768 and 11.6 inch LED HD backlit display guarantees clear view on screen while Realtek Sonic Master audio offers best sound quality.

1. Cobalt Blue HP Stream 11.6 Inch Laptop

Cheapest Gaming Laptop Under 200 Dollars

This great gaming laptop features 2 GB SDRAM and 1.6 GHz N3050 Intel Celeron processor. It comes equipped with 32 GB Solid State Drive. Its 1366 by 768 ii.6 inch pixel LED- lit screen, it guarantees you best view while playing. In addition, normally it comes with installed either windows 8.1 or windows 10 operating system.

If you like online games and video, in order to have best gaming experience, all you need is a great quality device that has good graphics, good memory and super – fast processor. When you plan to buy gaming laptop with all of those qualities, above laptops will help you select the best which is under 200 dollars.

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