Top 10 Tallest Women in The World

Being tall is a good thing for some people but for the ones that are abnormally tall, this could be a curse. Unless they use it to their advantage this height problem can cause serious problems with finding clothes and shoes but for the most part, their health could suffer severely from all of the added inches to their body frame. Let’s check the list of top 10 tallest women in the world in 2018.

10. Heather Greene

Tallest Women

She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and stands at 6ft and 5.5 inches tall. That does not include the height that is added when she wears her stilettos that she loves so much. The woman is very popular in the United States just because of how tall she is. Born as an American, Heather does have trouble finding clothes that fit her correctly. Most of the time she has to have them made to fit customly. Her health is in jeopardy because of the height as well but I guess when you are famous and have a lot of respect given towards you, it is ok that clothes do not fit right and you body could break down at such an early age in life.

9. Rita Miniva Besa

Tallest Women 2019

She is from Zimbabwe but now she is living here in the United States. Because of her six foot eight inch height, Rita is on a basketball team. Sometimes when you are standing at an extreme height it can actually be a good thing for you. Rita is the perfect example of that since she is a terrific basketball player because of what her height does for her on the court. She is famous and has all the talent for an awesome sport. I am sure she feels very lucky to be who she is and if she is not already, she should be very proud of her accomplishments.

8. Caroline Welz

Tallest Women

Living in the wonderful country Germany is a young girl that goes by the name of Caroline. She is six foot nine inches tall and is extremely popular in her home country. Not only she is popular but she is also an inspiration because of how tall she is. Even though there are so many people that are very tall living in this country, Caroline is special because she is in fact the tallest out of all of them.

7. Malee Duangdee

Tallest Women

She is the tallest woman is Thailand but the second tallest in all of Asia. Six foot ten inches can be quite an issue for some people to deal with but Malee seems to manage herself just fine. She is this tall because she has a tumor that has caused her overgrowth which puts her in at number seven for the world’s tallest woman. The only way for Malee to have a normal life is by taking a tumor shrinking drug but because of the price it makes it very expensive for her family to afford.

6. Gitika Srivastava

Tallest Women 2019

She stands six foot eleven inches and actually plays basketball for a living. She is from India and because she is the sixth tallest woman in the world, this makes her a great inspiration to so many others living in India. Her dad was also a basketball player and very tall. He stood in height about seven foot four inches. I am guessing this is where Gitika inherited the gene from for being so tall! She is one amongst the Top 10 Tallest Women in The World 2018.

5. Uljana Semjonova

Tallest Women

Between nineteen seventy and the nineteen eights she played basketball and was a great player. From Latvian, and when she played basketball they said she had the biggest feet. When she buys shoes she has to buy a men’s size twenty one in the US and fifty eight in EU. She played her heart out while playing basketball and she set a lot of new records. She is seven foot tall. She was known to be the best basketball player around.

4. Zainab Bibi

Tallest Women

She moved from Pakistan to Britain because her family did not like how tall she was. She is the fourth tallest women. She stand seven feet and two inches. She finally just moved after she got tired of her family complaining about her height and how it affected them. She tried to get a place to stay but was rejected in two thousand and nine for staying at the asylum. But after that she got the chance to stay in a council flat that was rent free in Greater Manchester.

3. Małgorzata Dydek

Tallest Women

She plays basketball in the United States and was born there to. They allowed her to be on the team because she was so tall. In Queensland she trained to be a coach. She was born in nineteen seventy four in April on the twenty eighth. She played in Poland for the Colorado Xplosion. She later got married to a guy named David and they moved to Brisbane after that. Two kids later names David and Alexander. She is seven foot two inches.

2. Sandy Allen

Tallest Women

The second tallest women in the world is Sandy Allen. She was the tallest of the world till nineteen seventy six. She died in two thousand and eight. She was seven foot seven and a half inches tall. After she had surgery she had to use a wheelchair to help her stand. She had a tumor in the pituitary gland which is what triggers the release of the growth hormones. She had to deal with health problems because of her tallness. The last few years of her life was spent in bed and she died in Indiana.

1. Yao Defen

Tallest Women

Beating the tallest record in the world Yao was born in China. Her feet are twenty six in US and seventy eight in EU. she beasts the list of medical disorder and she was seventy foot and eight inches tall. After a short life of only reaching forty years old she died in November on the thirteenth and it was only in two thousand and twelve. She was born to a poor family. At eleven she was already six foot tall and when she hit fifteen she grew to six foot nine inches. Her family could not afford any treatment for her so she just dealt with it. Before she died she visited the tallest man in China. TLC did a show for her.

These women have to deal with being tall and if they are already gone they dealt with a lot during being a live. The fact that they was so tall took a toll on their backs and cause many problems that some could not fix because of money. If you ever get to meet someone this tall you will know that it does cause a lot of back problems and problem things you do not even notice. Having to deal with being made fun of and being banned from your family hurts and if you know this feeling then i would not make fun of anyone else.


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