Top 10 Hottest Men in The World

Which men have been making women go weak in the knees? Which of them have a huge drool-worthy body and a combination of boyish charm and manly prowess? Welcome to the list of the top 10 sexiest men in the world in 2018. These are some of the hottest and most popular men who are the stuffs of female fantasies and objectification.

Some are actors while others are singers or sportspersons, and each one of them has arresting qualities which make the female heart skip a beat. They are undoubtedly some of the hottest kids on the block and are known for their unique voice, good height and robust physique. Take a look at some of the top 10 hottest men in the world in 2018.

10. Chris Hemsworth

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The Australian actor has a terrific Charlton Heston-rescue voice. The 6’ 3” actor is only 32. Although he acquired fame in “Home and Away”, the Aussie TV series, as Kim Hyde, Chris is probably best known for bringing the Marvel comics superhero character Thor to life on the big screen with movies like Thor, Thor: The Dark World, The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

He has also been in the first and second installments of Snow White and the Huntsman, sharing screen space with hotties like Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt. He is one of the hottest actors in the world.

9. Tom Hiddleston

Hottest Men 2019

When Thor has been mentioned, can his screen brother Loki be far behind? The English actor was till recently known best worldwide as Loki, Thor’s nemesis in the Avenger and Thor movies. He is known as one of the hottest guys till date.

But the actor is now more popular, and also quite hated, for his recently disclosed relationship with singing superstar Taylor Swift. It is not for nothing that his name has also been doing the rounds for the James Boot franchise reboot.

8. Cristiano Ronaldo

Hottest Men

The 31 year old Portuguese professional footballer is famous for his boyish smile, amazing footwork on the field and toned body with a bronzed tan. This 6′ 1″ footballer is one of the top 10 sexiest guys in the world and is celebrated as much for his antics on the field as off it.

His provocative ad campaigns with model and girlfriend Irina Shayk and the suspected rape charges of which he was acquitted later has lent a slightly bad guy image to his personality. Rather than diminishing his appeal among women, it has contributed to the popularity of this non-drinking hottie.

7. KJ Noons

Hottest Men

The 5’ 11” professional American mixed martial artist K.J. Noons is known for his MMA fights and movie outings like Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller vs. Niko Vitale and Super Brawl: Icon. The MMA kickboxer is only 33 and is taking part in the UFC’s Lightweight division at present.

His chiseled, drool-worthy physique apart, Noons is also known for his wife Melany Lorenzo, a professional model. He is also a part of the PETA campaign and has spoken out against cruelty and abuse against animals. He is the hottest guys in 2018 and can make anyone drool!

6. Zayn Malik

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One of the most famous and  hottest male singers on the planet, Zain Malik aka Zayn Malik is known for his songs and relationships. For 5 years, he was a part of the biggest boy band One Direction, but the 5′ 9″ stunner left the group in 2015 and has been coming out with solo ventures ever since. Known for albums like Mind of Mine, this English singer cum songwriter is has become a fixture on page 3 columns for his relationship with model Gigi Hadid.

5. Channing Tatum

Hottest Men 2019

This is one actor who has kind of filled the slot of Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise in the post-2010 era, with one after another-romantic movies. The 6′ 1″ American actor and dancer came to prominence with “Step Up” (2006) and he is equally adept at comic roles like in the Magic Mike and 21 Jump Street movies as romantic dramas.

His good looks apart, women like him for being a doting husband to actress wife Jenna Dewan and caring dad to daughter Everly Tatum. He is one of the sexiest guys in the world among all ages.

4. Justin Bieber

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The boy has, well, grown up! The 5′ 9″ Canadian singer and songwriter became an overnight teen sensation after his song covers on YouTube were spotted by RBMG. Bieber is famous among teens and women for his vocals, boy-next-door charm and relationship with Selena Gomez and Nicola Peltz. Among the hottest guys celeb list, he ranks very high!. He is one of the hottest male country singers in the world.

3. Ian Somerhalder

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The 5′ 9″ American actor is also a director and model, and is most famous for his role as Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries, the supernatural drama. He has also got recognition in “Lost” as Boone Carlyle. The 37-year old hottie is hottest guys in the world and known for his good looks, acting chops and body to die for.

2. Jensen Ackles

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The charming 6′ 1″ American actor and director is a winner with women with good looks, hot body and a great body of work in shows like Supernatural and Smallville. He has won a number of Daytime Emmy Award nominations and his stunning wife Danneel Harris makes him even hotter for women.

1. Chris Evans

Hottest Men

Better known as Cap for the Captain America and Avengers movies, the 6-feet Evans is loved by women for his sexy, disarming smile, deep voice and piercing eyes not to mention the hot physique.

Young and stylish, these top 10 hottest man in the world have many more years ahead of them to make a mark in bigger and better ways.


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