Top 10 Richest Zambians

Zambia has one of the most consistent growth levels in terms of G.D.P around the world. They register an impressive 6.7% average growth in G.D.P every year. The businessmen and women in the country are working really hard to ensure that the economy stays aloof.

Other than that the privatisation of the copper mining industry in their country has helped their economy a great deal as they greatly benefit from the production of copper. The richest Zambians are owners of reputable businesses having been able to build business empires. For some of them, their success has enabled them to clinch powerful leadership positions in the political arena. Here is a list of top 10 richest Zambians in 2018.

10. Satwant Signh

Richest Zambians

His net worth is said to be an average of 198 million dollars. This handsome rally driver has won well over eight African motor championships therefore cashing in big amounts of money from the motor sport. He has also been awarded the “Outstanding contribution to sport” award by the Zambia sports council. His success is not only limited to sports, he is also scoring big in the business world as well.

9. Andrew Sardanis

Richest Zambians 2019

This business man has managed to create a whole other concept to tourism by combining wildlife art and luxurious living through his impeccable property known as Chaminuka village. The village sits in the middle of wildlife and boosts of having an art heritage of about 50 years from all around Africa. This is truly a beauty to behold. One can only imagine its worth.

8. Charles Milupi

Richest Zambians

This is also another wealthy business man who has tossed himself into the field of politics. He has been able to grow his wealth by making wise investments. He owns shares in a number of successful companies namely, Lafarge Cement Company, Tiiseza Zambia Ltd, and the Copperbelt Energy Co-operation.

7. Geoffrey Mwamba

Richest Zambians

He is also district Member of Parliament for Kasawa in Zambia which tells us that apart from business, his focus is also on politics. He is an immaculate business man. He has also served as the minister for Defense in his country between the years of 2011 and 2013. He is hardworking and ambitious man mostly popular for his political career.

6. Carl Irwin

Richest Zambians 2019

Carl Irwin and his family are the brains behind Zambeef products, one of the largest meat companies in Zambia. They have risen from humble beginnings starting from owning just one butchery to growing it into multi-national company. Noteworthy is that the company has been listed in both the London stock exchange as well as the Zambian stock exchange.

5. Mark O’Donnel

Richest Zambians

This business mogul is an expert in real estate. He owns a number of malls and he also has great interests in the hotel industry with well over seven hotels. He has been able to rise because of his great ability to strategize and get the best out of any deal. He is a very smart business man. Currently, he has been able to partner with Africa’s largest hotel group to bring up another luxurious hotel.

4. Dr. Rajan Mahtani

Richest Zambians

Dr. Rajan Mahtani’s business empire is large and He also doubles up as the chairman of Finance bank limited. The man is well read as well. Apart from being a certified accountant, he also has a P.H.D in commercial law. It is safe to say that this business tycoon is well worth an average of 293 million dollars.

3. Robin Miller

Richest Zambians

This woman has risen to the top thanks to her entrepreneurial prowess especially in the area of real estate where she has been extensively involved. She also takes a keen interest in wildlife and so she has sat on the boards of many wildlife trusts such as the David Shepherd wildlife trust.

2. Noble Findlay

Richest Zambians

Noble is the founder of Auto-world. This one of the biggest motor shops in all of Zambia with eleven branches spread across the country. He founded the company with his wife and two sons hence this is in all essence a family company. The man is said to be worth an average of 310 million dollars. The company sells cars, boats as well as other motor products.

1. Hakainde Hichilema

Richest Zambians

This list would not be complete if we forgot to mention business mogul Hakainde Hichilema who also doubles up as a politician. As a matter of fact He is the opposition leader in Zambia. He is well read, with an MBA in Finance from a top university in London. He is a millionaire and he happens to own one of the biggest ranches in Zambia.

These above are the Richest Zambians. Zambia is definitely doing well with their economy and these are just a few of the people who contribute to the wellness of the country’s economy through their flourishing businesses and great ideas.


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  1. 1. Noble Findlay is rich yes but he cofounded auto world also with his late brother. (David findlays dad if you know him),

    2. Auto world sells car parts and service products not selling cars. They sell boats and engines yes… and service cars.

    3. Noble findlay is way richer than the estimate stated above.

    4. The list fails to mention many rich zambians with income higher than the figures mentioned above. (Ie; Lawrence sikutwa, )

    5. The amounts stated are away too low for what makes top 10 richest zambians.

    Source: zambian business advisor.


  3. I’m inspired, it’s my dream to be on this list with genuinely earned money. Congratulations to those who earn genuine money.

  4. you deserve to be leader because to grow your business means you can Zambian economy, soon coming leader effectiveness

  5. Comment*HH vs Donard Trump they can work in hand to developt zambia,same people says trump tali bwino,no trump is very ok because you can not achieve your goals without force.

  6. Big up to you all guys who made it in that list, i salute you but do not forget your creator the heavenly father almighty the king above all kings.

  7. Yes HH deserves it as he is just a hard worker, unlike those thriving on stolen wealth. Look at the people you choose for presidency in Zambia? Thieves!

  8. Thank u so very much Mr.president and ur vice 4 ur hard works. This explains why i even voted 4 u. U’r indeed a brainstorm.

  9. HH is rich through hard work and not those becoming stinky rich after a few years in govt through deals . They will be followed one day..

  10. Theses African men are so rich why aren’t they helping the poor in Africa so sad to see with bad proverty out there when people are sick and contacting diseases out there

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