Top 10 Richest Wrestlers in The World

Apart from Cricket and Football, among the popular sports and entertainment is the Wrestling industry. Since years, Wrestling Industry has seen the rise and popularity among the people making the wrestlers, superstars and earn more and more.

Not only in Wrestling, the Professional Wrestlers are making name in portraying main lead roles in Movies worldwide. Although the profession is risky as many injuries are related to it but this makes the wrestlers garner more bucks and worldwide exposure.

WWE, formerly known as WCW & WWF has given many wrestling superstars to the world and their popularity has made them the world icons. Here is the list of top 10 richest wrestlers in the world 2018.

10. Chris Jericho ($18 Million)

Richest Wrestlers

The WWE superstar Christopher Keith Irvine a.ka. Chris Jericho was born in the year 1970 in Manhasset in New York. He was a former Wrestler in WWE and now is an Anchor, Actor and author. In his WWE career, he has won approximately 30 championships and has been the pioneer for the undisputed champion of WWF. He remains undefeated earning the titles of World Championships, World heavyweight championships, Grand slam and many more. He is a great musician too having released six albums worldwide. He shook his legs on, “Dancing with the stars”, a dance based reality show in the year 2011.

9. Kurt Angle ($20 Million)

Richest Wrestlers 2019

The former WWE champion from Pennsylvania started his Wrestling fights right from a very tender age from 6 years. His WWE journey as a champion started from high school after winning the State Wrestling championship. Since then, Kurt Angle has won Wrestling Championships in College, Silver, Bronze and Gold medals at the Olympic games and finally associated himself with the WWE in the year 1996 winning numerous accolades.

8. Big Show ($ 22 Million)

Richest Wrestlers

Not many know the real name of Big Show. It is Paul Randall Wight Jr. His stage name is Big show matching his gigantic persona of 7 feet height and 440 pounds weights. Big Show is a famous American Wrestlers in WWE and has done a few movies too. His WWE titles include Intercontinental Championship, Hardcore Championship and United States Championship. He rose to fame in the year 1996 by winning the 60-man Battle royal, Annual world war 3. He is still associated with WWE and does fights along with working with various Hollywood production companies.

7. Stephanie McMahon ($25 Million)

Richest Wrestlers

The Former WWE Diva and now the General manager of Entertainment Company, Stephanie McMahon was born in the year 1976 in Connecticut. She is the daughter of famous Wrestler and WWE owner Vince McMahon. Before entering the WWE industry as Wrestler Stephanie was model from the age of 13 for WWE Merchandises. She was one of the most beautiful WWE Divas and married to WWE superstar and the Executive Vice president of WWE, Triple H.

6. Triple H ($30 Million)

Richest Wrestlers 2019

Why the WWE superstar is known as Triple H. It is because his name consists of Three Hs, Hunter Heart Hemsley. He was very interested in Bodybuilding and later on, his passion took the wrestling side making him among the top WWE superstars of all the time. In the year 1992, he joined the Wrestling school and in the very same year, he had his first fight. He has won various Championships in WWE and is known for his signature move. Triple H married to WWE diva and the General manger of WWE, Stephanie McMahon in the year 2003. Triple H is now the Executive Vice President of WWE and has tried his hands on acting too.

5. Scott Hall ($30 Million)

Richest Wrestlers

The retired and very famous American professional Wrestler, Scott Hall was born in Maryland. He started his Wrestling Journey in the 80s in Florida and later on joined WCW. He has won Intercontinental championships, United stated Heavyweight championships, Tag team championships. He is the founder of New World Order and has inducted himself to be a WWE hall of Fame in the year 2014.

4. John Cena ($40 Million)

Richest Wrestlers

American Wrestler, rapper and actor, john Cena was born in Massachusetts in the year 1977.He started his Wrestling career with Ultimate Pro wrestling and in his debut fight; he won the UPW heavyweight championship. He is also one of the sexiest male Wrestlers in the world. He then associated himself with WWE and proved his worth by winning several titles. He holds the record of being the seventh wrestler to win the WWE championship title for so long in the past along with winning the Royal Rumble matches 2 times. He released his Rap album” You can’t see Me” which topped the charts. He has also made appearances in many Hollywood films and is very popular among the kids.

3. Steve Austin ($45 Million)

Richest Wrestlers

Steve Austin popularly known by his stage name, Stone Cold was born in the year 1964 n Texas. He is retired WWE wrestler and now Hollywood actor and producer. During his wrestling journey he won the world championships for six times and Royal Rumble for three times. His co wrestlers have names him to be among the biggest WWE superstars in the history. He was also the Co-general of RAW and host the WWE Reality series Tough Enough. He has done roles in television series too.

2. Dwayne Johnson ($200 Million)

Richest Wrestlers

Dwayne Johnson is worldwide famous name of a Hollywood actor who has proved his worth in Acting as main leads. But the ring name of this former Wrestler is The ROCK and just as the name, his Wrestling career too was as hard as Rock. He was football player before shifting his focus to Wrestling career and is said to be one of the greatest wrestlers of all times. He then shifted his focus to movies and acting after retiring from Wrestling. He has also written his autobiography, which was acclaimed worldwide, names, “The Rock says”.

1. Vince McMahon ($800 Million)

Richest Wrestlers

Vince McMahon, the CEO of the Entertainment company WWE is a former Wrestler and now the commentator and promoter of WWE. He was Pro wrestler and has won World championships and Royal Rumble matches. He has diversified investments including Majority of stocks of the entertainment company, properties and earning through Film producing.

The Wrestlers have come far away and have made their name not only from their wrestling career but as actors too. Their sources of income vary and no matter whatever their sources are they are very rich.


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