Top 10 Richest Actresses in The World

Gone are the days when women had no power, nor equal rights with their male counterparts. Bias and sexism especially in the entertainment business has decreased and people have started to appreciate the role women play in making a show business a success.

Without women where would men be? However, irrespective of all the gender brassiness some women have emerged from the crowd and solidified their prowess in the show industry concurring and commanding the screen. These women are so good at what they do, such that you can’t afford to miss their show or a film they feature in. they have proved to be the biggest blockbusters in our current generation. These actresses have gone above and beyond to succeed in making millions of dollars through acting. So, here is the list of top 10 richest actress in the world in 2018.

10. Jennifer Aniston

Richest Actresses

Net Worth: $150 million

For those who used to watch the 90’s sitcom Friends they are familiar with Rachel Green a character that Jennifer Aniston used to play. During the final season of the Series friends Jennifer used to earn $1 million dollars per episode which turned her to be one of the best paid actresses of all time. Most recent she has featured in other films such as “Horrible Bosses 2011”, “Office Space”, “we’re the millers 2013” “he’s just not that into you” Bruce Almighty, Just go with it, Good girl among several others. On her shoulders she has worn world’s most beautiful woman title and also sexiest woman of all time in addition to being rich.

9. Miley Cyrus

Richest Actresses 2019

Net Worth $165 million

Many know Miley Cyrus as a musician from her hits such as wrecking ball, we can’t stop, when I look at you, party in USA, adore you and many others but she has also had her life in acting. She began her acting career at a very tender age when she featured as a star in Disney show Hannah Montana in 2004. She has been playing different roles in films such as “the last song”, “LOL” among others. Though she has revived her acting career she has made a brief appearance in other films such as “the big bang 2010, the voice 2016, two and half men 2012, so under cover 2012, the night before and a very Murray Christmas.

8. Julia Roberts

Richest Actresses

Net Worth: $170 million

The Oscar award winner and also lifetime achievement award actress rose to Hollywood fame as an actress from films such as romantic comedy “Pretty woman”, my best friend’s wedding, Erin Bronkovich. In 1990’s and 2000,s Julia was the highest paid actress in the world where she was paid $300,000 for her role in pretty woman and $25 million for her role in Mona Lisa smile 2003. She has also been named in the list of 50 most beautiful people for 11 times. Other films Julia has been involved with are “sleeping with the enemy 1991”, “Conspiracy theory 1997”, “Money monster 2016”, “Runaway bride 1999”, Mirror Mirror 2012 among others.

7. Angelina Jolie

Richest Actresses

Net Worth: $200 million

Angelina Jolie an actress, producer, director and a humanitarian is famous for movies such as “salt 2010” “Tomb Raider 2001”and “maleficent 2014”. She is one of the highest paid Hollywood actress and her profession success has been recognised through awards such as academy award, Golden globe award, and screen actor guild awards. Angelina started her acting career at a young age when she featured in movies such as “looking to get out 1983” and “Cyborg 2” 1993. From then she became not only one of the richest top actress in Hollywood but also a top actress featuring in other movies such as Mr. & Mrs. smith 2005, wanted 2008, a mighty heart 2007, in the land of blood and honey 2001 among others. She has also been among the actresses with a humanitarian heart as she has worked to obtain aid for refuges in Darfur, Cambodia and other places and through her efforts she has received Global Humanitarian Action Award from the UN.

6. Victoria Principa

Richest Actresses 2019

Net worth $200 million

Victoria acting career began when she was a little girl by doing some Commercials before her breakthrough in acting. She is one amongst the Top 10 Richest Actresses in The World 2018. Her career skyrocketed when she played a major role in “The life and Time of Judge Roy Bean 1972 film” which translated into being named for the nomination of Golden Globe as the most promising newcomer. This led to her landing the role of Pamela Barnes Ewing in the famous soap opera series Dallas which lasted for 9 years and won her best actress in television series. Since then she has featured in other films such as Family guy 1999, Home Improvement 1994 and The Abduction 1996 among others. She is also a business entrepreneurial with her own skincare line among other businesses.

5. Sandra Bullock

Richest Actresses

Net Worth: $200 million

Among the most beautiful women on the planet Sandra can’t lack a spot and definitely she is also among the richest women actresses. She was born in 1964 and started acting at an age of five years. Her film debut was 1994 in the movie Speed (1994). Since then she has been in film business featuring films such as Demolition man, Gun Shy (2000), prince of Egypt (1998), gravity (2013) minions (2015), the heat 2013 and she will feature in the upcoming 2018 movie Oceans Eight. She has won a Golden Globe, an Oscar and several other best actress awards.

4. Jessica Alba

Richest Actresses

Net Worth: $350 million

Among the richest actresses Jessica Alba is one of them and not only is she good at acting but she is sexy as well. This woman through her acting career has won awards and achievements among them being The Choice Actress Teen Choice Award, Golden Globe nomination award, Saturn Award for Best actress among many others. Films she has featured are Sin City (2005), Good Luck Chuck (2007), Fantastic Four (2005), Dark angel, Into The Blue (2005) Honey (2003) among many others. She is also a business woman as she founded The Honest Company which is a multi-billion dollar company that sells household products.

3. Jami Gertz

Richest Actresses

Net Worth: $2 billion

Jami is a producer, philanthropist and still a well-known actress who has made her wealth out of acting although she is married to a billionaire Tony Ressler. She made her film debut when she featured in 1981 with the movie Endless Love and On The Right Track. Since then Jami has won awards of being the best actress in the world, academy awards among other awards. Some of the popular movies this actress has featured are Warriors (2015), Dealing with idiots (2013), The Neighbours (2012), still standing (2006) among others.

2. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Richest Actresses

Net worth $3 billion

Julia is one of the popular actress’s ad a producer of our current time. She is famous for staring in films such as Enough Said (2013), planes (2013), Soul man 1986 animal farm 1999, picture paris 2012 north 1994, generosity of eye 2015. Among the accolades she has received are Emmy Awards, A Golden Globe, 5 screen actors Guild awards. Her dedication in the television industry made the Hollywood industry award her star in the walk of fame which is a great achievement since not many women are on the list.

1. Dina Merrill

Richest Actresses

Net Worth: $5 billion

The New York based socialite was born in December 29, 1923 and she is an actor, philanthropist and an entrepreneur as well. Probably you’re wondering is her net worth really $5 billion? The truth is yes she is worth that much to make it on the most richest actress. Her film debut was in 1957 when she featured in Desk Set film and later in 1959 featured in Operation Petticoat. Other famous films Dina featured are Butter field 8 (1960), savages (1961), I’ll Take Sweden (1965), The Greatest (1977), The Tenth Month (1979) among others. Throughout her career she has appeared in more than 25 films and has also been one of the generous lady with a heart of humanitarian. Her humanitarian efforts have been directed in assisting the disadvantaged in the society among other great causes.

This is the list of the richest actresses in the world in 2018 and though their talents they have inspired many upcoming actresses. They are proof that women can do what a man can do and maybe even better if given the chance.


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  1. Not talking about the richness, Angelina Jolie is a great icon in spreading awareness about breast cancer around the world. She has headed the campaign and it is a great concern for the mankind, and she’s taking part very actively in that cause. It is a very appreciable move and she had also got operations to protect herself from breast cancer.

  2. The 80’s and 90’s was a great time for Jami Gertz as she some great hits. Later, she also produced some TV shows, which were greatly popular. She became successful as a producer too and thus gained a lot of assets.

  3. It’s a great thing for any artist for that matter to show up in the list and being women these actress have proven successful in their career and have attained this levels. They are nothing lesser than Male actors.

  4. Sandra bullock has seen a great success in the industry both as actress and producer. She gave good movies, TV shows that were loved by the audience.

  5. Jami Gertz was popular in as movie actress in 80’s and later she became more popular with TV shows. She turned to a producer and gained a lot of wealth then.

  6. Jessica alba is so beautiful. Her spouse, Justin Timberlake is famous world wide too. She has had a great journey in the industry, delivering some splendid performances of her life.

  7. This list is very useful as usually richest actress is never mentioned. There were few surprise entries,but the top 5 is like what I had guessed.

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