Top 10 Richest Actors In The World 2019

An actor is one who performs a character in a performance. There are several types of actors, include stage, drama, play, season and film actors. But according to new generation and new trends among these the most popular and most famous are film or movie actors which perform different characters like a comedian, thriller, romance, action and many others to entertain the audience. There are many film industries throughout the world but among these the most famous Hollywood actors and top richest Bollywood actors

The film stars in film industries are not limited to a particular country, but they are yet famous in the whole world. These stars make a huge number of fans in different countries of the world. Among these stars the top 10 richest actors in the world as of 2019 according to their asset and net worth are listed as:

10. Adam Sandler:

Richest Actor

Adam Richar Sandler is an American actor, producer, comedian, musician and screenwriter. Adam started his career from comedy show Saturday Night Live and then got an entry to Hollywood. He is still known for his comedy roles in the industry. His successful movies are Billy Madison, The Waterboy, Mr. Deeds and many more. He has a net worth of $340 million according to The Wealth Record.

9. Clint Eastwood:

Richest Actor 2019

Clinton Eastwood is an American film actor, director, producer, musician and also a politician. Clint is much famous for his direction and he received Academy Awards for the Best Directors and Best picture and nominations for Best Actor also. His successful movies are Every Which Way But Lost, Play Misty For Me,The Outlaw Josey Wales, Pale Rider to name a few. With $370 million net asset he is the 9th in this list.

8. Tom Hanks:

Richest Actor

Thomas Jeffry Tom Hanks is an American actor and film director. Tom is a popular and successful actor. He received many awards for his performance like Golden Globe Award, Academy Award for Best Actor, Screen Actors Guil Award, People`s Choice Award. He is also famous for his direction. Tom`s successful movies are Splash, Big, Turner & Hoch, Apollo and lots of others. His net worth is $390 million.

7. Bill Cosby:

Richest Actor

Bill Henry Cosby is an American actor, comedian and author. Bill started his career from stand-up comedy and then went further for television. Bill has done comedy roles and drama for a long time, then he turned to film acting late in his career. He has a net worth of $420 million.

6. Tom Cruise:

Richest Actor 2019

Thomas Cruise Mapother known as Tom Cruise is a smart and dashing American actor and filmmaker. Tom started his career at a very young age of 19 in a film Endless Love. He won three Golden Globe Awards and has been nominated for Academy Awards three times. Tom is popular and has a huge fan following all across the world. His successful Hollywood movies are Cocktail, Mission Impossible, Far And Away, Top Gun to name a few. Tom has a net worth of $480 million.

5. Tyler Perry:

Richest Actor

Tyler Perry is an American actor, producer, director, screenwriter, play writer, author and songwriter also. He is a versatile man. He started his career from writing and producing stage plays. He is among the highest paid artists. Perry is also the creator of many successful shows his most famous show is Taylor Perry`s House Of Payne. He has a net worth of $400 million.

4. Johnny Depp:

Richest Actors

John Christopher known as Johnny Depp in Hollywood industry is an American actor, producer and musician. He started his career from supporting role an now he is a multi talented actor and has done different types of roles like romance, comedy and action. He has won the Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guil Award. Johnny`s successful movies are Pirates of Caribbean, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderful. His net asset of $450 million.

3. Jack Nicholson:

Richest Actors

John Joseph Jack Nicholson is an American actor and director. He has a vast talent in all sorts of performance including, comedy, action, supporting roles, romance, etc. Jack is the most nominated actor in the history for the Academy Award and he has also won the Academy Award for Best Actor twice and one time for Best Supporting Role thus he is one of the three male actors to win Academy Award three times. His successful movies are Easy Rider, Five Easy Pieces, China Town, Batman, The Passenger to name a few. His net worth is $480 million.

2. Shahrukh Khan:

Richest Actors

Shahrukh is also known as King Khan of Bollywood. Shahrukh is a versatile an jolly actor. He always entertains his fans at his best with great acting skill. His source of income along with acting are Red Chillies Entertainment production house. Shahrukh maintain his position and standard from a long term. His famous movie are Dilwale Dulhanya Lejayenge, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum, Chennai Express. He is the richest actor of Bollywood in 2018 and the world 2nd richest actor with a net worth of $600 million.

1. Jerry Seinfeld:

Richest Actors

Jerome Allen Jerry Seinnfeld is an American highest paid comedian, actor, writer and producer. He is best known for his co-creation and co-writing of seasons. He is also the creator and host of the web series Comedian in Cars Getting Coffee. He has a net worth of $820 million, which makes him world richest actor of 2018.

These actors entertained the whole world with their performance and made a huge fan following and also an asset and made place in top ranked richest actosr all across the globe.


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  1. Known for his great versatility, our very own Captain Jack sparrow, Johny Depp is one of the greatest actors. May it be the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise or any other movies, he has shown his perfection in acting.

  2. Shahrukh Khan is a great example for working hard and having success to such a level that world recognizes him. He has worked really hard, given some wonderful performances on screen. He has a great fan base all over the world. He owns a production house, that has already produced many blockbusters. He owns a cricket team in IPL, a soccer team and a lot more.

  3. There is no character that Johny Depp hasn’t done. He is one of the finest actors.. No one can match his versatility and acting skills.

  4. Our Badshah is the second most richest actor that too next to legendary Seinfeld.
    Shahrukh Khan has strived hard to grow up to this level. With success, his brand value increased and now he is in the list, making India proud.

  5. According to me, Senfield is the greatest comedians of all time. His shows are very hilarious. He has earned all this only by his great sense of humor. He can make people laugh out loud unlike any one in the planet.

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