Top 10 Most Handsome Chinese Actors in 2018

China is having a very famous film industry and given many of the popular movies. China has many of the popular actors who have given some of the hit movies. The Non-Chinese people may find it difficult to differentiate different Chinese actors. However, the Chinese and other South Asian countries can easily differentiate the actors.

There are many of the Chinese actors who are very handsome and are very attractive. These Chinese actors had a mark in the film industry and they are good looking.  Here is A list of Top 10 Most handsome Chinese actors in 2018 that shows some of the hottest Chinese actors.

10. Wei Chen

Most Handsome Chinese Actors

Wei Chen was born on 22nd February 1986, in China. He is an actor as well as singer. He is a handsome person, with a very fashionable style. He has many of the fans in China. His role of Ye Shuo in Meteor Shower and “Disparate” album was very popular.

His famous albums are Super Boy Season 1: Wei Chen, Disparate, etc. Awards won by him are Mnet Asian Music Awards. He is also good in playing piano and guitar.

9. Hua Chenyu

Most Handsome Chinese Actors 2019

Hua Chenyu was born on 7th February 1990, in China. He is a powerful stage singer. He is very good looking actor and has a very unique look. He is there with fashionable specs and a stylish hairstyle. His first album “Quasimodo’s Gift” was very popular.

He joined the music training school, immediately after finishing high school. The awards won by him are “Most Popular Male Singer”, “Most Notable Male Singer” and many more.

8. Wu Yifan


Most Handsome Chinese Actors

Wu Yifan was born on 6th November 1990, in China. He is an actor and singer from China. He is a very handsome person. He has a very cute face and his innocent eyes a really very attractive. He is a very sweet and attractive actor. In the initial period, he was also doing modeling and he was a very good model.

He has worked in several movies like somewhere only we know, Mermaid, Sweet Sixteen, etc. He won various awards like Outstanding Youth Award, Idol with Most Attitude on the Silver Screen and many more.

7. Chen He

Most Handsome Chinese Actors

Chen He was born on 9th November 1985, in China. He is a brilliant actor from China. He is a very charming person with great enthusiasm on his face. He is always seen in an enthusiastic way and has a very fashionable style of his own. His romantic comedy television series named Zeng Xiaoxian was a very popular show.

He worked in several films like Days With a Flight Attendant, Waking Love Up, Love Is Back, etc. He is a very passionate actor.

6. Chen Xiao

Most Handsome Chinese Actors 2019

Chen Xiao was born on 5th July 1987, in China. He is an actor form China. He is a very handsome person with very cute eyes and amazing style. He has made a very distinct style category of his own, in film industry. Many of the girls get easily attracted towards this guy.

He acted in various Chinese films like The Palace, The Taking of Tiger Mountain, The Mysterious Family, etc. He has a very great dedication for each of the films he is working for.

5. Zheng Kai

Most Handsome Chinese Actors

Zheng Kai was born on 17th April 1986, in China. He is an actor from China. He is a very handsome guy with a very decent look on his face. He looks really like a gentleman and he easily becomes a center of attraction in any parties or shows.

Some of the movies in which he worked are A Robbery, Rules Before Divorce, Tricks of Love, etc. He is having a great love for acting and is a passionate actor.

4. Lu Han

Most Handsome Chinese Actors

Lu Han was born on 20th April 1990, in China. Lu Han is an actor and singer from China. He is a very cute looking Chinese actor. He has a very fashionable hairstyle and attractive eyes. He has many of the girl fans in China and around the world. The China National Radio had ranked him at number six as the star for popular entertainment.

He has worked in very few movies till now like 12 Golden Ducks, The Witness, etc. He is an upcoming star actor from China.

3. William Chan

Most Handsome Chinese Actors

William Chan was born on 21st November 1985, in China. He is an actor and singer from China. He is really a very handsome Chinese actor who has very funky hairstyle. His fashionable look has attracted many of the girls towards him. In the year 2006, he started his singing career from “Sun Boy’z” and till now he has worked in 6 albums.

His popular albums are War-ri-or, Heads or Tails, Pop It Up, etc. Different movies in which he worked are Seven 2 One, Beauty on Duty, Golden Brother and many more.

2. Andy Lau

Most Handsome Chinese Actors

Andy Lau was born on 27th September 1961, in China. He is an actor and singer from China. He is a very good looking person. His age does not stop him from calling him handsome. His increasing age seems to make him more handsome. He has worked in more than 150 movies till now.

His popular movie includes Running out of Time, Running on Karma, Gallants, etc. He has got the admiration of many people from all around the world for his acting.

1. Li Yifeng

Most Handsome Chinese Actors

Li Yifeng was born on 4th May 1987, in China. He is an actor and singer from China. He has been successful in getting at the top position in the list of Top 10 Most handsome Chinese actors in 2018. He is a very handsome person. He has a very decent look and a very well-built body. He is liked by many girls due to his attractive looks.

Some of his famous movies are Lovesick, Fall in Love Like a Star, Mr. Six, etc. He is a very amazing Chinese actor.

These are some of the Most handsome Chinese actors. These actors have really given some good movies, they are handsome and very popular.


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