Top 10 Most Beautiful Flags in The World

A flag is a symbol that presents a certain country. Some countries has very beautiful flags while others they are just looking very odd but either way a flag is very important to every country.

The symbols or the colors in every flag represent something. Red mostly represent the blood that was shed, blue represent the waters and the sea in that country. Everyone likes to be represented by that flag and you feel you belong somewhere or you have your native land one feel very proud to represent their country. The following are the top 10 most beautiful flags we have in the world in 2018.


Most Beautiful Flags

The flag is very beautiful; the flag was accepted in the year 1947 an year before India got her independence from the British. The flag have a saffron color that means renunciation. After the next color is white which means path or the truth. The wheel at the middle means movement this means that India is ready to grow in all ways especially financially. The green color at the bottom means or represents connection on the ground or how fertile the ground is and they produce good crops.


Most Beautiful Flags 2019

The colors of this flag are very attractive even from a distance they are shouting. Made of three colors the red ,white ,and green and at the middle of the white color there is the eagle holding a snake this is the representative of the national court of law. The eagle holds the snake with its beak and talon this looks very attractive even from a far. An oak is tied with a ribbon at the bottom with the white, red, green color. The Mexican flag is one of the most beautiful flag in the world, this goes without saying.


Most Beautiful Flags

The flag has two main colors the red and the blue .Red taking a bigger hand in this .This colors represent different historical event in Portugal. At the middle, we have a ribbon that has five blue shields this symbolises five Morisco kings that were beaten in the Ourique war. The white color is the shield of Don Afenso. This flag has white dots that signify five cuts of Christ.


Most Beautiful Flags

This is an Islamic country and so the flag originated from the Muslim League that was designed by Syed Amir .the baser color is green and green in the Koran represent the paradise. It is also believed that the prophet Mohammed liked color green it was his favourite color. The crescents in the middle represent progress .The white color at the edge of the flag represents the religious minorities. The stars symbolise light and knowledge.


Most Beautiful Flags 2019

It was approved in 1889, four day after Brazil was announced a republic. The flag has a combination of different colors the white color has a writing which means order of progress. The green color stands for the Brazilian beautiful green fields. Yellow symbolise the wealth in Brazil. The very beautiful blue color represents the sky.


Most Beautiful Flags

Spain flag is multi colored and its very beautiful .Spain is widely known as a tourist attraction country. The large portion of the flag is occupied with a yellow color; at the middle, we have two pillars white in color and a gold color .This pillars are believed to represent the Pillars of Hercules. The crown represents the ruling kingdom. The red stripes are at the top and at the bottom .Spain is one of the countries that have been ruled by a king and a queen for more than a hundred years. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Flags in The World 2018.


Most Beautiful Flags

In 1901 is when this country got it independent and since then the flag have been flying in the air in the pride of the people. Her flag have three major things that represent the country historical events. One of them is a white big star at the bottom showing the unity in the common wealth. The five other stars represent the southern hemisphere and its said to be the Australia geography.


Most Beautiful Flags

The flag has two main colors the red and white. White in this flag symbolises truth or royalty. Red represents courage or force. In 1921 the color were announced by King George .The red color is a symbol of courage or bravely. The flag is very simple but very attractive. The Canadian are proud of the flag they have.


Most Beautiful Flags

The flag have thirteen equal parallel stripes that are red and white in color following in that order. These stripes represent the thirteen colonies that fought for independence from the Great British. At the top it has a blue square with fifty white stars the stars represent the 50 states .The flag truly define what people of America are .White color symbolises purity or innocence, Red means bravely and blue means justice. The stripes represent rays of light from the sun while the stars shows the heaven or the sky where all human seek for help from since time in memorial.


Most Beautiful Flags

The flag is a combination of three flags England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. At the middle it have a red cross with a without background representing the Red Cross. It has a white saltire on a blue background, which is the color of Irish flag. The colors of the United Kingdom of Great British and the northern Ireland which represent the Cross of st Patrick .This flag happen to be at the top most of the list meaning it is the most beautiful flag .Though the colors don’t represent any historical thing in their history. This state is unique in all its ways and have the best economy very developed .though it have very many states that builds up.

Some people may lack the real meaning of the flag but the flag means a lot not just a representative of its people in a symbolic way .Once a flag is raised when you are in a foreign country and your flag is raised you feel very proud being from that country. The above are the most beautiful flags in the world in 2018.

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