Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in The World

Today the world has 196 countries all with unique features. To differentiate the most beautiful countries in the world can be the hardest task since you will need to google 196 tabs on your browser and you cannot be able to travel all the 196 unless you own a private jet, you got a diplomatic passport, and you’re in the list of top 10 wealthiest individuals or at least you’re a grandson or granddaughter to one of these individuals. so what makes a country beautiful?

We can conclude that the beauty of a countries first lies with the hospitality of the people, culture, environment scenic beauty, food and cuisines, women, political stability, and many other more factors. To make your work easier here are the top 10 most beautiful countries in the world in 2018 as voted by many tourist advisory sites in the world.

10. USA

Most Beautiful Countries

United states in one of the superpowers countries on the planet and one of the most beautiful as well. To certify this claim, half of the most beautiful canyons on the world are located in USA among them Zion, Waimea, Paria, Bryce and Antelope. Among the most beautiful deserts United States has the Painted Desert and do not forget Tracy Arm fjords as well. The states also boosts of owning Everglades wetlands, Yellowstone Geothermal site and the world’s top on the list of fame waterfall the Yosemite and Niagara. The mountains of Colorado Rockies, Sierra Nevada and the Grand Tetons, Appalachians, St Francois are among world’s most stunning. Largest fresh water reserve Lake Superior is in USA, Glacier National park and the Sequoia forest add the icing in the cake of United States beauty

9. Italy

Most Beautiful Countries 2019

Among the beautiful countries in the world and all over Europe Italy takes the number one spot as the most preferred tourist destination. Among the features present in Italy are the Dolomite apps which are some of the loveliest mountains on earth, the Amalfi coast and Sicily coast which is third most beautiful coast line. In addition to natural features add lakes such as Como and maggiore. When you look at the Italy cities such as the Vatican City, Venice, Rome, Milan and Florence are some of the magnificent cities in the world.

8. Australia

Most Beautiful Countries

Australia is one of the beautiful countries in the world due to its natural as well as manmade features. Due to its size the country is endowed with natural resources which are not only unique but there also in plenty. Talk of the penguin parade on Philip Island, the Great Barrier Reef which is among the greatest natural wonders of the world, talk of the island of Tasmania, the beauty of Sydney city, and second oldest mountain Hamersley.

7. India

Most Beautiful Countries

India has more has a population of more than 1.4 billion people making it the second most populated country and the seventh largest country by area. Its a home of some famous places such as the Goa, Rajasthan and other physical beauty. India is bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, and the Arabian Sea on the southwest making India one of the countries with many tropical beaches. A trip to India would may you feel like staying in the country since there lots of good things there such as the hospitality of the Indian people, the Taj Mahal, delicious Cuisines, the holy Ganges river, Rajasthan, the chaos within India, the history and architecture, among other things.

6. China

Most Beautiful Countries 2019

China is the third world largest country with a population of more than 1 billion people. It’s a host to one of extraordinary rivers in the planet that is the Mekong river and coincidentally arising in the world’s largest and also highest plateau In the world Tibetan plateau. The plateau has thousands of glaciers which finally make up the Mekong River and others as well. It’s also the home of the largest canyon on earth the Yarlung Tsangpo. We cannot mention china and its physical beauty and forget the most focal of them all the Himalayas and Everest which boarders China. As if that is not enough china has also a manmade features such as the Great Wall of China, The temple of Heaven and the Forbidden City. Town such as Beijing and shanghai are one of the most beautiful town on earth.

5. Brazil

Most Beautiful Countries

Everyone knows Brazil as the home of football legends and has even hosted the Olympics in 2016. Brazil hosting the Olympics that tells you that the country state of infrastructure has changed a lot since hosting the Olympics requires renovations and upgrades. It’s also the most biodiverse nation and a home for the largest rain forest on earth that is the amazon rain of its cities has been named the second most beautiful city on the world and famous for its culture and hospitality that is Rio de Janeiro and Sao Polo. Other places that make Brazil rank among the most beautiful nations is the Iguazu falls, Copacabana, Tijuca Forest, Sugarloaf mountain and Ipanema.

4. Argentina

Most Beautiful Countries

One of the incredible beautiful countries on the planet is Argentina. Its beauty ranges from its urban centers such as Buenos Aires which has been rated as one of the beautiful cities in the world to the land of volcanic activity the Pampas. The volcanic beauty doesn’t just stop with the Pampas but it extends to the Iguazu falls which have taken the spot of most beautiful waterfalls on earth, the stunning glaciers of Patagonia, the mountains of Monte Fitzroy and monte Cerro and many others. Truly Argentina has very beautiful sceneries you might you should consider visiting

3. South Africa

Most Beautiful Countries

One of the most visited country in Africa and world at large and also ranks among the most beautiful countries in the world is South Africa. It has scooped so many international awards related to best travel destination due to the beauty within the country. Among all tourist destinations South Africa has the highest repeat tourism of any long haul. From the breathtaking natural sceneries found in the country south Africa has also got one of the most beautiful and lovely cities based on their natural setting and amazing architecture in the world that is Franschhoek and Metropolis of Cape Town.

In addition south Africa is the home of worlds beautiful coastal drives which are Clarens Drive, and Chapmans Peak. When we talk about biodiversity and focus on marine life South Africa has double species than what Mediterranean has even though its just 2000 miles long and it’s a natural wonder since it’s a home of the world’s largest migration of ocean creatures. Other things you will find in South Africa are national parks such as Kgalagadi, Tsitsikamma, Imfolozi, kgalagadi, the great Kruger National park, Limpopo Transfrontier national park. Table Mountain the seventh wonder of nature is also located in South Africa and hence South Africa positions itself as an amazing beautiful country.

2. New Zealand

Most Beautiful Countries

Among the most beautiful nations New Zealand island nation is stunning and a scenic magnificent place to visit. Some of its towns have been named in the list of top ten most beautiful cities such as wellington and towns such as Auckland due to its beautiful beaches, Queenstown is also among top beautiful towns in the world. Just some few miles away from Queenstown you will find Fiordland National park which is the habitat to Milford Sound. And interestingly Sound is the most beautiful Fjord in the world. New Zealand is also the home to the eighth wonder of the world that is Mount Cook. Other amazing physical features that you will find in this country are Glowworm caves of Waitomo, Kauri forests, Tane mahuta and Te Matua Ngahere, The blue river (Waikato River), The Franz Josef Glacier, Rotoruo Geysers, Sutherland falls, Lake Pukaki and Aotearoa (the land of the long white cloud)

1. Scotland

Most Beautiful Countries

Scotland has taken the number one spot as the most beautiful country due to the high standards of civilisation and the number of tourists who visit the country annually as they are in millions. It has a perfect combination of both man-made and natural scenic nature, heartwarming local people, rich culture heritage and traditions. To some people they describe the country as a virtual reality dream since it looks so beautiful that you might think it’s a fantasy. Tourists prefer the country since it has amazing creatures that aren’t found anywhere else in the world. Other attractions found in Scotland are The Edinburgh castle, Loch Ness, St Giles Cathedral, Holyrood palace among others.

These above are the top 10 most beautiful countries in the world in 2018. The beauty of a country can as well be measured with political stability and the above countries have made it in the list based on the various surveys that have been conducted to certify the claim. If you’re looking for a holiday destination narrow down your search to these beautiful countries and try one of them.

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