Top 10 Hottest Victoria Secret Models

Victoria Secret’s Angels are amazingly beautiful honeys that have the honour of showing off the world’s number one lingerie wear. These women are models that have been hand selected for these positions. Only the best of the best of models from around the planet will be give the honour of being Victoria Secret’s representatives. Here is a list of the top 10 hottest Victoria Secret models of 2018.

10. Behati Prinsloo

Hottest Victoria Secret Models

Behati Prinsloo is a fantastic looking model that has been with Victoria’s Secret since 2009. She is sultry female with smoking hot looks and a very alluring appeal. She really enjoys modelling for this company. For her, it is a dream come true. Prinsloo is married to Adam Levine of Maroon 5 fame. They have a daughter together. Even though Prinsloo has a child with Levine she still maintained her figure enough for Victoria’s Secret to keep her on the payroll as one of their chosen Angels.

9. Josephine Skriver

Hottest Victoria Secret Models 2019

Josephine Skriver is a sweet Danish tart that has been modelling since 2011. She has appeared in well over 300 different fashions shows and is a Victoria Secret Angel in 2018. This Danish honey has the look of a tantalising young lady in her prime. She is sexy, open and ready to show the world how sexy women can be in lingerie. She can take any of Victoria’s Secret fashion pieces and have women buying them in droves just to look like her.

8. Lais Ribeiro

Hottest Victoria Secret Models

Lais Ribeiro is a Brazilian honey that has been working with Victoria’s Secret since 2015. She is a tall and slim looking female with just enough curves and spunk to capture any man’s attention. She is very easy on the eyes. Very few men would get tired of exploring her body from head to toe. Ribeiro does wonders for lingerie and this one reason why Victoria’s Secret chose her for this sacred modelling position.

7. Jasmine Tookes

Hottest Victoria Secret Models

Before Jasmine Tookes decided to become a model she trained for many years as a gymnast. She also played volleyball and softball. The truth is that Jasmine was (and still is) a sports nut. However, her pathway in life changed once she turned 15-years-old. She started to fill out and her beauty became real apparent. Eventually, she realised that she would fare better as a model than an athlete. Tookes then went into modelling. She was selected to become an Angel in 2015. She is now the main face of the Fashion Show Fantasy Bra line by Victoria’s Secret.

6. Lily Aldridge

Hottest Victoria Secret Models 2019

People might not have ever seen Lily Aldridge but they probably heard of her. She is an Angel that has appeared in various music videos with the likes of Dr. Dre, Eminem and Limp BIzkit. She even did a stint with Taylor Swift in her 2015 Bad Blood video. Aldridge is a smoking hot female that many guys would like to have as their own – especially when she is sporting a Vicotria’s Secret lingerie piece. Lily Aldrige is still forming her career and her future as a model looks extremely bright.

5. Taylor Hill

Hottest Victoria Secret Models

Taylor Hill is an American model who trained to be gymnast before she became a model. Hill is a young lady who is really getting started in her career. She has been chosen to remain a model since 2014. This young model diva is still developing her skills for the camera and on the runway. Hill is a bright young modelling star that has a good future ahead of her.

4. Romee Strijd

Hottest Victoria Secret Models

Romee Strijd is another young Angel. She hales from the Netherlands. Strijd is a pleasant young lady to look at. She has the right look and the right physical appearance that makes her very appealing to the masses. She can put on a lingerie piece by Victoria’s Secret and turn it into a living fantasy. A guy would be hard press any female that looks like Romee Strijd in lingerie.

3. Martha Hunt

Hottest Victoria Secret Models

Martha Hunt has been modelling for some time. She’s been with Victoria’s Secret since 2015. This woman has more than just lingerie and looking sexy on the brain. She is also a spokes model for an organisation known as Free People. Hunt is an “it girl” within the modelling world. She just has what it takes to make anything look good and to sell with the public. Her public persona and appeal to the public are some of the primary reasons why she was selected for the Victoria’s Secret team.

2. Candice Swanepoel

Hottest Victoria Secret Models

She is constantly appearing on various lists of the most hottest women in the world. Her name is Candice Swanepoel and she, is a Victoria’s Secret model. Swanepoel is hot right now. She a highly decorated model that has appeared in various print magazines and she has also makes many live appearances on television shows. Swanepoel is a supermodel of epic proportions. She makes South Africa truly proud to have her as one of their own.

1. Adriana Lima

Hottest Victoria Secret Models

Adriana Lima is just a supermodel among supermodels. She is one of the best supermodels of all time. This lady is from Brazil which is the land of hot modelling talent. She has been a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2000 and continues to still remain a model because of her enduring beauty.

Adriana Lima’s smoldering eyes and beautiful skin makes her ooze with powerful and raw beauty when she sports lingerie. She can instantly capture an audience’s attention when she hits the runway. Very few men can honestly ignore her while she moves like a diva in her lingerie pieces. She is truly a great model to behold and she makes a great veteran leader for the Victoria’s Secret modelling team. Lima is simply a modelling legend in the making.

So, these above are the top 10 most beautiful and hottest Victoria Secret models in 2018. All of the women that were mentioned on this list are truly amazing and visually stunning. They are among the hottest and best looking females that can make any lingerie piece to look good.

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