Top 10 Highest Paid Korean Actors

Nowadays entertainment is one of the important activities in every person`s life in the world. For this purpose different film and drama industries are working throughout the world.

These industries are like a hub for the artists and deliver their art and performance to the world. There is a large number of beautiful Korean artists and performer in the industries and everyone plays a certain role or multi roles to give input to the university.

Korea has also vast industry, including film industry and drama industry. Korean industries have versatile, talented and handsome actors, beautiful Korean actresses and other artists. Yet there are a large number of actors in the industry, but among these actors, the top 10 most successful and highest paid Korean actors of 2018 can be listed as follows:

10. Ji Chang Wook:

Highest Paid Korean Actors

Ji Chang Wook is a South Korean actor. He is very famous throughout Korea, but he got recognition of his work after a leading role in the daily drama serial Smile again. He is also one of the most handsome Korean actors also. His successful drama serials are Warrior Baek Dong-soo, Empress Ki and Healer. He charges $42,000 per episode salary.

9. Song Joong Ki:

Highest Paid Korean Actors 2019

Song Joong Ki is a South Korean actor and host. He got acclamation and fame from the famous drama serial Sungkyunkwan Scandal. He also hosted different shows. His famous and successful movies are A Werewolf Boy and Descendent of the Sun. He charges $50,300 per episode.

8. Lee Jong Suk:

Highest Paid Korean Actors

Lee Jong Suk is a South Korean actor and model. He is well known to be youngest model ever of the Seoul Collection program for Seoul Fashion Week. He started his acting career from short film Sympathy. He is best known for his leading role in School 2013, Doctor Stranger, I Can Hear Your Voice, Pinocchio. Lee charges $50,300 per episode salary.

7. Lee Seung Gi:

Highest Paid Korean Actors

Lee Seung Gi is a South Korean actor, singer, master of ceremonies and an entertainer. He is one of the most search male stars in the 20s, known for his upright, positive image and as a symbol of success. He has also sung famous songs such as Because You`re My Woman, Will You Marry Me, and Return. He charges $58,700 per episode.

6. Yoo Ah In:

Highest Paid Korean Actors 2019

Yoo Ah In is a South Korean actor. He rose to fame in television series Sungkyunkwan Scandal. He is also one of the most handsome Korean actors. He is best known for his role in Punch, Secret Love Affair, Veteran, The Throne and Six Flying Dragons. He charges $58,700 per episode.

5. Lee Min Ho:

Highest Paid Korean Actors

Lee Min Ho is a South Korean actor, singer and model. Lee first gained huge fame with Boys Over Flowers, for which he won several awards. He won Best New Actor award in the category of television at the Baeksang Arts Awards and also a Seoul international Drama Award. His famous dramas are The Heirs, City Hunter, Personal Faith. He also one leading role in the famous movie Gangnam Blues. He charges $58,700 per episode.

4. So Ji Sub:

Highest Paid Korean Actors

So Ji Sub is a South Korean actor. After making his entertainment debut as a jeans model, he became best known for his leading roles in the television series I`m Sorry, I Love You, Cain and Abel, Master`s Sun and Oh My Venus. But he got true fame after the drama Master`s Sun. So Ji Sub charges $67,100 per episode salary.

3. Jo In Sung:

Highest Paid Korean Actors

Jo In Sung is a South Korean actor. He is well known for his tremendous role in the television series What Happened in Bali, That Winter, the Wind Blows, It`s Okay That`s Love and many other. Jo is a versatile and famous actor. He charges $67,100 per episode.

2. Hyun Bin:

Highest Paid Korean Actors

Hyun Bin is a South Korean actor. He is best known for his leading role in television dramas My Name Is Kim Sam-soon and Secret Garden for which he got much fame and popularity. Hyun charges $83,900 per episode.

1. Kim Soo Hyun:

Highest Paid Korean Actors

Kim Soo Hyun is a well known South Korean actor, he is both a film and drama actor. He is well known and famous for his role in the television dramas Dream High, My Love from the Star, The Producers and Moon Embracing The Sun. His top successful movies are The Thieves, Secretly, Greatly. He charges $83,900 per episode and is the top most highest paid Korean actor of 2018.

These actors are famous and are idols for Korean and also in other states as well. These highest earning Korean actors of 2018 are providing entertainment to the audience and receiving huge fame and appreciation Also getting money and counts them in richest actors as well.


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  1. Funny I watched one episode of Kim Soo Hyun and was bored. I can’t believe he gets paid more than Hyun Bin, Ji Chang Wook, Jo In Sung, and Lee Seung Gi. I guess he gets paid for his face.

    • Your poor judgement was funny 🙂 Only one episode you said? then don’t judge him if you only saw one episode of his dramas.

    • It depends really on people. Kim Soo Hyun deserves being in the top one as he is the most talented actor I’ve ever know. He became famous because of his talent not because of the influence of his family.

    • You have to watch it until it end before u make a decision that u got bored of him. Don’t be so fast to judge him if u never explore about him

  2. Loved Ji Chang Wook, and Kim soo Hyun….they’re really attractive…!! Actually I must say..’dil chura liya mera’…
    I love Korean people..ladke ho ya ladkiyan, itni sundarta aata kahan se hai inme..??
    Really loved them…I hope they’d be osm in acting…surely will see any of there movies….

    …love from India

  3. Loved Ji Chang Wook, and Kim soo Hyun….they’re really attractive…!!..I hope they’d be osm in acting…surely will see any of there movies….
    …love from India

  4. I like Kim Soo Hyun I always watch his Korean dramas and Movies. He’s so Gwapo(handsome)..
    Lovelots from the Philippines..

  5. Song joong ki ,Lee jong suk ,ju Chang wool and kim dii hyun hope to see you all in one drama.loved you ,love you and lovind you all!!

  6. Comment* dis is the correct arrangement joong ki 2.Lee min hoo 3.ji chang wook 3Lee seungi 4.Kim soo hyun 5.park hae jin dis oppas are dae best they are handsome,sexy,and talented. am zainab from nigeria we Nigeria’s we love uu ooh and we hope dat one day one of uu will be able to kum to Nigeria to kum and perform. I love uu guyz a lot from Nigeria

  7. Kim Soo Hyun always the best I’m looking forward to your upcoming movie this 2017 I love you so much ? you deserve all the blessings and love you’re getting because of your humility and kindness..I will always love you you’re my one and only favorite actor ?

  8. everyone is forgetting song joong ki. you arfe my best. even if everyone is forgetting you, i will alw2ays remember you, keep moving forward

  9. Now, while I can’t disagree with the Top 10 list here I would like to point out something. Has anybody noticed that a lot of Korean dramas do not use older actors as leads? I mean, some of those older guys are excellent actors AND exceptionally handsome too. Quite frankly, I think the Korean acting industry is making a major mistake by not utilizing their talents and fine looks to the max. It seems they are catering to teeny boppers to the early 30’s age group. It a shameful waste and a huge loss for the entertainment industry in Korea….and to all of us who watch Dramafever and other film outlets across the globe.

    • There’s a lot of drama that stars older actors on it it’s just that it hasn’t given much attention to viewers (more international ) because the story is mostly heavy drama (also, it has alot more episodes) and most international viewers only watches romantic /romantic comedy/ melodrama which obviously stars mostly the actors above

    • of the mature actor who is superb talented..Gong Yoo..u can see his perform in Train of Busan, coffee prince and the newest Goblin..his acting is so natural..handsome and charismatic but also cute..he is the best.

  10. JCW is all the best…..i like so much with his golden voice and his acting super talented he can portray his role perfectly and i pretty sure he will be on the top…..continue to shine JCW….

  11. Lee Min ho, Yoo Ah In & Lee seung gi ‘s charges are equal.($58,700).Because of that,all of them must be ranked as No.4..
    Why is there a huge difference between Hyun Bin’s & Jo In Sung’s charges..difference is excessive..Bt,most of them are actually well-talented actors..

  12. Comment* anyone in his Rights sense will surely Comment kim soo hyun i get that. But i for one think that lee min ho is the most handsome korean to ever Set foot in The korean film industry. fauziyya From nigeria

    • Hey,
      Thanks so much for sharing this information. It is always interesting to see who the top actors are. I am glad to see Lee Jong Suk on the list, I think that he is so talented!

  13. Comment*
    Kim soo hyun z so handsome, really loved him in my love 4rm another star.. Keep moving foward.
    Mi ho Oppa love ya so much.. Kip moving foward
    Seung gi Oppa z so cute. More grace

  14. kim hyun joong is very cute,handsome,beautiful korean star.if choi is not cheated he will be the first handsome korean star.i hope kim hyun joong marry choi and their life will be happy wish their child happy forever and forever.i like kim soo hyun in my love from the star.i like him so much but i am a fan of kim hyun joong.

  15. Hyun bin is very cute and handsome.
    I never miss his shows. His look is very attractive. He acts very well and he is the best

  16. I’ve watched Kim soo Hyun ‘s the thieves, my love from the star, moon Embracing the sun. His acting is very impressive and he is cute and handsome too. His dramas and TV shows have been very popular.

    • kim soo hyun is one of the best,best………………… korean actor.he is so cute. his smile is so cute.i like him soooooooooooooooo much.hyun bin is alovely romantic hero.i like the comedy so much.

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