Top 10 Best Victoria Secret Perfumes

The perfume you apply evocative of a person you are. It is one’s personality, signature, and it shows your primary moods and standards. You cannot know perfect cologne until you feel it from soul and heart. Every perfume has its own uniqueness.

Victoria has been changing her wardrobe of fragrance from season to season and prefers fruity light floral for summer, warm and spring, spicy, sensual attar for winter and autumn and exotic. Her most famous brand, Victoria’s secret brought out a variety which is best considered. Here is  the expensive lists of best Victoria secret perfume in 2018.

10. Victoria’s secret Fantasies love Spell Fragrance Mist 8.4 OZ

Best Victoria Secret Perfumes

This product is a mixture of peach and cherry blossom. It is soft, alluring and sexy that make you feel joy when wearing it. Releases warm ladylike odor which has supremacy to lift your spirit and mood of a day. Fantasies love spell fragrance mist is a luxurious and classic that can last of long. You may also combine with body lotion, has subtle but have very tempting scent that will definitely be your signature. It’s enduring attar in a trim bottle that communicates romance and sensuality.

9. Victoria’s Secret Incredible Eau De Parfum Perfume 1.7 FL OZ

Best Victoria Secret Perfumes 2019

This sweet smelling scent is not intense but daring. Have similar smell with a brand known as Exclamation that has hint of sandalwood, and peach. It is far-fetched with a separate blend of vanilla and coconut notes that has solitary spritz. When you wear, it seals the air with heavenly aroma. It remains on your skin for good serving of day and its sticky attraction will have you coming for more of this incredible Eau De Parfum perfume.

8. Sexy Escape Limited Edition Breeze Fragrance Mist

Best Victoria Secret Perfumes

This sexy Escape Breeze promises you notes of vanilla, frangipani, mango, and orange flower. You will love this fresh and sweet smell perfume. Like shroud of secret, vanilla permeated with orange and mango goes well for both night and day. It filled with mysterious landmass bloomy it leaves a scent that dawdles for longer time. You can find it online as a limited edition.

7. Victoria’s secret Dream Angels Divine Eau de Parfum Spray 4.2 fl oz (125ml)

Best Victoria Secret Perfumes

Ingredients used include amber, blackberry and iris. This captivating strong scent will also become one of your best cologne in all time. Its trace stays; however, this fragrance does it in victoria’s Secret. Amazon has a new brand that is packaged in a slight bottle and covered with pink cotton. You can purchase it at a lower price they. In addition, you can apply it together with body spray and lotion which will absolutely last for a long time.

6. Very Sexy Touch Fragrance Mist 8.4 FL OZ (250 ml)

Best Victoria Secret Perfumes 2019

Its combination includes amber wood, Italian iris, and apricot. Has sensual that is very tempting and you can enjoy wearing it. Its seductiveness comes from composite scent outline, although it is limited edition, you can find it online. If you are looking for cologne that you can wear to a club or romantic date night, then Very Sexy Touch perfume it one to go for.

5. Coconut Passion Fragrance Body Mist for Women

Best Victoria Secret Perfumes

If you are looking for casual wear, then coconut passion scent is one you can go for. It gives a long lasting smell that is captured by body warmth natural and fails apparently on signal. You will surely enjoy extra of this comforting mist. Also, have oils while filling outer layer of your skin with attractive scents of vanilla and coconut. One can wear it when going for clubbing.

4. Pink with a Splash – Fresh & clean – All Over Body Mist 8.4 OZ

Best Victoria Secret Perfumes

This perfume amazes you with a bouquet of flowers, vanilla, fresh roses, and pink with splashes that leaves your body feeling clean and new. Using it with a matching lotion, this scent remains on your skin all day long. It has womanly application that seduces. Vanilla and soaked roses are combinations that charm this fragrance. It is a perfect wear for a formal meeting or when having dinner with your working mates.

3. Bombshell Eau De Parfum 1.7 OZ

Best Victoria Secret Perfumes

This is a famous brand from Victoria Secret’s collection is a fruity perfume. Always reminds you of vanilla, passion fruit, and orchid when you apply it. Women with attitude love wearing it for its bold, sweet-smelling and sensitive scent. When you use it feels you feeling like you’re the Centre of universe and proud of yourself. You can wear it for casual occasion. It is one of Victoria’s top ten best-selling products.

2. Pink Fresh & Clean Eau De Toilette 2.5 OZ

Best Victoria Secret Perfumes

This perfume is famous for women who appreciate a scent of fruity floral notes of apple, fresh crisp cologne of lily. It is best fit for summertime wear. Obviously well-mannered, this aromatic hard scent is for outdoor girl who loves to apparel her cologne each day. After a stimulating shower, this combination of fruity and floral notes will leave you feeling like a queen.

1. Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist, Body Lotion & Body Wash; Full Size

Best Victoria Secret Perfumes

A mist now does well with a body wash and a lotion. A package compact will consent you smelling eternally seductive and fresh. This fragrance has a note of coconut and island floral with hint of alcoholic vanilla. This light and fruity cologne will follow you all day long. You can feel free wearing it any time.

These are top ten best Victoria Secret perfume 2018 that you can enjoy wearing anytime want to smell amazing. Victoria is well known for manufacturing, designing and marketing women finest underclothing and beauty products. She advertises her products through FCB/Leber Katz Partners. This brand will absolutely change your life forever.

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