Top 10 Best Jeans Brands In The World

Jeans are considered to be one of the most loved men’s apparel in the world. It has been observed that a man loves wearing jeans most of the time. Jeans is one of the toughest cloth materials which enhance its wear and tear tolerance. Men’s wardrobe now a day’s comprises of several pairs of jeans making it the most wearable pants.

Not only men now a day`s jean is very common wear for women as well throughout the world. There are a huge number of jeans brands in the world, providing a variety of jeans wear. As the trends are changing and demands are increasing so these brand providers are improving their variety and quality to provide a better image of their brands among people. Here is the list of top 10 best selling jeans brands in the world in 2018.

10. G-Star Jeans:

Best Jeans Brands

The G-Star is a Dutch designer company and is considered to be one of the popular jeans brands across the world. The company started manufacturing jeans on a small scale in 1989, but eventually it emerged to be one of the most loved brand among other competitors. G-Stars stores are located in New York, San Francisco, Melbourne, Paris, London, Shanghai to name a few.

9. Lucky Jeans:

Best Jeans Brands 2019

The Lucky Brand Jeans is an American denim company founded in 1990. It offers designer jeans which are labelled as ‘Jeans for every man’. Lucky also produces T-shirts, outwears, active wears and sports wear. This brand is popular for its fitting work and amazing finishing. The comfort of the jeans fabric manufactured by the company is also top rated by the consumers.

8. Pepe Jeans London:

Best Jeans Brands

Pepe Jeans is one of the most expensive designer brands denim and casual wear and established in the year 1973 in London, and is one of the most popular jeans brands across the world. Initially, the company started manufacturing cloths on a small scale, but later the brand got established as world’s most popular jeans brands. Pepe jeans, is one of the most famous brand of jeans in London as well.

7. Calvin Jeans:

Best Jeans Brands

Calvin Jeans is an American brand of Calvin Klein Inc., Calvin Jeans is considered to be one of the famous jeans brand across the world. The brand is known for manufacturing designer jeans at affordable prices. Not only in America, is Calvin Jeans popular in other continent as well.

6. Guess Jeans:

Best Jeans Brands 2019

Guess is an American upscale brand and retailer. Guess Jeans is one of the most renowned and expensive jeans brands. Beside clothing Guess also provides a wide range of accessories like perfumes, watches and jewelry. But the brand is considered to the most selling jeans for men. The brand is most popular among the upper middle society. The brand is known for the manufacturing of expensive clothing range for men.

5. True Religion:

Best Jeans Brands

True Religion Brand Jeans is an American clothing company established in 2002.True Religion Jeans, is the most famous and lovable jeans brand among the men. The brand produces high quality and designer jeans for men at reasonable price. It is one of the best selling jeans brands worldwide. True Religion Jeans brand has around 900 boutiques and specialty stores in 50 countries on six continents.

4. 7 For All Mankind Jeans-Brand:

Best Jeans Brands

7 For All Mankind Jeans Brand, manufactures jeans for men of all shape, size and age. For small kids to old man can find suitable jeans for themselves. This brand makes designer jeans for all. The brand is named among the world’s most selling jeans brands and famous also.

3. Diesel:

Best Jeans Brands

Diesel jeans is an Italian brand and retail clothing company. Diesel sells denim, and other clothing accessories and it has started manufacturing jeans in the year 1978. Although the company was based in Italy, but it started selling the brand worldwide. It is one of the most Famous jeans brands across the world. The company actually has three brands including Diesel, Diesel Black Gold and Diesel Kids.

2. Wrangler Jeans:

Best Jeans Brands

The Wrangler, is an American manufacturer of jeans and other clothing items, particularly workwear. Among men, Wranglers Jeans is immensely popular. The specialty of the jeans is that it carries a W signature at the back pocket of the jeans. The signature stands for originality. It is one of the most popular jeans brands among men in the world. It has a large number of outlets throughout the world.

1. Levi`s Jeans:

Best Jeans Brands

One of the most popular fashion brands, Levi Strauss & Co is an American clothing company known worldwide for its Levi`s brand of denim jeans. It was founded in 1853, Levis Strauss is one of the most popular jeans brands worldwide. Levi’s manufactures jeans for every age and size. Starting from kids to middle-aged man. It is the top-selling jeans brand for men across the world.

These stunning and smart looking jeans brands are providing a variety of clothing in the world. These brands have become a symbol of identity for the consumers.


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  1. I love wearing Levi’s they are so comfortable I have about 8 pair and I just recently purchased a pair of Cj jeans which are also very comfy. Hey also recently purchased a pair of true religion jeans that fit kind of funny but I haven’t actually wore them yet but the material and design is very nice

  2. Hi


    Im planning to put a store brand .7 for all my kind jeans
    Store .in india .Sir can ou give permissions .i want to take Franchise .

  3. Hi to everyone, I would like to open my own Jeans Shop with little bit money that I have to grow it.I’m asking to anyone who can give advice,,about how to start something like that.Your help will be very appreciated to my Entire life Style.

  4. I like Levi’s Strauss jeans. They make me feel a lot comfortable than any other brand. They are not too heavy, fit greatly.they offer wide range of variants to choose from. They are not too costly to afford.

  5. Pepe jeans, Levi’s Strauss are some great jeans brands. Their jeans are of high quality and provide good comfort. It feels good to wear these brands. For me, The brand name guarantees the quality unlike any other brands.

  6. Calvin Klein is a luxury brand and we don’t get actual value for money. Where as in Levi’s, wrangler, diesel we get a good feel on wearing even it is a lower priced one.

  7. Levi’s Strauss jeans are very comfortable to wear. They are not heavy like diesel and the jeans trends in Levi’s changes with seasons making it good to wear in a particular season.

  8. Wrangler jeans are also good, bit cheaper than Levi’s Strauss.
    Pepe jeans London , CK, diesel are also some great brands that provide quality jeans to step in comfort.

  9. Levi’s rightly deserves the first place. I love that brand. The jeans are always comfortable, durable, trendy, stylish, easy to maintain and Levi’s jeans are the best in the world. They make great outfits for men, women, kids. They come out with various styles for seasons and also environment friendly jeans are also there by Levi’s.

  10. While Diesel jeans are quite ruff and tuff and heavy, Levi’s give some great quality jeans, of various types and various fabrications. It’s my favorite brand and the jeans are always worth the money.

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