Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Actresses

Acting is tough work, and there are many actresses who proved that theory is a wrong one and in Japan, they give pressure on the quality of the movie, and they do not even watch the movies if the quality of acting and the script writing is not good. In the industry, many actresses are not good at acting, and the audience strictly banned them for their poor quality of work and this reason there are very few actresses who got fame in the industry.

However, in the industry everyone is beautiful and without the beauty, it is hard to make a good impact in the industry. From those actresses, most of them were models, and then they dedicated their career in acting and singing. Many actors in the industry have an adult career, and they have a massive fame in the industry.

The tough part of choosing most beautiful Japanese actresses is that everyone in the industry is beautiful many of them are beautiful because of their beauty and others have skills in the acting skills. So it is very hard to choose the particular top 10 while there are many actresses are waiting but here are the top ten most beautiful Japanese actresses in 2018.

10. Masami Nagasawa:

Most Beautiful Japanese Actresses

Without this girl the list of top 10 most beautiful Japanese actresses list is incomplete because this girl is so much talented and she is cute as well. Masami has a serious acting skill, and she is so much adorable, and her looks are beautiful. She finished the schooling in Horikoshi and started her career in the acting line. Her first film was with 20-th Century Fox and the movie was “Gungo”.

9. Erika Toda:

Most Beautiful Japanese Actresses 2019

Erika is a beautiful girl who was started her career at a very early age and got the success very fast. She is no doubt beautiful but her legs are very attractive to the audience, and those legs have many fans of it. She started her career in 2000 with Tv series, Audrey and that time she was only 12 years old. She made her first film in 2006, and the movie was “Death Note”.

8. Yui Aragaki:

Most Beautiful Japanese Actresses

Yui the actor, singer, model is famous for the beauty she posses in her, and she is so much beautiful that sometimes people think that she is one of the most beautiful Japan actresses of all time. Yui started her career at an early age and also got the famous because she started her career in modeling at the age of 13 in Nikola and there she won the Grand Prix award in the audition. In 2007 she began as a cast of the film industry in the movie Waruboro.

7. Kurara Chibana:

Most Beautiful Japanese Actresses

Kurara is one of the most beautiful Japan actresses of this era her body is beautiful and as well as her lips and her attitude and her confidence everything is perfect, and that is why she won the Miss Universe Japan, and she was the first runner-up in the Miss Universe competition. She started her career there, after passing the Bachelor of Arts in 2006.

6. Kyoko Fukada:

Most Beautiful Japanese Actresses 2019

Kyoko is one of the most precious gifts for the Japanese film industry, and she is apparently considered as one of the most beautiful Japan actresses, and she started her career in 1997 in a television show in Japan.In 1999 she started her movie career with the movie “Ring 2” and she got the fame then. She won the best actress award in Yokohama Film Festival.

5. Maria Ozawa:

Most Beautiful Japanese Actresses

She had many controversies in her whole career because she became after a release of an adult video. She became very famous after the release of her adult video, and then she joined the film industry, but people recognize him as an adult movie star.She started her career at an age of 16 years in 2002 in a television commercial DARS chocolate.

4. Mao Inoue:

Most Beautiful Japanese Actresses

She is in the industry from a very little age and still she is shining in the industry like a star. The reason behind that is that she is gorgeous, and Mao’s acting skill is great. She entered the industry when she was five years old and made some serious role as Akane Imai. She debuted her film career with the movie “Gakko Ga Abunai!”

3. Keiko Kitagawa:

Most Beautiful Japanese Actresses

If you take a look at Keiko then it is a challenge that you will definetely fell for her because of her beauty and she has a beautiful body and this actor, the model had excellent acting skills and proved herself many times. She quit modeling when she left the Seventeen magazine, and she started her movie career with a television show and fast and Furious Movie.

2. Reon Kadena:

Most Beautiful Japanese Actresses

She is the ultimate beauty but still she also has lots of controversies because of the adult movies she did and posing nude for photos. Though this actress has excellent acting skills, she got very chances to act. However, with her brilliance, she can change the industry, and she has a nice body as well. Without any doubt that Reon is one of the most beautiful Japan actresses of this era.

1. Nozomi Sasaki:

Most Beautiful Japanese Actresses

She is a beautiful model, actress, singer and maybe she is one of the most talented girls in the industry and everything she has is beautiful, and she has a nice body as well. She started her career with modelling but later she left modeling and dedicated herself for the acting and the singing.

This is very hard to choose the top 10 from brilliant actresses of 2018 who are present in the Japan. Though it should be a controversial list as many beautiful actresses is not included in the list but in the list the most beautiful and most talented actresses are present.

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