Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in The World

The world has 196 countries and 4037 cities in it. Each every country with its cities has something unique to offer to travellers. However the cities presented in this list have more to offer than other cities in the world. When classifying the beauty of a city you have to take into considerations some factors and key features within the city such as magnificent art & architecture, history, the people, culture, scenic beauty and in general the man-made and natural features within it. Here are the top 10 most beautiful cities in the world in 2018 as voted by traveller’s choice and numerous tourism companies.

10. Bruges (Belgium)

Most Beautiful Cities

Bruges is one of the most beautiful cities in the world located in Northwest part of Belgium. People usually refer Bruges as the “Venice of the North” and one time in history it as a major commercial has one of the world’s unique medieval architecture, extraordinarily romantic cobblestone lanes and egg-shaped canals and due to this distinctive the entire city became World Heritage Site of UNESCO. Most of its buildings have been preserved in perfect conditions even today. Some of the most notable structures and areas that make Bruges standout are bell tower of the 13th century with 48 bells, Michelangelo church of the virgin Mary, Church of Our Lady, the Béguinage, the Basilica of the Holy Blood, the Old St.

John’s Hospital, the Saint Salvator’s Cathedral, the Groening museum, the City Hall on the Burg square. The city has numerous theaters, art galleries, concert halls that normally hosts music and food festivals. This is one of the fantastic places to visit especially if you love art and culture.

9. Budapest

Most Beautiful Cities 2019

The capital city of Hungry is one of the most beautiful cities in the world 2017 and one of the largest cities in Europe. The population of the city is more than 2 million and the city serves as a political and cultural center. On annual basis 4.4 million people on average pay a visit to this city. Budapest boosts of some of the most beautiful monumental building on earth which are world heritage of the stunning places to visit is its second oldest railway system in the world millennium Underground Railway which acts as a prime attraction center, it’s also a home to 7 professional football clubs, stunning parliament building and many more. In general Budapest has excellent royal architecture that you just can’t find in any other part of the world unless you take a trip there.

8. Rome (Italy)

Most Beautiful Cities

Rome is one of the oldest cities in the world and in addition a beautiful one as well. Its population is more than 2.8 million and takes position four in relation to how large it is if classified amongst other European Union member states cities. Rome is a treasure-trove of monuments amid some of the most gorgeous squares and breathtaking classical architecture buildings in the planet. Some of these areas that make Rome beautiful are Colosseum, the Pantheon, Trajan’s forum, Faded Palazzi, charming lanes decorated with flowers, Raphael’s tomb, churches, temples, imperial palaces among others. With all these beautiful areas in this magnificent city no wonder is the third most visited country in Europe.

7. Florence (Italy)

Most Beautiful Cities

Another Italian city not only famous for being a finance and administration commercial center of medieval Europe but also one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city is famous for its magnificent architecture, rich culture and Renaissance. In Florence there so many places to visit such as Pitti Palace, Basilica of San Lorenzo, Cathedral, art museums, Uffizi Gallery, Medici Chapel among many others. Every year the city records over 10 million visitors hence it’s one of the most visited cities due to its beauty.

6. Amsterdam (Netherland)

Most Beautiful Cities 2019

The capital city of Netherland and also the largest city in Netherlands is one of the beautiful cities in the world and famous for its artistic heritage and the fact that it’s a port city. Amsterdam is renowned for stunningly kept as apartments, offices, pleasing cobblestone streets, cafés, restaurants, old church, and even bike crossing canals. All this places and many others together for an aesthetic beauty that make Amsterdam one of the most charming city to visit in the world. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in The World 2018.

5. Rio De Janeiro (Brazil)

Most Beautiful Cities

One of the beautiful cities in the world and usually referred to as the seventh creation by God is is the second largest city in Brazil and one of the most natural beautiful city in the relation to population the city is the 6th most populated city. Rio receives its prices from natural environment such as beaches e.g.( Balaneirio, Bossa Nova)hotels, famous Sugarloaf Mountain, oceanic view, beautiful landscapes, brightness of the sand at the beaches among many other attractions. The city is also a major cultural center and in addition famous for football and their dance called “Samba”. All these marvelous locations prove indeed Brazil has got one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

4. Lisbon (Portugal)

Most Beautiful Cities

The capital city of Portugal is magnificent when it comes to beauty aspect of it. It’s known to be one of the most scenic city in the world due to the huge number of beautiful sites within the city. Apart from its beauty its ice caked by the fact that the city is a commercial center having a significance in finance sector, commerce, tourism, education, international trade among others. What makes this city beautiful are its series of hills, picturesque streets, and tiled facades, pastel colored building among many is no wonder the city receives so many tourists.

3. Prague (Czech Republic)

Most Beautiful Cities

One of the cleanest countries around the globe in Czech Republic and having its capital city being Prague it’s obvious that the city resembles the whole country in relation to cleanliness. It’s the 14th largest city among European union cities and its said to have a very low of 2% unemployment rate hence it’s one of the richest cities in the world. The city also boosts an impressive historical heritage, excellent architecture of the Renaissance, bridges that cross the Vltava River (Charles Bridge), well preserved historical monuments, stunning Old Town Square, cultural attractions and activities among others. For these reasons, Prague, deserves its position top 10 most beautiful cities in the world 2018.

2. Paris (France)

Most Beautiful Cities

Paris is commonly refereed as the city of love and romance for it’s a stunning beautiful city. History has it that it was founded in 3rd century BC hence it has a rich history which can be attributed by the presence of numerous art galleries and museums. Two key feature that uplifts the tourism sector in this city is Eiffel towers and the fact that it’s a modern home of fashion. Other beautiful attractions found in the city are grand Boulevards, magnificent monuments, Seine and the bridges, epic squares and the list can be endless. For those who are in love take a flight and go to Paris and you will see these romantically beautiful sites with your own eyes and make your date worthwhile.

1. Venice (Italy)

Most Beautiful Cities

Venice it’s found among the 117 islands divided by canals and interconnected by bridges in the north eastern part of Italy. The city is the most beautiful and one of the most unique cities of the world. People normally call Venice the “city of water”, “city of Bridges” or “city of Channel”. It’s also considered as the most romantic city and has won even an honor for being a World Heritage Site. Its beauty is as a result of rich architectural heritage, musical style of residents, boats, excellent cuisine, romantic atmosphere, the canals that cross the city and many other beautiful fa the city is no match in relation to beauty with any other city and in addition the fact that it’s an old city founded in the 10th BC it must be truly wealthy in history and spectacular sites that cannot be found anywhere else in the truly deserves the position one among the world’s most beautiful cities.

These cities above have undergone a voting process by many tourist companies and have emerged as the winners in the list of top 10 most beautiful cities in the world 2018. If you’re planning on a vacation the above cities should be on your checklist as possible destination.

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