Top 10 Deepest Oceans In The World

An ocean is a large water body or basin that exists on this earth. It is relatively larger than lakes and rivers. An example is Indian Ocean and even Pacific. Let us study on top 10 deepest oceans of the world. top 10 of these water basins are listed below.

10. Black Sea

Deepest Oceans

Black sea has been rated in tenth position of deep oceans in this world. It is located between Eastern and southeastern Europe and western Asia. This ocean is bounded by countries such as Georgia, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Turkey. Black sea holds a title of largest water basin worldwide. Basin is a geographical term referring to a place on earth that has mighty and deep waters with upper layers that do not mix. Some of its characteristics and features include islands like Snake Island, St. Anastasia to mention a few, 0-degree elevation and covers an area of 168,496 square kilometers.

9. South China Sea

Deepest Oceans 2019

This is part of Pacific Ocean and covers an area of 3500000 square kilometers. This ocean is so famous and research shows that it has more than 200 Islands together with reefs. Its depth is measure to be around 1463 meters. South China Sea covers an area from Karimata and Malacca straits of Taiwan. Islands in this water body cover an area of 810 to 900 km with Taiping Island being largest and covering a large area. It has a distance of approximately 1.3 km. other important features of South China attract tourists from all corners of this universe.

8. Bering Sea

Deepest Oceans

Bering Sea is contributing to this article by landing in position eight of this article. Bering is another marginal sea of Pacific Ocean comprising of deep-water basin, which rises through a narrow slope to meet shallow water above shelves of continental. This sea is rated here and covers an area of 884, 900 meter squared. Some of its islands include St. Matthews, Nunivak and St. Lawrence. Depth of this sea is approximated to be 1491 meters. Its name came because of a British explorer who visited that particular place in 1728.

7. Mediterranean sea

Deepest Oceans

This water body is famous, deep and connected to Atlantic Ocean. It is surrounded by Mediterranean Basin and is covered by southern Europe and Anatolia. Some of its known featured include an area of 965, 300 square meters, have islands like Ibiza, Sardinia, Corfu, Mykonos and Santorini. Mediterranean’s basin countries are Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Austria and Abkhazia. Its primary inflows include Nile, Sea of Marmara Ebro, Rhone and Chelf River. Another fact that you need to know is the term Mediterranean that means Middle of earth. However, some other nations do not prefer this name.

6. Gulf of Mexico

Deepest Oceans 2019

Gulf of Mexico is another deep ocean basin surrounded by North American continent, lying towards northeast, northwest and north of Gulf Coast of united States of America. Main source of Gulf of Mexico is Caribbean Sea. There are more than 56 million people staying in Islands of this water basin. Some of these islands include Cayo Levisa, scorpion reef and Marquesas. Covering United States of America, Cuba and Mexico as its basin countries, this water body is estimated to hold depth of 1614 meters. According to world maps, Gulf is known for being 9th largest water body in our planet.

5. Sea of Japan

Deepest Oceans

Average depth of Sea of Japan is approximately 1,666 meters and has some features that resemble to that of Mediterranean Sea such as tides. Sea of Japan is connected to other seas by straits such as Tsugaru, Korean, La Perous, Tartary and they are five in number. This water body is best known with basins such as Yamato, Tsushima and Japan basins. According to research done by Japanese, this water body was adapted in 19th and Koreans change its name in 10th century. To mention a few, South Korea did not like name given by North Korea so they prefer calling if East Sea.

4. Caribbean Sea

Deepest Oceans

Caribbean Sea cannot be omitted in a list like this one. It is amongst the deep oceans worldwide hence having a chance in position 4. Average depth of Caribbean is estimated to be 2,525 and is part of famous Atlantic Ocean. This sea covers an area of 2, 754, 000 square kilometers. You totally need no introduction to such kind of a water body because it is so beautiful and attracts many tourists from different parts of the world who come to witness beauty of nature.

3. Atlantic Ocean

Deepest Oceans

Famous Atlantic Ocean is part of this article and takes position three of deepest seas in whole world. Apart from being third in deepest oceans, it also has another title of second largest ocean in whole world. Atlantic covers an area of 106, 460,000 square kilometers. It is said to be more than half of Pacific Ocean. Some of its islands include Ascension, Bouvet and Saint Helena. Mighty waters of this ocean have a depth of about 3,575 meters hence ranked amongst deepest water bodies.

2. Indian Ocean

Deepest Oceans

Indian Ocean is famous and known due to its warm nature. This ocean can also be described with its beautiful waters that capture attention of many people from all round this world. It is believed to have an average depth of 3,840 meters. One more fact about this water body is clear waters that give point of interest as you continue watching.

1. Pacific ocean

Deepest Oceans

Pacific is the deepest ocean in whole world and therefore takes position one of my articles today. Apart from this title, pacific is also regarded as largest ocean in entire universe covering an area of 169.2 million square kilometers. There are more interesting facts that perhaps you need to know. One of them is chains of oceans that submerge from pacific due to volcanic activities taking place in that area.

These above are the top 10 deepest oceans in the world. Having clear knowledge about our homes and surroundings is always a good thing. We taken time to study about deepest oceans and there you are. You now have full information.

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