Top 10 Countries With Highest Crime Rate

It does not matter where you are living, crime rates are a huge thing around the world. You can walk out of your house and be mugged or even be attacked. No matter where you are, no one is safe one hundred percent these days. There is really no way to stop it so being extra cautious of your surroundings is a great idea in today’s world. Let’s check the list of top 10 countries with highest crime rate in the world in 2018.

10. Belgium

Countries With Highest Crime Rate

Most of the crimes that happen here are actually small compared to other cities. The things that happen are purse and wallet snatching or pick pocketing happens right under your nose and no one even realizes it. The thefts usually happen in alleys that are normally dead, subways, or train stations. The last two are popular places because of so many people being around the thief will likely not be caught. Just think about how many times people are robbed in one of the two places and they can not do anything about it with so many fast paced people around. The thief is capable of hopping on a new train and going to a different part of the city so they can do it all over again.

9. Sweden

Countries With Highest Crime Rate 2019

In this country the main crime that happens is rape. It happens every day because of how the swedish women are known for their exotic beauty and dress code. They are in an area that has shorter and more revealing clothing than any other place in the world. Of course those things are going to turn the heads of a man but that does not give them the right to force a women to do acts that they have clearly said they do not want to do. If the ratings for this criminal act continues to rise, Sweden will be named the “rape capital” of the world. That will do nothing but bring them bad media attention.

8. Columbia

Countries With Highest Crime Rate

This place is the heart of where drugs, and dealers, along with drug cultivation, and harvesters are all found and there is an estimated value of GPD being around ten million dollars. When a person ingests drugs they normally do things that they do not usually do while being sober which causes criminal ratings to be high here since drugs are the biggest thing and a ton of people that live here do them. Prostitution may be a result from trying to afford the habits and that will in turn cause the female to be raped because of the provocative lifestyle they are living. Columbia is the biggest producer of cocaine. Most of the crimes that are drug related include murders and other things that are a lot more grotesque.

7. France

Countries With Highest Crime Rate

The biggest thing that happens here is theft and the ones who live here are so used to it they have become immune to their things being stolen. Tourists or professional people that are there on business are not quite as immune so that leaves them fearing entering this country. Who wants their personal belongings that are important stolen from them by a complete stranger. Yes this may happen in all areas of the world but France has a higher rating for this crime happening. A great suggestion is to be careful anytime you may land here whether it is for vacation or your work.

6. Jamaica

Countries With Highest Crime Rate 2019

Murder is a highly ranked crime in this country and even though it is a sin and against the law to take someone’s life, people who live here are use to this crime being committed. The reasoning actually has nothing at all to do with drugs or things like that and everything to do with the Jamaicans attitudes which are fearless and ruthless. No one here is approachable in a kind way so it is actually a pretty scary place to visit if you are alone and have no one near you to occupy your time and keep you company also as a person to be a witness should something happen to you.

5. United Kingdom

Countries With Highest Crime Rate

These crimes here are linked from major cities and the cycle continues.If anyone from London was to attack and end up killing someone from Manchester it would declare war. Causing a war would spread to other cities that was not even involved in the problem. Because of the high population this should be no surprise to anyone else. The countries come together as soon as the news is told to the places around it.

4. Germany

Countries With Highest Crime Rate

Home to super motor sports cars and elegant BMW. They are known for the cars and the unparalleled performance and features that make it one of the best. The history that they have with the Nazi controlling it at one point makes it uncommon for the crime rate to be high. Everyone wants to become Hitler with the power that he left behind. With the fact that they do this makes the other people mad. Germany is also known for the Ku Klux Klan so when you hear the name you will remember the history behind it.

3. Brazil

Countries With Highest Crime Rate

The city Rio De Janeiro is one of the biggest cities. It is one of the dominating murder capitals so the crime rate will sure to be high. Most of the people who cause the crime is known as the “tough guys” they terrorize locals, murdering for revenge or to teach someone a lesson. You can get a Ak57 and other firearms pretty easily so when they are being used people who are in the way are not even thought about. Innocent people are killed daily and that is what makes the crime rate so high.

2. India

Countries With Highest Crime Rate

At Least one point two million people belong to extreme poverty. That is almost seventy percent of the people there. People who have poverty feel they can take what rightfully belongs to them and this is a means of survival. This is no excuse to steal but it is the truth and it happens a lot. Poor steals from the rich so they can make it in life and in turn the crime goes up. There are more poor than rich so the poor outruns what the rich have and take what they can. India is run by gang members and that means more violence. Rape is one of the crimes that top the list because the women are the most exotic.

1. United States of America

Countries With Highest Crime Rate

Every second every minute and every hour something is going on. This means everyday you will hear about something and that means that it is like clockwork it happens nonstop. Crimes happen back to back. The cops do not know where to go first. It can be from a small thing like stealing and thing it could be murder. You never know what will happen next. Sometimes the crimes go on for days at a time or they could last for just a few seconds. The crime rate has been like this for a long time because no one cares what the police say and they act like they can do what they want and they do not have to follow the law.

These above are the top 10 countries with highest crime rate in the world in 2018. Having the high crime rate is what makes everything change. If you steal something prices are going to go up. If you kill someone then it ends up being on the front page. This could happen to you or your best friend. If we do not get a hold on this stuff the world will run over the law and then we have nothing left in life. If you are walking down the road or just walking in a store anything could happen. You could witness a fight or someone stealing something. No matter what it is if they break the law it is a crime. Nothing will change how someone is over night but maybe one day there will be peace and our world will be just a little bit better than it was yesterday.

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