Top 10 Smallest Countries in the World

There are countries in this world that have a large population but as hard as it is to believe, there is actually some countries that is pretty small. Most people like living in areas that are small like that because of the fact it is cozy and relaxing. They do not have to worry about tons of people, plus crime rates are lower in the places that are smaller because the criminal would not be able to escape off into a large crowd. Listed below are top ten of the smallest countries that we have in the world in 2018.

10. Grenada

Smallest Countries

Known for the spices they have on the island. If you was wondering where nutmeg was made this is where it came from. It may not be the smallest but it is pretty small of a place. It is so beautiful here and can be visited if you know how to get to it or you can take a boat and be picked up when you are finished. The most played sport here is cricket. That is the main sport in the island. Only three hundred and forty four km.

9. Malta

Smallest Countries 2019

This is one of the ones that made it on the list because of the size of it. It is located near the Mediterranean sea. It is three small islands put together. It has only four hundred and fifty thousand people that live on the three islands. If you look up the history you can find at least seven thousand years of back history. They have beaches here that are amazing to look at and they have so many days of sunny weather and nice environments. These tiny islands are great to see and visit.

8. Maldives

Smallest Countries 2019

This is one area that is small but it is packed with houses and people. It has water around it and you can go to the beaches any time you would like if you can get close to one instead of being in the middle of the island. If you are in the middle it will take you at least a few hours of travelling just to get to the outside of the island. It is a independent country and it became that way in nineteen sixty five and has not changed since then.

7. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Smallest Countries

This small place is amazing to visit or live at. You will love how the water looks and how they have the areas set up around it to make it look so amazing. The trees that grow keep it looking amazing and wonderful to catch some shade under. It is two islands but either one you go to looks wonderful and is very relaxing. Sit back in a chair and catch some rays of sun and you can get this most of the time when you go here.

6. Liechtenstein

Smallest Countries

If you look on the hills of some of these places here you will see house that look like castles. If you are lucky to live in one you will be able to look down on the towns and feel like you are a queen or a king. Just live your life like you should and spend more time with your family and not work all the time. It is located in Switzerland. It has the lowest unemployment rates so you are bound to find a job and keep it because this place knows people need a job rather than keeping people from not getting paid like they should everyday.

5. San Marino

Smallest Countries

All the houses here are pretty much all built just a like. Even though it is small you will be lucky and find a job in no time because of all the jobs that are available. It houses around thirty thousand people and the number can sometimes go higher or drop fast. The place has beautiful green lands and trees that will have you taking hikes and walks every day or so. It is one of the wealthiest places to live in because of the low rates of unemployment.

4. Tuvalu

Smallest Countries

Ten thousand people live here and that is about all. It only has one hospital so if you get hurt you know where it is located. Around two thousand people will visit each year. This was the rate for two thousand and ten. Most of them go for business the other just to see the area. Business is one of the most know visitors so they will be there and gone in no time. It looks like a bunch of trees here so no one knows anything about the island.

3. Nauru

Smallest Countries

This one is located on the east side of Australia and was most popular for phosphate mining in the eighties. It is a quiet place now that tourists normally do not even think about going to. Their unemployment rate is ninety percent with only a percentage of ten for the people that work with the government. They also have the largest amount of people that is overweight and it is almost an even mixture between men and women. Type two diabetes is the highest here because of the obese problem.

2. Monaco

Smallest Countries

This is the place that most of the richest people in the world live. It is also a big hit with famous celebrities too. France is a neighboring country of Monaco and then it is surrounded the rest of the way by the Mediterranean Sea. Most of the locals speak the native language of french and there is over thirty six thousand people which is why it is the second on the list for being the smallest.

1. Vatican

Smallest Countries

This country is the smallest to ever exist and it also goes by the name of Holy See. It is located right in the middle of the city of Rome. This country has the biggest church in the world as well, St. Peter’s Basilica. They have the best artwork as well such as pieces like The Pieta. The members of the catholic church is what actually funds the country to be able to survive as a whole. They have one billion members of it so that is plenty for financial support. For the rest of the economy support there is money that comes in from postage stamps being sold, the money that is paid for viewing museums, and then the amount of money that tourists spend on little trinkets and souvenirs.

Overall, these places would be great to travel to when going on vacations that are meant to be relaxing and when you want to just have some quiet, downtime to just yourself or yourself and with a partner. If you plan to live in one of the countries then that is perfect as well. The locals are friendly and the sights that you see are gorgeous.

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