Top 10 Largest US Cities

Numerous cities have risen and fallen following development and civilisation. Irrespective of the size of your town, they all have some identity. The United States have many cities in the various states, which are among the biggest cities in the world. However, different factors can be used in ranking the cities. Cities in the United States can be ranked based on their economy and development, but the land size and population is critical when ranking cities. Here are the top 10 biggest as well as the largest US cities based the land area in 2018.

10. Phoenix

Largest US Cities

Phoenix city is at the 10th position, as per the current census. Apart from being the 10th largest town in the USA, Phoenix is the biggest and the capital city of Arizona State. Besides, the city is at the sixth position in the US, regarding population. Additionally, the city is famous due to its year round warm temperatures and the sun, vibrant nightclubs, golf courses and high-end spa resorts. Major attractions in the city include; Desert Botanical Garden and the Heard Museum.

9. Houston

Largest US Cities 2019

The economy of Houston city is driven by dynamic industries, such as aeronautics, energy, health care sector, transportation, oil and field equipment manufacturing. The city is the headquarter of most corporate offices after New York. Besides, being the ninth largest town in the US, the city is fourth populous in the US. Additionally, the city covers over 599.6 square miles. The mission control centre is situated in the city. Interest points in the city include; museum house of Natural Science, Houston Zoo and the space centre.

8. Oklahoma City

Largest US Cities

The city is the capital of Oklahoma State. Besides being the eighth largest town in the USA, it is the 27th most populous town in the US. Also, the city covers 607 square miles, and it is located in the heart if the state. Additionally, the city is famous for its cowboy culture, and the Capitol complex, which is surrounded by working oil wells. Attractions include; Myriad Botanical Gardens and the amusement park.

7. Butte, Montana

Largest US Cities

The city is located on the southwestern corner of Montana. Globally, the city is regarded to be at the seventh position, but it is the fifth biggest town in Montana State. Also, the city covers 716.2 square miles and has a population of more than 34,200 people. Attractions include; world museum of mining, Berkeley pit and our Lady of the Rockies.

6. Anaconda, Montana

Largest US Cities 2019

Just like Los Angeles and New York, Anaconda city is among the most notable places in the US. The city is ranked at the sixth position within the ten biggest cities in the US, with a land area of 735.6 square miles. However, the population of the town is subtle compared to the land area. Only 8, 302 residents are housed by the city. Some of the attractions are Washoe Park and Anaconda Smelter Stack.

5. Jacksonville, Florida

Largest US Cities

The city is ranked position five in the list of top 10 largest US cities 2018, with a land area of 747 square miles. Besides, the city is regarded as Florida’s fifth biggest town, regarding population and land. As per the current census, the city is occupied by over 842,583 residents. Additionally, the town is situated in Northeastern Florida, at the meeting point of Atlantic Ocean and St John’s. Apart from being a regional business centre, the town has various museums and cultural centres. The city serves as a tourist centre, due to the popular surfing and swimming in the nearby beaches. Attractions are; Hanna Park and friendship fountain.

4. Anchorage, Alaska

Largest US Cities

Although many people know Alaska is a large state, they do not know Anchorage city is the fourth largest town in the United States. Besides being the biggest city in Alaska regarding population, it is among the oldest cities in the world. Anchorage city was started in 1847. Also, Anchorage city is the primary transportation hub of America. Following the progressive views of the town which are not linked to the southern state, the inhabitants of the town are famous globally. The city is the location the south-central region of Alaska State, in the Cook Inlet. The city is known for its cultural sites, and the nearby wilderness and mountains, where it makes a gateway to the places. Attractions in the city are; Alaska Zoo and Anchorage Museum.

3. Wrangell, Alaska

Largest US Cities

Although Wrangell city is the third largest town in the US, it has a subtle population, compared to the area. As per the current census, the city has 2,369 residents. The land area of the city is over 2,541.5 square miles, and it is situated near the border of British Columbia, Canada. Since the city is an Island, it is a major tourist destination, while fishing is the main economic drive. The climate of the town is Oceanic. Some of the attractions are Alaska Highway and University of Alaska Museum of the North.

2. Juneau, Alaska

Largest US Cities

The city is the state capital of Alaska, with a land area of over 2,701.9 square miles. When compared with Wrangell city, Juneau city is more crowded, with a population of more than 31, 275 residents. Also, the city sits at the base of Mt. Roberts, in the state panhandle. Additionally, Juneau city is located near Wrangell City. Besides, being a cruise-ship stop, you can only reach there by boat or seaplane. Iconic features in the city are Alaska state capitol and Alaska North Hotel

1. Sitka, Alaska

Largest US Cities

Sitka is the biggest town in the US, with a land area of over 2,870. 3 square miles. Although Sitka is the largest city in the US, the city houses a small number of residents, as it is the coldest area in the US. Just like some of the biggest cities in the US, the city is located in the Southeast corner of Alaska. The city has an oceanic climate, with cool temperatures and precipitation. The city is near Juneau city, and economic activities are similar. Iconic features include Totem poles and Chilkoot Trail

The cities listed above are ranked base on the land size. However, for comparison purposes, the population of the towns is listed. The ranking is not static and can be changed. Also, the cities listed above are not the major economy supporters of US. There are other cities in the US which are bigger economically and regarding population.

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