Top 10 Richest Basketball Players in The World

Sports can fetch not only glory and prestige but also immense wealth, especially in the modern times. Basketball players command a huge fan following and are widely admired for their skills with the basketball. Apart from fame, the NBA players who make it big in this sport also earn millions of dollars. The millions come from the salaries paid by organisations such as NBA and other international organisations along with the various endorsement deals the players sign up with different companies.

Basketball is a very popular sport, especially in America where NBA is widely watched and its stars are widely recognised in the country. There are many basketball players with a hefty bank balance but these are top most richest basketball players for 2018.

10. Tim Duncan

Richest Basketball Players

Tim Duncan has been instrumental in the five championship wins of his team, Spurs in NBA. He is a very famous player of NBA. Tim Duncan earns $10 million annually and his net worth is $130 million. Such a staggering amount of wealth places him in the list of most rich basketball players of the year.

9. Gary Payton

Richest Basketball Players 2019

Gary Payton became famous during his stint with the Seattle Supersonics. Gary Payton has done vey well financially too. Payton has a net worth of more than $130 million. This multi-millionaire basketball player also finds his name in the list of most rich basketball players of the year.

8. Grant Hill

Richest Basketball Players

Grant Hill showcased his skills on the court for Orlando Magic, Detroit Pistons and Phoenix Suns. He has now retired from the sport. The net worth of Grant Hill is an amazing $180 million. He is one of the richest basketball players and features in the list of most rich basketball players of the year.

7. Kevin Garnett

Richest Basketball Players

Kevin Garnett is an incredibly rich basketball player. He draws an annual salary from NBA which is as high as $12 million which in itself is a huge amount. To this figure we need to add an additional $10 million from endorsements of various products and services. The net worth of this basketball player is $190 million. All this qualifies him to feature in the list of most rich basketball players of the year.

6. Hakeem Olajuwon

Richest Basketball Players 2019

Hakeem Olajuwon has played basketball in NBA for eighteen years. This is a long time for a basketball player and Hakeem has proved his longevity in the sport. Hakeem has amassed a huge wealth during his long career with his net worth standing at $200 million. This immense wealth places him in the list of most rich basketball players of the year.

5. LeBron James

Richest Basketball Players

He is also known as Bron Bro and is considered by many as the best basketball player to have graced the court in decades. He is very rich with total earnings annually from his NBA contract and various endorsement deals standing at $70 million. The net worth of this player is $300 million. LeBron James, the millionaire basketball players is ranked fifth in the list of most rich basketball players of this year.

4. Kobe Bryant

Richest Basketball Players

Kobe Bryant’s popularity rating is among the highest and his basketball career has been brilliant. He is one of the highest paid basketball players. Kobe Bryant plays for the Lakers team and draws an annual salary of about $25 million. This is the figure for his salary alone. The net worth of this very popular basketball player is $320 million. He will be playing his last season for the Lakers. He has been placed fourth in the list of most rich basketball players of the year.

3. Shaquille O’Neal

Richest Basketball Players

Shaquille O’Neal has retired from the game. He remains one of the richest basketball players of all time. He still has a lot of endorsements to his credit which keep his coffers full. The net worth of this retired basketball player is $350 million which enables him to occupy the third position in the rankings for the most rich basketball players of the year.

2. Magic Johnson

Richest Basketball Players

Magic Johnson created a business empire of his own after retiring from NBA. He utilised the money he earned while playing in NBA in financing the business. He is considered as one of the most successful individual ever to have played in NBA. His net worth is $500 million which makes this basketball player turned businessman to come second in the list of most rich basketball players of the year.

1. Michael Jordan

Richest Basketball Players

Michael Jordan retired from the sport over a decade ago but his Basketball shoes brand line alone fetches him an annual income of $60 million. The net worth of Jordan is a jaw-dropping $1.1 billion. He is the richest basketball player of all times and tops the chart for the most rich basketball players of the year.

A professional basketball player can earn in millions and even billions which makes the list of most rich basketball players possible. The rookies can take inspiration from these players.


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  1. Earvin Johnson or magic Johnson was a great player for USA and LA Lakers. He had won many rewards for his game. After retirement he turned an entrepreneur. He is widely known for his announcement about his HIV + ve test.
    He is now helping HIV patients all around the world.

  2. It’s surprising that even after his retirement, Michael Jordan is at the top spot. That shows his brand value and popularity. He was a genius of the game.

  3. Michael Jordan, just like a boss. He ruled basket ball world. He endorses sports brands. He has his own brands that is greatly popular. He has earned a lot in his career by playing for leagues.

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