Top 10 Hottest LFL Players

LFL stands for the Lingerie Football League; the name itself shows the combination of two extremely odd things. Lingerie itself makes women look super hot and Football a sport that means to say that this is a game where hot female athletes play football just in Lingerie. The hottest game on planet earth now, this is a game of super hot most talented sports women of all times. Men’s eyes are glued on their TV sets as they do not want to miss even 1 second of action.

Mitchell S. Mortaza created this league in 2009 and since then this has been a favourite of men. Beautiful ladies in their underwear’s playing football is worth watching both live on field and television as well as you get a better and closer view of things in television. This league games are mostly aired on a Monday night. Here is a list of the top 10 hottest LFL Players 2018.

10. Brooke Finneke of Chicago Bliss (Net worth – $1 million)

Hottest LFL Players

Apart from being a footballer this hottie is also a police officer in the Chicago Police Department. She plays in the center line back for the Chicago Bliss. She is very fast on the field and rushes with thunder speed when it comes to tackling her opponent. Leader of the team’s defense in the Chicago Bliss she is famous for triangle where she has two passers helping her to rush towards goal just tearing of the opponent team’s defense.

9. Adrian Purnell of Jacksonville Breeze and Western Australia Angels (Net worth – $1.5 million)

Hottest LFL Players 2019

Adrian Purnell is a very strong defensive player in the LFL she stands like a strong wall in front of the opponent’s team. It is said that she has one of the hottest bodies in the whole LFL. She has won two major awards in her career till now they are LFL Defensive Player of the Year Award and LFL Interceptions leader. She is voted in 2016 as the hottest and the sexiest player in LFL by fans. She is a fear for the enemies on the field.

8. Melissa Mikkelsen of Denver Dream (Net worth – $2 million)

Hottest LFL Players

Melissa Mikkelsen is the queen of center field plays for Denver Dream this athlete. She has been the driving force behind many of the teams’ victory. She has been an important centre player since she has joined LFL in 2009. She is extremely good at blocking an important technique in LFL. She is 5.7ft tall which is quite good height for this sport.

7. Chantel Taylor of Chicago Bliss (Net worth – $3.8 million)

Hottest LFL Players

Chantel Taylor has been a member of the Chicago Bliss since 2011. Her role is of the teams outside linebacker. Her height is an X-factor for her as she is one of the tallest LFL and the area which she specialises needs a good height. She is a menace for the opposite team and can destroy probably any kind of tackle easily.

6. Stephanie Psick of Los Angeles Temptation (Net worth – $5 million)

Hottest LFL Players 2019

Los Angeles Temptation is the hottest LFL players team ever and the most successful as well the hottest LFL team of 2018. Stephanie Psick is one of the superb athletes in the team today. She is famous for her versatility as a player and is a master of all techniques. She is a line-backer, back support and wide receiver not many players can even think of matching this skill. She is a successful captain of this hot team.

5. Christine Moore of Seattle Mist (Net worth – $5.1 million)

Hottest LFL Players

Christine Moore joined the LFL in the year 2011 and has been having a very successful career till now. She has helped this team to grab the 2013 Pacific Cup Championship in. She has also played for some other teams in the LFL. She is one of the top 10 hottest and sexiest LFL players of all times and holds the 5th place as the hottest and sexiest LFL player.

4. Kaley Tuning of Miami Caliente (Net Worth – $6 million)

Hottest LFL Players

Not many know that she is a real estate dealer and a well-known mortgage broker. She has been the backbone of the team since she joined in 2009 as the tight end of the team. She has managed both the extremes quite well her business on one hand and football on the other hand. Her hot body is said to be provocative and extremely hot for this sport.

3. Bre Cotton of Jacksonville Breeze (Net Worth – $6.6 million)

Hottest LFL Players

Cotton is just a part of her name but she is the toughest player in LFL. Her hot body is said to be provocative and extremely hot for this sport. She has won major awards in her career till now they are LFL Defensive Player of the Year Award and LFL Interceptions leader. Breeze was stationed in Tampa Bay now situated in Jacksonville she is 5.7ft and 123 pounds.

2. Angela Rypien of Seattle Mist (Net Worth – $7 million)

Hottest LFL Players

She has awesome quarterback skill a rookie in the team. Her dad is also a footballer and has won many titles for his team. So is his daughter is following her dads legacy as a footballer. She is the tallest LFL player with an awesome height of 6ft tall and 149 pounds. Very less rookies are as tall as her this is an advantage for her.

1. Chelsie Jorgensen of Seattle Mist (Net Worth – $7.2 million)

Hottest LFL Players

Lead blocker of Seattle Mist Chelsie Jorgensen is 5.5ft 115 pound. She is one of most popular LFL players and also Richest, highest paid in Lingerie Football League. Featured in Playboy Magazine she is the hottest, richest and the most famous LFL player. She also endorses the highest number of brands in the whole LFL.

LFL is a new thought all together a new sport which is super hot and sexy. It keeps you glued to your TV screens for 90 minutes. You need to see this game to know actually how hot and superb it is.

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  1. I’m not sure where you got these net worths from, but I suspect they are way off. You also have a numbers of players, who haven’t played in years.

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