Top 10 Most Popular Cheerleading Squads in The World

People, since the past have played different games in the name of entertaining themselves. The audiences watching this people participating in the game have formed cheer groups. To this day, cheering has become more of a profession. They are both men and women are known to have good looks as well as bodies. The game that is known to have great cheerleaders is American Football. Below is a list of the of the top 10 most popular cheerleading squads in the world in 2018.

10. Miami Dolphins

Most Popular Cheerleading Squads

Just as the team and they cheer for, they are exquisite in what they do. The squad is made up of ladies who are very beautiful, hot as well as very sexy. They have used even various technologies to enhance their effectiveness in their performance. This has made their competitors who are believed to be very fierce, very worried. They have always come up with various entertaining strategies that include, reediting the song ‘call me baby’ which was released during calendar shows.

9. Denver Broncos

Most Popular Cheerleading Squads 2019

The director of this cheer leading team, Teresa said that she used the internet to come up with various entertaining strategies and other ways to teach others one thing or another. To show that it is a very successful team, their Facebook page has been liked by more than 187000 people. Their photos are the most viewed on the website of the team. For community service, the squad has performed over 1500 hours in 2012. They are very kind. They have taken part in helping less fortunate people in the society.

8. Washington Redskins

Most Popular Cheerleading Squads

This cheer leading squad was founded in 1962. Since then, it has peaked its pace does not seem to reduce. Throughout their ranks, they have had luminaries pass through which include the 2007 Miss Maryland Michae Holloman, the Miss District of Colombia Monique Thompkins, Maureen gardener and Michae Holloman. The cheering squad is also made up of ladies in the nation’s capital. They are known to support the armed forces and honor veterans of America. They have the largest number of alumni cheerleaders.

7. Indiana Colts

Most Popular Cheerleading Squads

The cheering squad that was once at the top of the list suddenly became dormant for a whole year. They later came back and they seem to know how to maintain the spirit and the zeal for their fans. They are known to do extra ordinary things to entertain their fans. They shaved their hair in public just in the name of entertaining their fans.

6. Houston Texans

Most Popular Cheerleading Squads 2019

If there is squad that is known for making time for the audience, is the Houston Texans. Just by a look at them, they seem to know it all. They squad that is made up of very beautiful ladies are highly connected to their fans. Jayme Lamm, who is a columnist, wrote in a blog that the squad is first when it comes to interaction with people. The team is only ten years old and they seem to know it all. Because of their great performance, they can do over 40 appearances.

5. Philadelphia Eagles

Most Popular Cheerleading Squads

This cheering squad is viewed to be brilliant. It is the only squad that is lucky to perform at am FAR inspiration Gala which was in New York. In the event, they associated themselves with Hugo Boss and Marc Jacobs. They are said to be the only squad that in NFL that wear uniforms that are specially designed for Vera Wang. They are the first squad to produce a cheerleader’s mobile application in NFL. Just by looking at the photo, you cannot help but notice that they are very hot, beautiful and sexy.

4. Atlanta Falcons

Most Popular Cheerleading Squads

Have you ever heard of Crawford-Carnegie? She is an ex member of this cheer squad. It is therefore not a surprise to see her alma mater succeed in the list. It is also not an exception to other NFL cheer squads. It is made up of very hot and sexy ladies. They also have their own strategy of attracting the attention of its audience and that is the thing that makes them be among the best cheering squads in the USA. If you want to meet the cheer mazing attorneys, psychologists, educators and psychologists, meet the Atlanta Falcons.

3. Dallas Cowboys

Most Popular Cheerleading Squads

This very old cheering squad came in to existence back in 1960. It composed of the males and the females. By the end of ten years all males had been removed and it was purely for the ladies. The ladies have kept their flag high through marketing and advertising the squad in television shows. The squad has been seen in TV shows like Love boat and Fifth grader. Currently they are the talk of CMT show.

2. England Patriots

Most Popular Cheerleading Squads

In the 80s the Chief human resource officer at Harvard, Ellen Mahoney was a cheerleader of the squad. She has received many compliments for the firm she is in. in terms of intelligence the women in this squad are equal. They are also equally charming, honored and informed. The squad has collaborated with the military as well as the rescue team. That is another reason that the squad is the second best.

1. Oakland Raiders

Most Popular Cheerleading Squads

They are the ones who top the list of being the best cheerleading squad in the world 2018. They have all that it takes to win the interest of their fans. In collaboration with their football boys, they have made their fans’ love to never weaver even by a small bit. They hare said to have remained as ‘football fabulous females’

We get to note that the cheer squads have invented their own strategies of winning the crowd. That thing determines whether they are best of the worst. The ones that I have talked about, have formed very nice strategies that have made them top the list of the top 10 most popular cheerleading squad in the world in 2018.

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