Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports In The World

These sport can cause a lot of injuries but people still do them everyday. Having the duty of controlling the body is very hard when you can not stop yourself or you do not have control after flying off the back of a bull. Yes some people win money doing these things but some do not they just do it for fun. Any of these can kill you or injury you. When you practice it helps but it does not ensure you will be safe the whole time while doing something this scary. Before you do any of this you need to think about what could happen to you. Enough things happen to you and you will end up with no legs, or other body parts that can crush your career of ever doing anything again. Below is the list of top 10 most dangerous sports in the world in 2018.

10. White-Water Rafting

Most Dangerous Sports

This activity is done on waters that are very dangerous and can cause a lot of injuries if not careful. You float in a raft and steer the best you can with your buddies. There are rocks and all kinds of other things that you can smash your face on and possible drown while it all happens. Most the injuries that have happened are broken bones and twisted knees. If you want to do this make sure you know the risk you are facing. Some waters are not as bed as the others but some can get way out of control. Who ever thought of this is a dare devil.

9. BMX

Most Dangerous Sports 2019

A cycle sport that can get you hurt really badly. You will be riding a special kind of bike and racing other people going fast speeds. While you go around the paths and over hills you will need to try and make certain jumps to earn points and show off. Guys try to do tricks never done by others and can sometimes fall from the bike or hit someone else while doing it. If you come out with any cuts or scrapes you are lucky. Some people have been known to get a concussion from doing this and hitting their head to hard on a fall.

8. Mountain Climbing

Most Dangerous Sports

If you are not scared of heights have fun. You will use a certain tool that is very sharp to climb the side of a cliff. The change in weather can cause a lot of damage to your body as you are climbing higher and higher. The fact that you are so high you could fall and get any kind of injury you can think of. Broken necks have happened, broken anything, scrapes, and all kinds of injuries that can be life threatening. When doing this make sure you can hold your own weight because you are not using a rope like other climbers do.

7. Street Luge

Most Dangerous Sports

This is like skateboarding but laying down. You can use a board or a sled for this and you will get up to high speeds. Practice to learn how to control yourself. You will know how to make turns and straighten up without hitting the others in the race. Your feet are your brakes so make sure to keep them strong and powerful the whole time while doing this sport. If you are using a road to practice on then you will need to make sure no one is coming with a car or they could miss you and run you over.

6. Big-Wave Surfing

Most Dangerous Sports 2019

Going for waves that are over twenty feet is dangerous but doing it to win money is just crazy. Yes it is fun and you have to know what you are doing but not everyone knows everything. Your board can brake and you could possible fall off and go under and drown. Anything can happen when it comes to doing something so dangerous. Rocks can get in the way of you surfing and you can damage your skull or smash it completely. If you can ride a wave that id over a hundred foot tall you will be offered the prize of one hundred thousand dollars.

5. Bull Riding

Most Dangerous Sports

Obviously this is a sport that is pretty popular in the rodeo circuits. The way to conquer it is by staying on a bull’s back for eight seconds while he tries to bump you off by jumping and twisting around in a lot of different directions. Last eight seconds and you are going to be one very popular person. Problem is that the fall from when you get thrown off or you drop down yourself, can cause a serious of injuries and some could be fatal if that bull tramples all over you.

4. Cave Diving

Most Dangerous Sports

The equipment used for this sport is actually different than regular scuba diving gear because the type used depends on the circumstance of the cave. This action of diving actually is different from scuba diving because there is only a partial amount of water in the cave. Most of the dangers that happen in this sport is because the person gets lighting problems or the visibility is low and that can cause the partners to be separated from each other. Another problem could be the loss of air because he or she are not going to be able to just go to the surface and catch their breathe.

3. Scuba Diving

Most Dangerous Sports

Millions of people do this all over the world and have so much fun while doing it but obviously they do not think about the harmful things that could happen while they are under that water. If a diver ends up ascending the water incredibly to fast it could cause a number of things to go wrong in the body such as decompression illnesses and failure with the spinal cord, brain, or lungs. If none of those things happen then consider yourself lucky but there is also still the problem that a shark could swim up and eat you while you are not paying attention to your surroundings or can not break the surface of the water fast enough to get away.

2. Heli-Skiing

Most Dangerous Sports

It may seem like loads of fun but the sport can actually be quite dangerous. You snowboard or ski down a hill that has accessed by riding in a helicopter and dropped of onto the location. The people that are very serious about doing this will sometimes book a full year ahead of time so they know their going to get a chance at the great spot that has been chosen. The problem with individuals doing this is that they do not think about the consequences such as the weather changing and leaving them stranded down in an area where the helicopter can not get to or being covered in an avalanche that will most likely kill them.

1. BASE Jumping

Most Dangerous Sports

This sport is actually just like parachuting but instead of jumping from an airplane, people dive off of structures like the highest buildings in the world. Even though doing this may seem like a lot of fun, there are plenty of risks that come with doing it. When you jump the wind could kick up and thrash your body around which could cause injuries of some kind. Most countries will not allow people to do this so they made it illegal, yea the US is one of them countries that it is illegal in. The only way you may be allowed is if it happens at some type of event that has organised and given the ok for this to happen.

In the end, it is hard to rank these in an order of which one is the most dangerous to the one that will be dangerous but not as bad as the others. Ever sport is different and they all have a risk that is involved with them. If you are an individual that enjoys living your life as a daredevil and playing on the edge constantly then I am sure you will find one on this list that you will one day try but for some of us we will just sit back and watch from afar.

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