Top 10 Best Selling Football Jerseys In The World

In India and most of the countries in the world, the majority of the people are sports fanatics because games excite the primitive instinct of competition and prevailing over foes but as Man is civilised now and much more evolved, the first demonstration of the war of tribes and clans has been replaced by ‘sports’. Sports, no matter its type, depict competition in a socially accepted way. In India and majority of the countries, sports fanatics are divided into two genres- the football fanatics and the cricket ones or sometimes both.

Except for the ultra nerds who had played soccer in their lifetime only through their computers, we have all went to the field wearing our favourite team jerseys, played till have almost dehydrated ourselves to death, got cut and bruised and returned home with a satisfied smile stuck on our face. Those jerseys have been a significant part of our recreation, our hero worship, our laughter, our sweat and cheering for our favourite football teams. This list is not only for tackling the football fanatic inside you but also to pay tribute to all the jerseys out there. Here is the list of the world’s top 10 best selling football jerseys in 2018.

10. AC Milan (350,000 jerseys sold per annum) (Price: $108)

Best Football Jerseys

The excellent Red and Black come together only to depict this great soccer club of Italy. The organisation was founded in 1899 and since then has kept its traditional colors red and black. With a nickname of Rossoneri, this club has one of the most classy and distinguishable colors in the soccer universe. Their classic ‘Home’ jersey gets sold the most though the Away jersey with black and white trims and the third jersey which is mostly gold in color are quite popular too. The official jerseys and kits are manufactured by Adidas, and Emirates Airline is their primary sponsor. Among the present player jerseys of AC Milan that are sold, Stephan El Shaarawy and Mario Balotelli ones are the most sold while Kaka, Ronaldinho, and Paolo Maldini are undoubtedly the best sellers from the past line up.

9. Inter Milan (425,000 jerseys sold per annum) (Price: $15.70)

Best Football Jerseys 2019

With its striking Blue and Black, they are the greatest rivals of the AC Milan. They are officially known as F>C International Milano, and their nickname of Nerazzurri comes from their blue and black colored jersey. Nagatomo, Zanetti, and Palacio are the players whose names are most seen on the back of these best seller jerseys. As Nike is the primary competitor of AC Milan’s jersey and kit manufacturer, Adidas, it’s only natural that they in turn manufacture those for Ac Milan’s rival Inter Milan. The away jersey of this team comes with a black and blue collar and sleeves while the rest of the sweater is entirely white. Former big shots of the team like Figo and Zanetti also contribute to the sale.

8. Juventus (480,000 jerseys sold per annum) (Price: $38.87)

Best Football Jerseys

The mundane and boring black and white starts giving an adrenaline rush if it is worn by the Juventus players. They are recently the best selling soccer jersey team from Italy, thanks to their holding most of the league titles and the last three titles in a row in Serie A. The same jersey is worn by Tevez, Pirlo and Pogba and needless to say, they are enough to create a hype to buy them. With a nickname of Bianconeri, Juventus was founded in 1897. They have a yellow colored away jersey and entirely black third kit. Jeep is their sponsor company, and their kits are manufactured by Nike. After Alvaro Morato shifted to this team from Real Madrid, they are hoping a boost to the sales.

7. Arsenal (800,000 jerseys sold per annum) (Price: $31.39)

Best Football Jerseys

Who haven’t seen that stylized canon at least once in their lives? It was considered the most stylish badge that school kids pinned to the handles of their bags while going to school. Indeed, it is a thing to brag about! With players like Wilshere, Ozil, Ramsey, etc. boosting the sales, it is considered one of the most wholesale clubs in the world. This English club was founded in 1886 can rightfully be called one of the most successful clubs in the history of English football. Stylishly nicknamed the ‘Gunners’, they have 10 FA cups and 13 league titles in their bag. Oh! Do I need to tell you about the color of their jersey? Red with white sleeves of course! The away team jersey is yellow in color, and all of their kits are manufactured by Nike and they are sponsored by Emirates Airline. The recent transfer of Alexis Sanchez from team Barca will surely further boost the sales.

6. Liverpool (810,000 jerseys sold per annum) (Price: $33.78)

Best Football Jerseys 2019

With former members like Suarez and Carragher being the reason behind massive sales, it is no less a giant than Arsenal in English Premier League football. They are the most successful English team presently, having bagged 18 league titles and 11 cups. Their away jersey is a combination of white, red and black and all their kits are manufactured by Adidas. The British Bank and Standard Chartered sponsors them. Steven Gerrard is a huge factor behind the huge jersey sales.

5. Bayern Munich (880,000 jerseys per annum) (Price: $38.87)

Best Football Jerseys

Bundesliga’s last year’s winner and the most famous German team of all time, they are armed with 23 league titles and 16 cups. They are rightfully called the ‘powerhouse of the Bundesliga’! They have a traditionally red with atrim white jersey which is manufactured by Adidas and sponsored by Deutsche Telekom. They are the best selling jersey team in Germany presently have many present as well as the former line up names which boost the sales.

4. Chelsea (910,000 jerseys sold per annum) (Price: $17.93)

Best Football Jerseys

Ooooh, that beautiful Blue! Who wouldn’t want an Oscar, Lampard or a Hazard emblazoned on the back of their dashing blue jersey? They are a London based team and for reasons obvious, nicknamed the Blues. They have achieved four league titles, a Champions League title, and 7 FA cups. Adidas manufactures their home jersey, anaway jersey which is white, red and blue colored and a black shirt which comes with their third kit. Samsung sponsors them, and big names like Fernando Torres and Branislav Ivanovic boost the sales,

3. Barcelona (1.15 million jerseys sold per annum) (Price: $64.23)

Best Football Jerseys

The club which comes in the same breath as the living legend that is Lionel Messi. With a star-studded team with members like Xavi, Neymar, Pique, Alves, etc. they have no worry about making an effort to promote their brand.BallanD’or and the most talented players in the history of football comes in the same tune with Barcelona.

Barcahas won 23 league titles, 27 Copa del keys and five champion’s league titles which is more than enough to make them legends. They have a blue and red home jersey with a yellow and red colored away jersey. The Qatar Railways at the front of the jerseys makes it impossible not to notice the name of their sponsor; that is Qatar Airways. Nike makes Their kits. World Player of the Year Messi is the member of this team is enough to boost its sales to the limit of the zenith.

2. Manchester United (1.4 million jerseys sold per annum) (Price: $57.57)

Best Football Jerseys

The former team of Christiano Ronaldo and the present team of Rooney and Van Persie, even though have faced tough times like the loss of their great coach Alex Ferguson, they are one of the famous clubs in the history of football. Man United was founded in 1878 and are nicknamed as the Red Devils. They have bagged 20 league titles, 3 European Cups, and 11 FA cups. Needless to say, they have a red with trim black jersey and a blue and black away kit. AON sponsors them, and Nike makes the kits for them. They previously would have been at the top of this list if this list was made a little back in time.

1. Real Madrid (1.4 million jerseys sold per annum) (Price: $20.47)

Best Football Jerseys

You sure would’ve guessed this even before you saw the name in the number one position; White never goes out of style, does it? Well, Real Madrid gives you the answer. With Cr7 fuelling the sales, the fans are a major sponsor for this team. They are nicknamed Los Blancos, and they are the richest football club in the world. They have a record of 32 league titles and 18 Copa Del Rey titles. They have won the most number of Champions League titles that is 9 cups. They have a blue and white away jersey and their kits are manufactured by Adidas and sponsored by Emirates Airlines. Cr7 sells more jerseys than any other player on this planet. Xabi Alonso and Pepe are among the other great players who boost the sales. You have to be very famous to have people wear your jerseys with pride and Real Madrid has players who exactly fit that criterion.

This article must have been a little nostalgic as well as thrilling at the same time because you read about those colorful, attractive and famous jerseys after all! They are a symbol of pride because of their original wearer and a symbol of inspiration when it gets worn by their fans.

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