Top 10 Worst TV Technologies Ever

Choosing a good television technology for home use or business is hard task. I am sure that this article is of much importance for outlining worst technologies not to be bought whatsoever. Worst TV technologies have been produced and some have failed gradually due to low market value. Look at this list. It contains worst TV technologies ever in market. Their market value and demand is fading away.

List of Top 10 Worst TV Technologies Ever until in 2017

10. 3D Technology

3d technology, Top 10 Worst TV Technologies Ever until 2017

Many people are aware of 3D television Technology but do not like it. Research has clearly shown that its market value has dropped due to poor results. Toshiba is a television brand that was designed using 3D technology and has been a big dead stock in many electronic shops. Use of shutter glasses requires viewers to wear extra shutter glasses to be able to view clears. This is adding more expenses to clients. Because of this, 3D technology is disappearing from market after being introduced in 2010.

9. Curved Screens


Curved screen Technology is among latest programs in market. It was established in April, 2014 LG and Samsung companies in Korea. When it comes to watching any favorite television show at home, this technology does not give best of what clients crave for. As a result, they are losing market value. More power is consumed when using this brand. Many people would consider cheaper cost for power. Many people have now decided to do away with Curved Screens.

8. 4K


4k is another worst television technology in market that you should avoid purchasing at all cost. It is a vertical and horizontal resolution that is found in digital televisions ad cinematography. At all cost media has completely limited technology coverage and nature Documentaries. It has no mush resolution compared to other technology. This is what many people look at before purchasing any electronic stuff in market today. Other disadvantage that you need to know is that they affect people eyesight. 4k cannot be trusted to be left with small children. In case you find yourself having one of these brands, the extra means have to be added in order to watch favorite shows comfortably.

7. LCD


These kinds of televisions are thinner than even cathode ray tubes. Disadvantages of this popular technology outweigh advantages therefore cannot be recommended for home use. Its resolution is poor and cannot be watched from all angles. you can visit LCD TV Repair in Jaipur for fixing of your broken LCD TV Screen. One has to sit on a single position. This is tiresome and boring. They still use analog inputs that always need careful adjustment to do away with noise. I do not like the way LCD produces dark images that are of grey scale. One is not able to tell real color of an image.

6. HDCP Copy Protection


HCDP was designed with an aim of protecting piracy of films, music, software and other kind of media in market. There are many ways that have been used at least to allow this company to get some profit. Many people have uploaded negative reviews on their website complaining that they always receive bad screens that are poorly designed from manufactures. Purchasing HDCP Copy protection is not a good idea. Trusted clients are now regretting for losing value of their own money. It is not a good television technology at all.

5. Voice and Gesture control


When this term is mentioned, what comes in my mind is an interesting idea of television program. However, things are not the way they sound. Voice and gesture is such a boring television technology in market today. Manufactures thought of having an advanced system of television where one can control by use of gestures and voice only. This did not work appropriately, because they had planned. Everything is ok during watching of favorite shown but many people do not like when it starts recording voices and controlling gestures as well. Voice and Gesture control technology will at one time end because of low market demand. This is one amongst the Top 10 Worst TV Technologies Ever until 2017.

4. Bloated Smart TV Suites


Bloated smart suite series is taking fourth position of this article. it has been noticed that many people are now avoiding this technology for not being supportive. Screen itself does not produce any quality picture and one has to look for extra means of making it clear. Some technologies like Netflix, which is amongst best ones in market, have tried making bloated smart TV series of their own. They found out that it was a boring and irritating idea. This technology is not essential to many clients in market.

3. Glossy Screens


Glossy screens are one of worst television technologies that cannot be forgotten whatsoever in any list or article. Too much shining of screen does not please many people because of irritating eye contact. When compared to other quality version in market Glossy cannot appear anywhere among options given to clients to purchase. They fail to perform many times and are therefore not reliable at all. Glossy or very shiny screen is not effective enough in showing favorite shows and films. These screens do not portray a good picture especially in dark places or room.

2. Soap Opera Effect


Soap opera was established by many television brands that put their efforts together. Many errors and defaults were encountered in first few years of production. Films and favorite television shows cannot be viewed using Soap Operas effect technology. Screen resolution is poor and does not produce quality picture hence not recommended for any home viewing. Soap opera is second worst in this list.

1. Edge-lit LED


Edge is worst of all television technology in market. This is because of their profiles that are eye catching. Bright edges and corners are boring and do not please many clients in market. Their market value has really gone down and can no longer be trusted by people.

So, these above are the Top 10 Worst TV Technologies Ever until 2017. These are worst technologies of television that you can possibly encounter in electronic industry. They have been described with their bad features that do not satisfy clients. If you have extra point that you feel I have used then help me improve my article.

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