Top 10 Most Expensive Toys in The World

Toys are the lifeline for children, and any kid would hardly deny in having toys of their choice. Most of the parents rarely check themselves in buying toys for their child but some fantastic toys would leave everyone in a state shock, and that is due to their cost. Nowadays, some parents are ready to spend a huge amount of money just to please their kid with some most expensive toys.

Lavish toys are like old materials that are also used for the decorating purpose and it doesn’t make the room dull. Some youths have huge passion for collecting in rare toys, and they are ready to pay any amount to add them to their collection. Though they might not look best, their architecture and rarity made them expensive in the market. The following list contains the name of those expensive toys. Here is the list of top 10 most expensive toys in 2018.

10. Titania’s Palace (Price – $256.500)

Most Expensive Toys

Titania’s Palace is like a dream dollhouse for girls and if a girl gets a glimpse of this for the first time, then surely goes crazy over it. However this doll house is considered as the most expensive doll house in the world, and if it anyone thinks of buying the doll house, it would cost them $256. This price tag is the reason that this doll house has gathered a spot in the most expensive toys list.

9. Nintendo Wii Supreme (Price – $485)

Most Expensive Toys 2019

Nintendo Wii Supreme sits in one of the top spot of the costly toys list, and its golden coating is the evidence of its $485 price tag. This exclusive gold coated Nintendo is an antique collection to have, and it weighs 2.5 Kg. The most interesting factor is that this toy is covered with 22 Carat gold, and the front button is molded with 78 quarter cut diamonds.

8. Diamond Barbie (Price – $551)

Most Expensive Toys

Barbie is probably one of the most used toys by girls, and there is hardly any girl who doesn’t own a Barbie doll. However, most of the Barbie dolls come at a moderate price but not Diamond Barbie. Stefano Canturi designed this exquisite doCanturill, and this doll has a necklace that is embedded with three karats white diamond and one karat of pink diamond complemented by a black dress.

7. Gold Rocking Horse (Price – $1.28 Million)

Most Expensive Toys

Rocking Horse is mostly made of wood; nowadays it is made up of plastic, and they are cheaply available. However, there is a rocking horse that cost around $1.28 million, and it is among the most costly toy in the world. This rocking horse is made crafted with gold, and it has a total weight of 36 Kg making it the most expensive rocking horse in the world.

6. The Masterpiece Cube Rubik’s Cube (Price – $1.5 Million)

Most Expensive Toys 2019

The masterpiece Cube Rubik’s cube is the costliest Rubik’s cube in the world, and it comes with a price tag of $1.5 million. This Rubik’s cube has 185 karats of expensive stones like emeralds, amethysts, rubies inscribed on each side of the cube. This toy has sealed a spot in the catalog of expensive toys and there in no other Rubik’s cube to beat it.

5. Steiff Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear (Price – $2.1 Million)

Most Expensive Toys

Louis Vuitton is always known for its lavish designer clothes for humans that are mostly embedded with a precious stone. But there is a teddy bear that is embraced with Louis Vuitton travel accessories, and it is manufactured by Steiff who is a German toy maker. The teddy bear has a gold fur, diamond and sapphires eyes and gold mouth. This toy is the one of the most expensive plaything in the world, and it would surely excite little girls.

4. Shimansky Soccer Ball (Price – $2.59 Million)

Most Expensive Toys

Boys are mad about soccer and most of the soccer ball cost around $5 to $10. But there is a soccer ball that cost $2.59 million, and it is not an ordinary ball that could be taken to the ground. It took the maker three months to craft this masterpiece and it is molded with 3500 African diamond, 2640 black diamond, and 6620 white diamond. This has also found a spot among the most expensive plaything that anybody can own.

3. Lamborghini Aventador Model Car (Price – $4.8 Million)

Most Expensive Toys

Boys are a diehard fan of supercars, and most of the kids have an ample number of model cars in their collection. However, Lamborghini Aventador model car is not a regular toy to be owned by anyone as it comes with eye-popping price tag of $4.8 million. Because of this enormous amount, this toy is the third most expensive plaything in the world, and it cost ten times more than the actual model.

2. Madame Alexander Eloise (Price – $5 Million)

Most Expensive Toys

Madame Alexander Eloise has a place on the list of most costly toy in the world, and its 5 million price tag has made it an antique in the toy world. This exclusive doll is specially handmade toy from designer Madame Alexander, and it has nine karats of diamonds inscribed in it. Only five dolls were made, and each doll comes with an Oscar de la Renta fur, Christian Dior clothes, and Katherine Baumann accessories.

1. L’Oiseleur (Price – $6.25 Million)

Most Expensive Toys

L’Oiseleur holds the top spot for most expensive toys in the world and it worth more than a typical house. It comes with a price tag of $6.25 million and it took almost two years to build this 4-foot doll. Crafted in gold and pearls inscribed Renaissance cloth, it has 2340 steel parts and can play flute without the help of any battery. The most interesting part of this doll that is used the mechanism of cogs and gears that help it to play flue.

This is the list of top 10 most expensive toys in the world and if passionate toy collector is thinking of gathering some rare toys then should go through the above list as it has some antique items.

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