Top 10 Most Expensive Perfume Brands in The World

There are several popular brands of perfumes sold in the market today. Some of them are costly while others are affordable. Quality perfumes are much expensive and not all people will be in a position to purchase them. However, during festive seasons and Holidays, price of these fragrances is down compared to other season of the year. Here is a list of top 10 most expensive perfume brands in 2018 review.

10. Hermes Brand

Most Expensive Perfume Brands

Thierry Henry who named it after his own name founded Hermes in 1837 in France. A great creation has been highly valued in market. Many people worldwide also love other fantastic perfumes from Thierry. Their odor is amazing and can be smelled from far. A bottle of Hermes fragrance is very costly and adds up to 1500 dollars. They come in different scents leaving you with options to choose your favorite. Ever since this brand was launched into market, it has maintained its quality.

9. Joy

Most Expensive Perfume Brands 2019

This is another most expensive brand appearing in ninth position of this article. Jean Patou first created it in 1929. Joy has a unique and well designed bottle which attracts many people especially modern women of high class. This unique fragrance has been dominating in many states ever since it was launched. They come in different odors that are all sweet to smell at. There is no side effect accompanied with application of Joy Perfumes. Europeans are its most clients. Some of Joy’s sweet scents include Tuberose, Flowers, jasmine and rose. One single bottle costs 1600 dollars.

8. Chanel

Most Expensive Perfume Brands

Chanel is another popular and expensive brand taking its place in my article. Before launching into fragrances, Chanel fashion concentrated mostly only dresses, list watches and pants. Despite fact that this brand is costly, its market value is always high. Chanel perfumes are among best and top selling globally. From earliest time in 20’s, this brand has released more than 67 quality perfumes of different scents. Not all people will be able to purchase Chanel due to costly price. Popular actresses, model and television personalities are fans of Chanel since they can comfortably purchase.

7. Ralph Lauren Perfumes

Most Expensive Perfume Brands

Fashion Designer from USA popularly known as Ralph Lauren manufactured this American brand. Ralph introduced various perfumes of different scents. L’Oreal assisted him. There are more than 60 fragrances of this brand sold in market today. Some of them include Albert Morillas, Olivier Gillotin, Pierre Neglin and Carlos Benaim. Clients cannot miss to identify Lauren fragrances. They have unique bottle designs and are light blue in color. A single drop can last on a cloth for more than a day. One bottle of Ralph Lauren costs $3500.

6. Caron

Most Expensive Perfume Brands

Caron is a fine product that was manufactured by a French fashion designer popularly known as Ernest Daltroff. This gentleman was young at that particular time and used to work with Caron which is a fashion house located in France. It was launched and released to market in 1904. Since then, several other Caron fragrances have been released to market. In 1911, 54 other quality perfumes were released to market. Many people love this brand because of design of bottle. You can find many empty bottles kept in several households. They are kept with an aim of decorating. It costs 3500 dollars per bottle.

5. Clive Christian fragrances

Most Expensive Perfume Brands 2019

This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Expensive Perfume Brands in The World 2017. Many people for bringing traditional feeling for clients know Clive perfume. It was released to market in 1999 and has become legendary icon in entire Britain History. Various smell ranges include Lemon, benzoin, carnation, bergamot, jasmine, Cardamom and 17 other brands that are not mentioned here. Clive Christian fragrances are made for both women and men. Ever since it was released, reputation and market value has not changed at all. Clive is still classy and best among many people who love applying sweet perfumes before leaving in their houses.

4. Annick Goutal

Most Expensive Perfume Brands

Ever since I started doing research about fragrance brands, I have not met such a unique perfume. Looking at the bottles, you might think it something else. Annick Goutal is a fine composition made from quality materials. Its thick nature gives it more ability to last for a long period in a cloth. Annick Goutal was a popular pianist and model who discovered this brand first in 1980. She died and left everything to be taken care of by her daughter. Annick’s daughter released other 51 items that are highly featured in market today.

3. Jar

Most Expensive Perfume Brands

On position three is this Jar perfume collection. It is considered very complex and expensive among other brands. Jar is a unique brand with numerous brands sold in market today. You cannot miss to discover Jar fragrances. Most of them are of gold colors and come in slightly round bottles. Purchasing this unique perfume will not take much time however they are a bit costly. Sometime its good to spend much money and get a quality item. Modern and classy women cannot lack this in their handbags just to keep freshness burning. You need like 4,000 dollars only to own a bottle of Jar.

2. Baccarat

Most Expensive Perfume Brands

Baccarat is a well known fashion house located in France and it produces quality and luxurious perfumes loved by many people. History behind Baccarat is that one of its brands was launched on 250th birthday. This was in 2014. A bottle of Baccarat is 3000 Euros and makes to be among expensive fragrance worldwide. Composition of this fragrance has features like intensity, transparency, luminous and high density. Liquid is gold in color while its box is purple.

1. Shalini

Most Expensive Perfume Brands

Shaline takes position one of my article for having quality colors and most expensive brand. This floral composition was manufactured specifically for women. One advantage of buying this fragrance is that you get an extra bottle especially during festive season and holidays. Do you need shaline in your house? Ensure you have a total of 4900 dollars.

So, these above are the top 10 most expensive perfume brands in the world in 2018. This article is useful to fashion stars. For perfume fans, I know you are now full satisfied after having many questions concerning popular and expensive fragrance brands. If you happen to have any information about these perfumes that I have not mentioned here, then send me so that I can improve my article.

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