Top 10 Most Expensive Lipsticks In The World

Lipstick is one such product without which ladies are incomplete. It is a must in ones’ purse and is used in broad aspect from daily use to party makeup. The skin of our lips is five times thinner than that of our face and thus is sensitive too, and therefore the top most brands are often chosen as the best for lips. The quality of the lipsticks is obviously the reason for their prices, but it is not the only reason. It also depends on their packaging, often the luxurious and attractive casing makes them charge. The values of these also are hiked depending on the celebrities who are using them.

It is very crucial for a woman who is concerned about their fashion very much then it is evident that woman will always love to have the best lipsticks in her wardrobe. Here are the top 10 most expensive lipsticks introducing to you all which are available in the market in the year 2018.

10. Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Sculpting Lipstick (Price: $30):

Most Expensive Lipsticks

The specialty of this lipstick is its saturation of colors and glossy finish. It is a highly-pigmented lipstick, six-hour wear that gives lip look the final alteration. Enough in one stroke and is suitable for each and every skin complexion. It leaves lips looking gorgeously sculpted, shaped and curvaceous. The package too is unusual as it has a magnetic locking system. The vitamin rich lipstick feels soft on lips and also retains the moisture of the lips keeping if baby soft this lipstick is an Allure Best of Beauty in the winner. The price of this stick is $30 which makes it one of the top in this list of expensive lipsticks.

9. Dolce & Gabbana Monica Voluptuous Lipsticks (Price: $34):

Most Expensive Lipsticks 2019

This lipstick is unique as it is only which is named after a show stopper Italian beauty, Monica Belluci. This is available on the market in 9 shades, and the best part is it lasts long without fading for hours, and the creaminess of the lipstick is incredible. The smooth effect makes one feel like a stick of butter rolling over. The price is fixed at the rate of $34.

8. Christian Dior Rouge No. 999 lipstick (Price: $34)

Most Expensive Lipsticks

Enrich with Vitamin Essentials, this lipstick is manufactured with a new formula that has 32 couture signature shades, and a marine crystal which is the extraction of stimulates of cellular renewal. The lipstick offers the customers full coverage, and it is creamy satin finish is used especially in bold makeups for its fantastic finish. The price of this is $34.

7. Givenchy Le Rouge Rose Dressing Lipstick (Price: $36)

Most Expensive LipsticksThis is available in the color of red and the intensity it provides; no one can found in any other stick. This super lipstick provides a perfect sense of luxury and with a nonstick and durable valor. this is one of the the Best red expensive lipsticks and the price is decided at a rate of $36.

6. Kanebo Sensei Intense Lasting Lipstick (Price: $40)

Most Expensive Lipsticks

This is another lipstick that comes on the list of most expensive lipsticks. Highly rich in vitamins and nutrients, this has an effect that makes one’s lips soft and healthy. Available in several colors, it has no scent but miraculously blends with lips. This stick is fixed at the price of $40.

5. Guerlain Rouge G Jewel Lipsticks (Price: $51)

Most Expensive Lipsticks 2019

This lipstick claims to have Pure Ruby powder and which is the reason for its red color and price. Also, hyaluronic acid sphere and wild mango butter are used for long lasting hydration. Though it says to have ruby powders in it yet surprisingly gives a creamy lip balm feels on the lips. This available only in few selected sites like Amazon at a rate of $51. This lipstick is relatively rare and is quite passionate among females and celebrities.

4. La Prairie Cellular Luxe Lipstick (Price: $55):Most Expensive Lipsticks

This lipstick is unique for its long lasting and non-sticky nature. Exquisite color comes together with a nourishing cellular complex Rich in caviar extract and because of the conditioning secret extracts, it moisturizes the lip tissues from within. The manufacturer claims that the presence of particularly natural oils and treated pigments which enhance the color produce and intensity get a long-lasting sheen. The comes at the rate of $55 on the market.

3. Sisley Long Lasting Hydrating Lipsticks (Price: $60):

Most Expensive Lipsticks

The specialty of this lipstick is its effect this lipstick is long lasting and has an extensive supplement of vitamins. Much comfortable to wear and is available in a wide range of colors with different effects: pearly satiny, iridescent its beveled tip allows for clean, precise application. The main ingredients which are used for manufacturing this product are calendula flower extract which helps the lips to soften, vitamin E and Vitamin C which are antioxidants. The price of this product is fixed at $60.

2. Guerlain Kiss Kiss Gold and Diamond Lipstick (Price: $62,000):

Most Expensive Lipsticks

Among all the lipstick brands if you want the best lipstick then most probably this is the best brand right now the most beautiful women around the world using it, and the price decided for the product is not that how it makes one look younger. It is the lipstick’s case. The case of the product in made up of pure gold and embroidered with 199 pieces of diamonds of 2.2 karats each. It is only available in few sites at a rate of $62,000 as there is no other version available in the market. However, this does not come like others do. The best thing is, this lipstick comes with its lip brush, own black wooden case and a pouch of black suede, and is refillable.

1. H. Couture Beauty diamond lipstick (Price: $14 million):

This is the top most brand, and the price is totally based on the packaging it has. The lipstick case is studded with pure diamonds all over. Moreover, thus very obvious that there is no retail for this brand. This lipstick with the stunning packaging is only available in some top most selling sites at the rate of $14 million.

As we all know lipsticks are an important part of the makeup one does and it enhances ones’ look in whatever way it is worn. Had it been a party or a formal meeting nothing but a lipstick is always wanted. Here if one needs perfection here are the perfect brands, and they are just ready to serve their best and for that reason, this list is made to help the buyers to know about the most expensive lipsticks.

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