Top 10 Most Expensive Jewellery Pieces in The World

All women love jewellery, especially diamonds. The ten pieces below, you are not going to be able to buy them unless you are rolling in money and very well off. These are so expensive that some of them are located in a museums to be on display just because of how much money are they worth. They are very pretty to look at though, so if you are not willing to pay the money that they are worth then just admire them from afar. Let’s check the list of top 10 most expensive jewellery pieces in the world in 2018.

10. Briolette Diamond Necklace

Most Expensive Jewellery Pieces

It weighs more than 75.36 carats and the briolette diamond is directly in the center of the necklace. There is another diamond that is called a marquise and it is a mix between the colors of purple and pink. These are the only two larger diamonds, the rest are smaller briolettes that are on the remaining sections of it. It is all on an eighteen carat white gold chain. The length is adjustable as well so you can wear it in a smaller size or bigger. When it went to auction, the expectation for selling price was between 8.5 or 12.5 million dollars. The actual sale price came out to be $11.1 million dollars and was put at being the most expensive piece of jewellery in the world.

9. Panther Bracelet

Most Expensive Jewellery Pieces 2019

It is in the shape of a panther and has onyx and diamonds all over it. Cartier Paris made the bracelet in 1952 and was owned by the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson. The auction price was three times its worth at 12.4 million dollars and it was still sold at this price even though it was missing some small stones that were on it. They say that Madonna is the owner of this gorgeous item.

8. Emerald and Diamond Tiara

Most Expensive Jewellery Pieces

Prince Guido commissioned this in 1900 for his second wife. The tiara has green emeralds and diamonds all over it. There has been rumors that this beautiful piece belonged to Napoleon the 3rd and it is supposed to have also been Maharajah’s. The tiara’s green emeralds are eleven carats and the total amount for the whole thing is five hundred carats. The item sold for 12.7 million dollars and that is two million more than what the original price of it was.

7. Heart of the Kingdom

Most Expensive Jewellery Pieces

This is one of the oldest jewellery companies, Garrard, greatest creations. Also, it is priced very high which makes it one of the most expensive pieces. Right now the jewelry is worth fourteen million dollars and has a burmese ruby that is 40.63 carats and is shaped like a heart. It is rare and placed on a diamond necklace that is one hundred and fifty-five carats and has a total of 150 diamonds. A swiss lab that confirmed it is authentic and rare. The really unique thing about this is that it is not only a beautiful necklace but can also be turned into a tiara.

6. Bulgari Two-Stone Diamond Ring

Most Expensive Jewellery Pieces 2019

It was made in the seventies and is an original for the Bulgari collection. On the top, there is two diamonds in the shape of triangles and one is blue while the other is colorless. There is a report that tells color, flawlessness, and clarity are all correct and original for the two diamonds. When it was placed on the auction block, a collector got to take it home but not before paying a pretty penny for it. At 15.7 million dollars, this one is in line with some of the most expensive rings.

5. Chopard Blue Diamond Ring

Most Expensive Jewellery Pieces

This lovely ring is so pricey because of the blue diamond on the top. The light blue just shines and makes it that much more gorgeous. Weighing in at nine carats, the white gold is eighteen carats. It has triangle shaped diamonds on the side making it go up in price. Your woman will love you when you place this on her finger. Great for anyone who can afford it. It comes in at sixteen point twenty six million dollars and is worth every penny. Great for a wedding ring or an anniversary ring. This is one amongst the top 10 most expensive jewellery pieces in the world in 2018.

4. Heart of the Ocean

Most Expensive Jewellery Pieces

Everyone who has seen the Titanic will remember this blue necklace. It is just a replica of it but the necklace that was thrown from the ship looked just like this one. Harry Winston designed this and it made it to hold a fifteen carat diamond and it looks just like it. It is worth twenty million dollars and there are plenty of people who has bought it and worn it to the Oscars. The imitations of it sell for three point five million dollars at auctions. Place this on your womans neck and she will love you for a long time.

3. The Perfect Pink

Most Expensive Jewellery Pieces

If you love the color pink you will love this ring. The pink diamond on it is fourteen point twenty three carats. On the sides of the pink jewel you will see two rectangle shaped diamonds that help just a little with the price. It is worth twenty three point two million dollars and is something that should be help close to the heart. Be very careful where you wear it to because if lost you will regret it more than anything in your life.

2. The Graff Pink

Most Expensive Jewellery Pieces

Number two on the list at forty six point two million and will look wonderful on the perfect woman’s finger. The ring is a pink color and each carat on the ring is worth one point eighty five million and that is why it cost so much for someone to buy. The diamond is twenty four point seventy eight carats. It is a rare type color. It has smaller diamonds on the side but they are nothing compared to the pink beauty on the top of this ring.

1. L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace

Most Expensive Jewellery Pieces

If you place this on a woman’s neck they will walk around so carefully that you will be happy you bought. They will want to show it off to the world. The most expensive of them all at fifty five million dollars. If you can buy this then you can buy any on this list. It weighs four hundred and seventy point forty eight. The diamond is yellow in color and has smaller diamonds around the neck. The diamond was discovered over thirty years ago by a little girl.

These above are the top 10 most expensive jewellery pieces in the world in 2018. Every one of the pieces on this list are all very rare and gorgeous items. The jewels and diamonds all stand out which is what make them the most beautiful pieces to ever have been made. They are technically like an ornament that only a few very lucky ladies have been able to get a chance to wear on their bodies or even own and the rest of us jealous women get to admire the stunning items from a distance and only wish that we were capable of owning something like them.

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