Top 10 Most Expensive Jeans Brand in The World

Jeans always hold the premier spot in the fashion world, and they always set the style statement. People from every age group whether man or woman will always have the fantasy to add jeans in their closet. Anybody who knows how to look stylish will always prefer jeans as their attire. There is no definite purpose to wear jeans, anyone can wear it anytime and anywhere whether it is a coffee shop or family event.

Jeans are a part of an open closet, and this is predominant among young generation. It is one outfit that is considered as one of the most wearable outfits and the price tag increases according to the quality and attributes. Few companies hold the title as one of the most expensive jeans brands in the world, and these brands are the sign of style, comfort, and apparently style. Here are the top 10 most expensive jeans brand of the world in 2018.

10. 7 For All Mankind (Price Range: $107 – $298)

Most Expensive Jeans Brand

Anybody who has a good idea about fashion will know the name of this brand. Three men found it namely Peter Koral, Jerome Dahan, and Michael and they were the first to bring top end denim jeans in the market. It became popular in the fashion world especially celebrities within a short period, and quality, material, and innovative design helped it to reach the tenth position in the most expensive jeans brand in the world.

9. Earnest Sewn Custom Fit  (Price Range: $300 Р$1,000)

Most Expensive Jeans Brand 2019

The popularity and top notch attribute of Earnest Sewn Custom Fit Jean make to stay at the 9th spot inexpensive jeans list. They are mostly known for their custom jeans that are integrated with innovative style quotient and stitching. Customers get the freedom to customize their jean’s attributes, but the designers put their final touch to make it more attractive. These jeans have reached the closet of every high profile people, and the reason is its authenticity and exquisite fabric.

8. Roberto Cavalli (Price Range: $50 – $1,200)

Most Expensive Jeans Brand

The name Roberto Cavalli is an Italian fashion brand that has gained its fame due to its cult design and soothed fitting. The price quote helps it to seal the 8th spot of most expensive jeans list but it worth every penny. The designers mold the jeans with the best material and modern design that boils down to produce a classy and luxurious outfit. Most of the women love this brand, and that is mainly due to it’s appropriate and exclusive use of jewels.

7. Dolce & Gabbana (Price Range: $80 – $1,200)

Most Expensive Jeans Brand

Another excellent fashion brand that is known for its unconventional design, eye-popping features, and classic finish. This brand got its name from the designer Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, who creates their product depending the origin or region of the customer. A customer who wishes to buy this excellent product has to make registration enter the queue. These jeans are also known for its faded style and butterfly design, and no other brand has been able to match the beauty of these designs.

6. Gucci (Price Range: $600 – $3,100)

Most Expensive Jeans Brand

According to most of the stylish, Gucci is the elegant and innovative fashion brand in the world. It stands in the 6th spot of the expensive jeans list although this brand is considered as the pioneer of style statements. There is hardly any celebrity who won’t prefer to have a Gucci in their closet, and it is an obvious choice for many male actors. The use bids in the jeans like African beads make Gucci one of the most popular brands in the world.

5. APO Jeans (Price Range: $1,200 Р$4,000)

Most Expensive Jeans Brand

APO Jeans hold the 5th spot in the top ten lists of expensive jeans, and its unique designer jeans are the reason for its position. High-status people who love to wears to exclusive designers jeans always prefer APO Jeans mainly due to its casual yet luxurious outlook. A customer can customize their jeans with platinum, diamond, gold or silver buttons along with pockets of silk material. The reason for its expensive price tag is its rivet that integrated with precious metals.

4. Escada (Price Range: $3,000 – $10,000)

Most Expensive Jeans Brand 2019

Escada is one of the leading women brand as well as the 4th expensive jeans maker that was founded by Megha Mittal. The reason for its Vogue is its unique color pattern, luxurious embroidery, and finest fabric. The designers allow its customer to put forward their preferences or idea of the design. Elite class women who are always particular about the fittings of the jeans never got the chance to complain about the soothe fitting of Escada jeans.

3. Levi Strauss & Co. 501 (Price Range: $11,400 – $60,000)

Most Expensive Jeans Brand

Levi Strauss maybe the most famous brand in the world and hardly anybody would argue about that fact. Levi’s is a favorite American brand which is mostly known for their vintage jeans, but they are more famous for their modernized prints and attributes. Although $60,000 tag makes it the third expensive jeans brand, the price hasn’t stopped buyers to opt for these expensive jeans.

2. Dussault Apparel Thrashed Denim (Price Range: $80,000 – $250,000)

Most Expensive Jeans Brand

Dussault Apparel is an elite luxury jeans maker that are mostly popular for its exclusive fitting and taut design. The handmade classic thrashed jeans made this fashion conceal the second spot in the most expensive jeans brand in the world list. These exquisite jeans are integrated with some valuable jewels, and the fabrics are washed 13 times before it reaches the final stage of stitching.

1. Secret Circus (Price Range: $500,190 – $1.3 Million)

Most Expensive Jeans Brand

Secret Circus hold the top spot in the expensive jeans list and its classic designer jeans molded with diamonds are the main reason of its position in the list. It depicts sheer lavishness and an excellent feature that one buyer can get in classic jeans. The jeans itself is the product of unmatchable craftsmanship, and its unique pattern of diamonds in the back pocket makes it much more exclusive.

This list is perfect for a expensive jeans brand, Jeans lover who is ready make a deep hole in their pocket to showcase one of these jeans in the closet. These jeans worth every penny of its price mainly for its authenticity and finest fabrics.

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