Top 10 Most Expensive Guns in The World

A very famous person once said “A man pulled a knife on me and asked, “Would you die for your family and friends”? I laughed and as I pulled my Gun and said “No, but I’d kill for them”. Guns are not just killing machines they may be used as just a symbol of pride by families or just kept of personal defense. There are around 160 different types of guns that are presently used all around the world.

It is said that there are approximately 875 million registered guns all across the globe which is way more than the population of many countries. Well the count of unregistered Guns is still unknown. Each year countries like Germany, Russia, Japan, china and the US are the big manufacturers of these weapons and every year they bring in advanced models of the previous ones. Below is the list of the world’s top 10 most expensive guns in 2018.

10. M4 Carbine Commando with M203 Grenade Launcher (Net worth- $58,000)

Most Expensive Guns

The most advanced weapon of modern times a combo of both Firing and Grenade Launcher this super weapon is a must use for army marching towards enemy. This Gun is worth being as one of the topmost costliest guns as the accuracy of this weapon is 92 percent. This has a very high rate of fire with unmatchable accuracy this Gun is specially meant for commandos and only the richest governments can afford it. This Gun is the fear of the army on opposite side.

9. M2 Browning (Net worth – $78,000)

Most Expensive Guns 2019

The heaviest machine gun available to use in the markets now weights 38 kilograms with a power of 50 calibers and can launch up to 550 rounds per minute. There is a huge demand for this gun all over the world especially among the armies of the world. The use of this gun is reserved only to the armies as the super power of this weapon is devastating. The Saco Defense is the manufacturer of this super gun which is mostly fixe on a tank top.

8. Fuhrer’s Golden Gun – (Net Worth – $125,000)

Most Expensive Guns

Probably the most well known and costliest guns of all times. This gun was owned by one of the most famous and rude dictators of the world Adolf Hitler. This gun was gifted by Carl Walther to Hitler on his 50th birthday. This is one of the most precious historic possessions that anyone can have and also be proud of. This gun had the initials “AH” embedded on it which means Adolf Hitler made of 24 carat pure gold and embedded on Ivory Grips. It is said that this gun was Hitler’s priciest possession and he used to keep it in his drawer in his home at Munich.

7. “Royal Deluxe” by Holland & Holland Shotgun (Net Worth – $145,000)

“Most Expensive Guns

28-bore Over-and-Under shotgun the Royal Deluxe is one of the most expensive guns which are still available in the markets worldwide for sale. This gun is a symbol of pride for the owners as it’s carefully and fearfully made. The exterior of this gun is made up of the highest quality deluxe walnut and engraved like a Classic Acanthus leaf scroll which further is gold plated. This is surely a gun that makes its owners very proud due to its legacy.

6. 20 Bore Sidelock Ejector (Net Worth – $200,000)

Most Expensive Guns 2019

The best gun manufactured by one of the oldest gun manufacturers in the world known as James Purdey and Sons which started making guns from 1814. This gun is an over and under shotgun with a 20 gauge side lock ejector. The body is made with a combination of quality wood and best quality metal. This gun is well polished and hence gives better grip to the shooter and stability. One of the most sold and beautiful guns of all times.

5. Colt 45 Revolver of Wyatt Earp (Net worth- $2, 25,000)

Most Expensive Guns

The Colt 45 Revolver has a long history about itself it was owned by the Deputy Sheriff of Arizona who was also a Town Marshal in Tombstone, American gambler, policeman, hunter, boxing referee and a miner. This gun got around 6400 bids online. This gun was famous since it was made and sold to a Mexican finally who paid a huge amount for this beautiful gun of $2, 25,000 which is the highest amount paid for any revolver of its time.

4. The 44-caliber Smith (Net worth- $3, 60,000)

Most Expensive Guns

The 44-caliber Smith is one of such Legend revolvers that are still being used as an army weapon. Although a lot of modification has come in the basic and structural engineering in it but it is still made with the same old ways of craftsmanship. These are valuable and beautiful as well as this was that breed of Revolvers that made the way to design modern revolvers. This revolver only uses the American black Gun Powder loads.

3. VO Vapen the Falcon Edition Rifles (Net worth- $8, 20,000)

Most Expensive Guns

This is the most costly Rifle on earth now, designed and made by the world renowned Gunsmith Viggo Olsson and his equally talented son. These guns are made with special quality high grade Damascus steel and sold from Sweden since 1977. This Rifle gets its name from the makers name Viggo Olsson as the gun is called VO Vapen you can see that his initials are there in the name itself. These rifles are fully handmade and really an example of Craftsmanship. With eagles figures engraved on the steel part of the Rifles body.

2. The A.H FOX 12 Teddy Roosevelt’s Shotgun (Net worth- $8, 73,000)

Most Expensive Guns

The most famous gun in the world of an even more famous personality that is President Roosevelt also called his priciest possession. This gun has probably travelled the most around the Globe with the president as he used to take it to many places. In his words this Shotgun was the most beautiful gun he has ever seen in his life. The present price of this gun is $8, 73,000 and this gun will be on auction again soon on 5th October will find its new owner.

1. Nicolas-Noel Boutet Pistols (Net worth- $1.8 million)

Most Expensive Guns

These are the most expensive guns ever made and sold in the earth so far, the gun gets its name from the name of the person who actually designed and made this gun Mr. Nicolas-Noel Boutet. These Pistols look very beautiful and have a really nice grip and you as it are said these beauties never miss their targets. One of the Presidents of Venezuela owned it once most probably as it’s recorded it was the first president of Venezuela Jose Antonio Paez who owned it. These Pistols have a Dark wooden finish.

There are many more new and costlier weapons still coming in the market. As the surge for power is increasing day by day the need for more and more weapons is also increasing. And people are ready to pay any amount for these weapons both for Luxury and self defense.

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