Top 10 Most Expensive Belts in The World

For a man belts are an essential accessory that no man loves to compromise in both in style as well as product quality and the value of belts are huge for the men, because in daily life men are very much dependent on this. Some men have a fascination especially for the expensive belts as that reflects class, style and an element of staying distinguished than the rest. When it comes to belts men are very concerned about the type of leather that is used, the pattern made on it and the entire finish.

As all this justifies the price of the belt that in turn determines its longevity and brand value. Over the years there have been several designer belts that have been brought to light by popular brands and designers. Here are the top 10 most expensive belts 2018 that are known for its exquisite look and high-quality.

10. Republica Fashion’s Gucci 30 carat diamond (Price – $249000)

Most Expensive Belts

This is one gem of a belt than fashion conscious men can keep as their collection. It comes with a 30 carat diamond that gives this stylish belt a magnetic aura which is sure to appeal to eyes compelling the belt lovers to opt for it. Most belt lovers have called this belt a stunning antique piece.

9. Roland Iten Calibre R822 (Price- $84000)

Most Expensive Belts 2019

This belt is a shimmering piece of art. With an elegant look and classy design this belt is a lavish product and has a smooth finishing. Even though it has a look of the predator and hence it has been priced keeping in mind of the predator machine belt. The clip of the belt has a beautiful design and people love those designs a lot and especially when the company released the Bugatti series then more craze about this belt company begins.

8. Selfridges & Co. Gold Belt (Price- $32000)

Most Expensive Belts

This belt is a stunning example as to how the costly belts in the world are meant to be. Every high-end store where this belt is available it is ensured that audience gets the best price rate. The buckle of the belt is made of gold and it also has a leather body that comprises of 70 pyramids like formations.

7. Hermes Etriviere (Price – $5100)

Most Expensive Belts

This happens to be one of the best of the brands that the belt lovers can opt in for! Both the buckle and the leather quality are of a premium quality and the belt gets noted for its being elusive. This belt would certainly up the persona of the wearer by many levels. The vintage but fashionable belts of this company are very famous in all over the world and people buy those products online most of the time.

6. Louis Vuitton 40MM Crocodile Belt (Price – $3500)

Most Expensive Belts 2019

As the name suggests this amazing looking belt has been made from crocodile skin. The belt comes with an excellent looking buckle. Plus the leather is 100% authentic that’s sourced from the skin of the crocodile. The belt end and the buckle give it a classy and elegant look.

5. Billionaire Italian Couture Alligator Belt (Price – $2850)

Most Expensive Belts

Again as the product name suggests this superior quality and stylish looking belt has been made from the skin of an alligator. The belt embodies Italian style and it expresses class and elegance in its own distinctive manner. This is for the men that love to make a statement with their belts.

4. Cartier Crocodile Leather and Palladium Belt (Price – $2310)

Most Expensive Belts

With this belt at hand men would acquire a palladium finish as well as a great, eye catchy design that they would love to sport. This is even more fascinating when you know that the belt is made using crocodile skin. The design of this belt is absolute artistry and that’s why it perfect to have it amidst the top 10 most expensive belts 2018.

3. Stefano Ricci Crocodile and Palladium Belt (Price – $1760)

Most Expensive Belts

This is one of the best and most expensive belts of crocodile skin that are also infusing good quality leather and the finest quality buckle. The embellished get up of this belt has a stylish palladium finish. Also the price makes it even more desirable.

2. Ralph Lauren Alligator Engine-Buckle Belt (Price – $1750)

Most Expensive Belts

Watch this belt and you can see that the engine buckle pattern of this belt gives it a distinctive look that is further complemented by the leather quality. This belt has an elusive look about it that sets it apart from the other crocodile skin belts available at this price. This belt is made of a high level of leather and the design if you can see then you will get the idea that why the price is $ 1750. The design will attract other people a lot that you will feel great after wearing it.

1. Versace Crystal 3D Medusa Belt (Price – $1095)

Most Expensive Belts

This Versace Crystal 3D Medusa belt is no 1 of most expensive belts in this list and a fabulous piece of art that showcases a great design. The loop of this belt has been made of the best of the 3D crystals. In addition to that the leather quality of the belt too is all elegant and it is very durable ensures longevity. This belt is one of the best product offerings by the brand and complements the man who has a classic way of dressing and who loves to make a style statement in the most subtle way.

These are the top 10 most expensive belts in 2018 that are noted for the look they exude. These belts are also noted for the leather and buckle quality and how the brands have designed them, in order to add the touch of elegance and distinction to the belts. So if you have thought that this accessory could not be as expensive as this, you better take a note and by now, must believe that every accessories get the needed pampering from the smart fashion thinker, do you beg to differ? Let us know!

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