Top 10 Most Expensive Alcohol in The World

The world discovered the joy of drinking back in 10,000 BC. Since then, people have improved the taste of alcoholic drinks for a more refined taste. Various techniques are used today to create alcoholic beverages. The price depends on the ingredients used, the procedure and time. Brand name also plays a great role in determining the price of an alcoholic drink. The highly expensive drinks are for the Royals and affluent people.

But don’t worry; if you are too poor to drink the outrageously priced drinks, there are always cheaper ones available in the market! We’ve rounded up a list of the most expensive alcohol beverages in 2018. Take a look at our top 10 list and start saving because these alcoholic beverages taste real smooth and take you to another level of high!

10. 1811 Chateau d’Yquem (Price: $130,000)

Most Expensive Alcohol

The wine connoisseur, Robert Parker, has given this wine a perfect 100. The Chateau d’Yquem has been engaged in producing wines for the past 300 years since 1711 in the Bordeaux region of France. This is a rare and vintage white wine. As there is a saying about wines, the older it becomes better. So basically, it is definitely a candidate in the most costly alcohols.

9. Penfolds Ampoule (Price: $170,000)

Most Expensive Alcohol

If you prefer red wine over white, then Penfolds Ampoule is your calling. This is the most expensive red wine in the market with a whooping price of $170,000. There are only 12 bottles that have ever been produced and it comes with a wooden case designed by the world-famous furniture craftsman, Andrew Bartlett. Now that’s surely a royal appearance!

8. Bombay Sapphire Revelation (Price: $200,000)

Most Expensive Alcohol

Bombay Sapphire is premium quality rum that is worth $200,000. Five unique bottles have been created by Karim Rashid and the bottles feature cut crystals ornamented with sapphires and diamonds. It gets its exquisite and rarefied taste from the use of ten botanical ingredients. It proves class with taste. The translucent blue bottle makes it easily recognizable and it is one of the most expensive alcohol in the world in 2018.

7. Royal Salute Tribute to Honor (Price: $200,000)

Most Expensive Alcohol

With Tribute to Honor, Royal Salute Master Blenders pays its homage to the crown jewels of Great Britain. This whisky is an admixture of Royal Salute’s rarest offerings and the youngest has been aged for 45 years. For anyone who enjoys a glass of whisky to flush out all the tensions at work, this is truly a luxurious drink. The bottle too is worth mentioning as it features 400 white and black diamonds.

6. Dalmore 62 (Price: $215,000)

Most Expensive Alcohol 2019

This name is famous for those who have tasted it at least once in the life. The unforgettable sensation is celebrated over the world. Dalmore 62 is a true luxury for scotch whisky-drinkers and it is one of the world’s most expensive whiskies. Whisky lovers should know that there have only been 12 bottles every produced of Dalmore 62. But worry not because one single bottle has enough liquor to pour out a few drinks.

5. Armand de Brignac Midas (Price: $275,000)

Most Expensive Alcohol

This is actually perfect for those who like to drink to the fullest. Armand de Brignac Midas is also known as Ace of Spades and one of the reasons for the high price is the enormous bottle that the drink comes in – 30 liters and 100 pounds bottles. The bottle is designed by the 14-year old, Flavor Flav. Even a regular bottle costs around $300 but this unique bottle is perfect for those looking to have an all-night party! Up for some exquisite champagne any one?

4. Macallan 64 Year Old in Lalique (Price: $460,000)

Most Expensive Alcohol

This whisky is the most expensive ever sold and holds a prestigious place in the Guinness World Record. Macallan is one of the finest brands of Scotch and is world-renowned for its vast collection of rare, aged whiskies. This age-old branded scotch is actually not just costly but it has a unique taste to offer also. This particular one has aged for 64 years and is one of the most expensive alcohol in 2018!

3. Diva Vodka (Price: $1 million)

Most Expensive Alcohol

The Diva Vodka is one of the most expensive vodka in the world. It comes in an exquisitely designed bottle that features Swarovski crystals stacked up in the middle. If you are wondering about the high price, then let us tell you that the price is because of its excellent taste. This vodka is made of natural spring water and is filtered through diamonds and a glass bottle that is centrally filled up with these crystals. Vodka-lovers would certainly go crazy with just one sip!

2. Tequila Ley .925 (Price: $3.5 million)

Most Expensive Alcohol

Now this is an example for those rich people who fall for appearance over qualities. The bottle sells for $3.5 million and the ludicrous price is mainly because of the elaborately-designed bottle. The tequila comes in a platinum container that is encrusted with diamonds and it looks rather impeccably designed.

1. Billionaire Vodka (Price: $3.7 million)

Most Expensive Alcohol

The Billionaire Vodka priced at $3.7 million is the world’s most expensive vodka. You will really have to be a millionaire to have the privilege of taking a sip of this exceptional vodka! The bottle stands up to its name as it is encrusted with 3000 diamonds. But unlike many others this branded alcohol also has an amazing and absolutely unique taste to offer to its lovers. It is really a worthwhile investment and you can hope to get a handsome return on the bottle once you’ve finished with what’s inside! This is the most expensive alcohol in the world in 2018.

All the above mentioned alcoholic beverages are truly the finest. They’re simply perfect for making any occasion super special. Not only are they renowned for the taste but even the bottles are assets as they come in diamonds and platinum. Those days are gone when people consumed just about anything to get sloshed. It is time when people prefer stylish drinks over others. 2018 is about consuming alcohol that offers a refined and smooth taste and our top ten brands are the best that you can get!

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