Top 10 Best Wedding Rings

Almost every groom and bride goes searching for jewellery stores that go with their personality. They do not want those simple and sleek bands for wedding. It depends on culture, but most people wear them on the left hand. First example wedding bands were found in ancient Egypt. They are made in different forms, some of god and others of precious metal. It is mandatory for couples to wear their ring day and night. You will find so many rings in market and be confused which one is perfect, this list have come up with top ten best wedding rings 2018 to choose from.

10. Beach Loving Couple

Best Wedding Rings

You should your love to another level with this band presenting a continuous chain of gravels. Sea stones on Skaill beach on Orkney inspire it. Beach Loving Couple is created in rose gold, yellow and silver with thinner option available. It is available for around $45.

9. The Simply Stylish Couple

Best Wedding Rings 2019

The Simply Stylish Couple is a flat platinum court band that fits flawlessly with your engagement rings. It is available in 2mm to 6mm for a bumpy bulk-free feel. It is and ethical jeweler Rhode and Ingle, based in London, Marylebone, platinum and basis gold from recycled sources and fair trade. You can buy it for about $595.

8. The Traditionalists

Best Wedding Rings

These traditionalists ring can suit most skin tenor. It is made of rose gold metallic shade. This is a perfect ideal for traditionalist who does not like wearing fancy adornments. The most amazing thing about this D-shaped wedding band is unusual color. You can order one of these rings from Elma Jewelry that is in United Kingdom at around $130.

7. The Edgy Duo

Best Wedding Rings

This pair is made of solid gold and is available in variety of colors including yellow, rose gold and white. It can be inscribed with up to 20 characters. If you order one, it can be designed the way you want it to be finished, from hammered to matt, brushed or polished. For couples who are hunting for a unique product of their wedding day, then this Edgy Duo is a perfect choice for them. It goes for about $480

6. The Designer Couple

Best Wedding Rings 2019

This is for those parties who cannot do without their threads designer, should try this options. It is a Monique Lhuillier platinum perpetuity elegance loop with three rackets of pave-set diamonds is a stunning choice for you. Cost is $1.470.

5. The Glam Couple

Best Wedding Rings

This is a unisex pink downright gold with a stylish quart classic wedding ring. It is a perfect fit for those people who have no modest. Glam Couple is made with brown PVD and 33 diamonds, procedure used to black-coat jewels. In addition, it features a mirror polish. Joan Crawford, American actress wears it on stage. This product comes in different colors of black PVD and white in gold for rock ‘n’ roll anxiety. It is available at a cost from $2,880.

4. Bohemian Couple

Best Wedding Rings

When you are choosing a wedding band the only thing that unusually matters is a beaten texture. With this 3mm corona organic ring that is non-traditional, it is a good fit for couples with no-fuss tactic. It is simple but stylish. They come packaged in 9ct or 18ct depending on what you want. Red gold, yellow, or white are handcrafted colors. You can get it for $262.

3. The Romantics

Best Wedding Rings

A romantic and elusive diamond ring shows love is in the air. This bridal ring is from Paris Stone that symbolizes its name. Designed in a unique way and is available in pink gold, black gold and white gold. You can find it at $1032.

2. The Subtle Sparkle Couple

Best Wedding Rings

This twist modern band is a perfect ideal to attend rings that are round-cut jewel. It is made of diamonds and six talon engagement rings. Groom’s option type is polished bends and well milgrain lines for understated describing. Subtle Sparkle Couple is a best make form Great Britain.

1. The Diamond Lovers

Best Wedding Rings

Diamond Lovers have both for groom and bride collections. For groom it is made of 6mm wide Lucida band from Co. and Tiffany. It is a simple situation faultless for sophisticated man who loves an extra drop of sparkle, which is not too flashy. Moreover, it can be found at a cost of $3,000. While for beautiful bride it is a collection from Etoile. Made of platinum and features 23 carat weight, 10 diamond round. Those ladies who love diamond will be thrilled to have it as a wedding ring. It is worth $2,100.

Wedding rings are made to be worn each time. Best thing about wedding band is that you can wear it even when you are a prison inmate or a visitor. Above are top ten best brand you can buy and for your wedding day. You have to look for that classic ring for your big day of your life.

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