Top 10 Best Selling Wine Brands In The World

Wine is a refreshing alcoholic beverage which when taken with moderation, it can help you take control off after a long day at work and have an amazing health benefits. Having a glass or two of wine is a better way to spend a fun great hour with a romantic date night, girls and friends or family in reunion. Wine is manufactured in variety of different flavors, texture and colors. Every product offers a unique spurt of flavor form crisp white wines to sparkling wine with bit of carbonation, sweet red wine to bitter red wines. Here are top ten best-selling wine brands in the world 2018.

10. Beringer

Best Wine Brands

It was established in 1876. Its vineyards have stretch for more than 1600 acres in Napa Valley. Beringer fine product is available in wide variety of delightful flavors. It is a prominent wine with unique blends, rich wine, and flavors which stands above the has been ranked in both California Historical Landmark and National Register of Historical Places. Beringer Vineyard was the first California winery to offer wine tasting and public tour following exclusion’s repeal in 1939.

9. Great Wall

Best Wine Brands 2019

This is a Chinese wine company which produces sweet, sparkling and dry wines. Great Wall is a largest wine enterprise that produces more than 50,000 ton. It was founded in 1983 owned by China Food Limited. This company has 74.8 acres of vineyards most of it in Shandong province. They use modern equipment to make wines that are imported from Germany, Italy and France. It distributes its products in 20 counties including France, USA, Germany, UK and 29 domestically provinces.

8. Hardys

Best Wine Brands

This type of wine has been in market for six generation since 1863. It is an Australian wine industry. Hardys family owned creates valued wine with high quality flavors and unique. It is one of the biggest and powerful Australian wines which continuous to add new flavors and blends to their list of wine products. Pioneers founder of this wine is Thomas Hardy.

7. Sutter Home

Best Wine Brands

This product has been in production since 1874. Sutter Home started in center of Napa Valley just as a small vineyard. It is situated in St. Helena in California and its owners are Estates Trinchero Family. They sell brands under twenty extra labels such as Folie a Deux and Newman’s Own. They offer ingenious delicious and sweet flavors of wonderful white Zinfandel and pink wine. Currently they produces more than twenty brands flavors including bubbly wine, moscatos, red and many others. This good tasting wine is available in affordable prices. You can enjoy having this fruity flavor.

6. Yellow Tail

Best Wine Brands

Yellow Tail is a brand that is produced by Casella Family products. Casella is based in Yenda, Australia that has a population of around 1400 people. This family has been producing wine since 1820’s. Yellow Tail product is a new brand of wine, which has been delighting the taste buds since 2000. It produces sweet and a little carbonated wine with gold standard. This yellow Tail brands are surprisingly have high quality test, affordable and are delicious. They come in so many variety including white, sweet, red and bubbly wines.

5. Robert Mondavi

Best Wine Brands 2019

This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Wine Brands In The World 2018. This is world’s finest wine brand that you will find in market. It is located in hearts of Napa Valley. Robert Mondavi manufactures many fine products including their autograph wine Fume Blanc. This innovative industry utilizes newest technology infuse and wine making techniques with their own family tradition that goes back to 1966. It was first growth vineyard that is based in Oakville, California.

4. Changyu

Best Wine Brands

Zhang Bishi started it in 1892. Changyu pioneer wine company is the largest wine company worldwide, producing over 90,000 tons of wines. It creates dry white, sweet wines and dry red. These Chinese brands are high quality, best selling which is sold globally. You will enjoy having it for its sweet taste and fruity flavors.

3. Gallo

Best Wine Brands

Julio Gallo and Ernest Gallo founded this company in 1933. Its headquarters is based in Modesto, California. Gallo family vineyards still uses those same old traditions. They produce a high quality wine with full of flavors with affordable prices. This company distributes markets and makes wines under 60 other labels. In addition, it makes Thunderbird, low-end fortified and Night Train Express wines. Gallo wine promises sweet taste and makes sure you will absolutely love it.

2. Concha y Toro

Best Wine Brands

This is a largest producer for wine in Latin, America and one of global leading in wine field. It is headquarter in Santiago, Chile. It is comprises of 8.720 ha.,which spreads throughout Maipo, Colchagua, Maule, Curico, Casablanca and Rapel regions of major Chiles wine. Concha y Toro has taken an innovative approach to cultivate their wine from marketing to agriculture in selling their products. This noble wine has a long history that dates back to 1883.

1. Barefoot

Best Wine Brands

Barefoot wine is among best-selling wine brands international right now. It has reasonable price, anyone can afford it and has a great taste. This wine is available in vast array of texture, flavors and tastes. From white wine to bubbly sparkling wine, red to pink wines they have them all. It was first started back in 1965 in a small garage. In 1995, thirty years later they offered four kinds of wine. In 2018, they are offering more than 33 different varieties. It has a delicious flavors and great taste that are rich in tradition and history.

Above are the top ten best-selling wine brands in the world 2018. Great wine comes full of tradition, history, lots of grapes and from great families. They do not have to be most expensive wine but with good taste and flavors.

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