Top 10 Best UPS Brands in The World

Since the introduction of personal computers, people have come to regard UPS as useless. However, when you look keenly we are still using the big computers or simply desktops and from time to time the electricity power faces black outs and this can lead to loss of power, which can subsequently lead to loss of data. Thanks to UPS you will forget about data loss due to power outage as they help ensure that you remain having power supply. There are several brands of this Uninterrupted Power Supply but today we are going to review only the best. Check out below list of the top ten best UPS brands in the world in 2018.

10. Microtek UPS

Best UPS Brands

Starting our listing today is the Microtek UPS brand. It is one of the best in the world designed to ensure that you get constant power supply to your computer. They not only produce the best UPS’s but also UPS systems, digital Simwave inventor among other many amazing products. They produce UPS that are convenient for both small and big power systems, power efficient and the management system of their batteries is very great.

9. Numeric UPS

Best UPS Brands 2019

This is among the top leading producers and manufacturers of the Uninterrupted Power Supply systems. Sometime when you are using your desktop PC and the power is lost you wish you had enough time to at least back up your data and information, this is where the UPS from this brand come in as they have been designed to maximize on the time for keeping backups. Other features found in it are microprocessor controlled system and automatic voltage properties hence the best.

8. Intex UPS

Best UPS Brands

This brand does not specifically deal in the production of UPS but mobile phones, computer accessories, electronic equipment among other. Most of the UPS from other brands are made with the same design, but this brand specializes on making them in different designs, colors and sizes hence great and wide choice for the users. Their models are very reliable and you can use them either at the office or in homes. It is one of the best.

7. Videocon UPS

Best UPS Brands

If you are looking to buy a solid UPS, you should buy one of the units from this brand. Their UPS is designed and equipped with electronic equipment protection and it is microprocessor controlled. When it comes to power efficiency, they are the best. They are a global brand that has been trusted with delivering the best products to their consumers all over the world. It also features a very long back up time hence you will be able to keep your data and information backup with less worry of power outage.

6. Kemapower Systems and Equipment

Best UPS Brands 2019

This has been the leading manufacturer of UPS for more than one and a half decade. They do not only produce the best UPS but also other electronic and electrical equipment. They have sales outlets and agents in more than 30 branches across the world in Asia, Europe, and Middle East, USA in a glimpse of the several areas they are found around the globe. Their products are power efficient and very reliable.

5. Power Tech International Group

Best UPS Brands

This is the perfect solution for those individuals and Cooperations who have been suffering data losses due to power loss in their machines. The reason why I have made them the perfect solution is the large basket of consumer they have from Thailand, Japan, Korea, USA and Europe. Their UPS have been tested and certified to offer the best backup solutions like AVR, Solar Energy testing equipment and even generators. They are a large importer and exporter of power solution equipment.

4. Renewable Energy Manufacturing Company (REMCO)

Best UPS Brands

This is based in Hong Kong and it is one of the best. They are the best simply because they have been dominating the electronics industry for the past half a decade. They have specialized their operations in creating the best and top-notch Sla batteries, UPS terminals among many other gadgets. Their products are 100% authentic and they have been tested and proven to be of high quality standards. It is one of the best brands in the world.

3. Teknitron

Best UPS Brands

When looking at how popular and famous a brand is then this tops the list. This company has dedicated all their finances in ensuring that they produce the best DC to AC inverters, battery charge controller, photovoltaic systems and most importantly UPS. They have their main headquarters based in Geneva, Italy. They boost of high performer electronic power supply systems around the world.

2. Deutsche Power

Best UPS Brands

This is yet another of those outstanding brands that have been bragging for producing only the best. They are not only manufacturers but also retailer and wholesaler dealers. Some of their amazing products include gel led acid batteries, DC to AC inverters, telecommunication power systems and power supplies UPS. They are based in Germany but you will not fail to notice their UPS in several homes and office away from Germany.


Best UPS Brands

APC is the best and most used UPS brands in all of the seven continents in the whole world. It is known for their multipurpose and reliable products. It has even been awarded as the best brand. They have specialized in designed their UPS in different designs, sizes and colors giving you a choice depending on your preference. They also feature: clean power, recharged batteries and can be used on a wide range of devices. This brand will ensure that you will appreciate having it in your office or in your home. It will ensure that you do not have interrupted working session due to power outage.

Finally as I conclude these are the top ten best UPS brands in the world in 2018. You will find enough evidence and information that is proof enough that these are the best. If you do not have one of the products from this brand, you should get yourself one and power interruption will be history to you.

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