Top 10 Best Selling Samsung Phones in The World

Have you ever used or even seen the best selling Samsung phones which have heavy-duty processor? What about the ones which have fast charging battery and power saving mode? This time, let us do things in different way, we have listed top rated Samsung phones which have embedded wireless charging capabilities and their batteries are long lasting to ensure that you stay connected doing things which you love most. You can launch adventure apps such as compass, stopwatch and also flashlight on one screen and they are great for simple tasks at your home and their flashlights are great to enable you find your keys.

If you were planning to own best selling Samsung phones then the ones we have already listed will enable you camp in the desert, run in the rain and do other things which you love without doubt or worrying about the quality of your phone. Below are the top 10 best selling Samsung phones in the world in 2018.

10. Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini

Best Samsung Phones

Price: $78

Don’t be fooled that the phone is cheap, it has all the features which you need at only reasonable price and everyone can buy it. You will get the same user experience just like those pricier relatives. It runs on Android 5.1.1 it features four inch TFT LCD touchscreen and features HSPA+ capabilities. It has 1.2GHz processor and its battery is removable. The device has 8GB internal storage and 768 MB RAM and it can support removable micro SD cards which are up to 128GB and this is great to store your important contents. You will use it to record 720 pixel video at 30 fps.

9. Samsung Galaxy A3

Best Samsung Phones 2019

Price: $229

It comes with 4.7” touchscreen display and it is known to be powerful phone and has 1.5GHz core. It also comes with 1.5GB RAM and it can pack up to 16GB internal storage which can be expanded by micro SD card up to 128GB. The 13-megapixel primary camera which is on the rear and also 5-megapixel front is great for photos and selfie lover will find this useful. The battery of this phone is non-removable and it is single-sim device which can accept regular sim. The connectivity options are Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, FM, NFC and 3G as well as 4G. The sensors are compass magnetometer, accelerometer, proximity sensor and also ambient light sensor.

8. Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

Best Samsung Phones

Price: $595

Imagine that this device will not leave you; it has been designed to go with you even in the bathtub and also pool! This is the phone which you have been looking for! It has rugged construction and its display will adjust the brightness automatically and also contrast level. The heavy-duty processor will give you the best performance without any lag time and the fast charging design and power saving mode is great bonus.

7. Samsung Galaxy S6

Best Samsung Phones

Price: $420

Who don’t want affordable device that has powerful chipset? If you need the best selling Samsung phones which has ultra-sharp display, then don’t hesitate buying this one. It highlights tons of cute features such as wireless charging, excellent camera and also more connectivity options. It is more affordable than its successor and its powerful chipset makes it the best for people who want high performing device.

6. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Best Samsung Phones 2019

Price: $465

This phone is smaller and more affordable and it has the same design as well as internal as just as the Galaxy S6 Edge+. It is great device for people who want something stylish and also pocket-friendly high-end phone. It will easily fit into your purse or pant pocket and the battery is capable of holding more juice and you can browse longer before the next charge.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note5

Best Samsung Phones

Price: $498

With gorgeous display, built-in wireless charging, superb camera, S pen stylus and support for contactless payments as well as excellent build quality, it will be great that this device is still the best selling devices because it has amazing performances that all customers can love it. It will be a great device to all photo-lovers because it will give you beautiful photos every time and it is great for selfies, too.

4. Samsung Galaxy J3

Best Samsung Phones

Price: $160

You will love this Smartphone just out of is box. It highlights super AMOLED display and also quad-core processor that will enable you switch your phone on/off easily. It performs fast and you don’t have to wait longer when it is loading content. The 4G LTE connectivity is great for fast downloads and great during those times when you don’t want to waste your time. Some of other notable highlights of this device are Android Marshmallow by Google that makes consumers love this device.

3. Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

Best Samsung Phones

Price: $795

Just the way its name suggests, it is clear that you’re going to get the best Smartphone which is tough and it can handle your daily abuse. It features shatterproof display that is great to withstand your busy lifestyle and the larger battery is great to hold more juice that can serve you all day long. This device is the best for outdoorsy personalities. If your hands are busy on phones and you want the best devices which perform faster, then let this Galaxy S7 Active be your choice.

2. Samsung Galaxy S7

Best Samsung Phones

Price: $544

This Smartphone highlights exceptional display as well as camera and selfie lovers will fall in love with this Samsung Galaxy S7. It features powerful chipset and also expandable memory which you can store a lot of photos, music, video and other important content. The beautiful body is waterproof which is another additional bonus and great for beach lovers. It support Samsung pay and the headset is added to enable you listen to your favorite FM/AM stations. It is must-have for people who want high-end compact phone.

1. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Best Samsung Phones

Price: $ 583

This device is tech giant’s best Smartphone which is available today. It is great for people who love big-screen Smartphone and also those who don’t want stylus. It has the best hardware and the curved 5.5” display is really stunning to look at. The phone is affordable and you can get it at only $583. You will love the exceptional display of this camera and also its camera and great for people who want the best Samsung which performance well.

The rugged design of these best selling Samsung Phones makes them dustproof and also water-resistant and they’re great phones for outdoor activities. You can cam in the desert, run in the rain, dig in your garden and you phone will be with you. Their heavy duty processor will enable you use multiple applications simultaneously without experiencing any time lag! Get yours.

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