Top 10 Best Selling Items on Amazon

In quotidian urban lifestyles, where a few clicks can get you virtually anything under the roof of the world,online giants like Amazon and eBay surely gain an upperhand over backtown retail stores. Amazon popularly crowned the title ‘The Everything Store’ often leaves its buyers amazed with the breadth of the variety of products it offers. The Online Giant makes a whopping $89 billion in its annual sales mainly contributing to the diversity of products it offers and steers straight clear of the Online Business Crowd when it comes to Economy.

While Amazon does offer a list of Bestsellers in different categories, it is pretty difficult to track more than one type at a time and more a Herculean to figure out the best across all categories. Cowen and Company takes an off-road approach and proposes an efficient solution for the same by surveying 2500 Customers every month on what they are buying weekly. The sales percentage declined a 4.1% in the early 2014 but has been on a steady rise since then owing to the market of electronics developed in the recent spate of these two years.

The e-Commerce sector has also exhibited a constant increase in visitors to a 36.2% rise since 2010.Beyond measuring the overall statistics of sale,Cowen and Company also paints an interesting picture of people’s buying habits by surveying individual categories and overall ratings. While books and electronics snitch over the top two positions, it is quickly growing into new categories and diversifying into new ones. Below are the top 10 best selling items on Amazon in 2018.

10) Cosmetics and Fragrances (Price: $2-$20):

Best Items on Amazon

“A thing of beauty is a sight to behold.” Our generation seems to have taken Keats on a much serious note,owing to the growth of advertisements on grooming and personal care.
This category has witnessed a skyrocketing gain of over 48.2% wishlist since February 2014 due to the emergence of new technology in beauty and personal care and grooming giants like Olay, Lakme,Gillette,etc. coming up with more innovative solutions and better marketing strategies.

Top Brands in the Category are Wunderbrow,Neutrogena,Gillette,Nautica,DuTerra,Phillips,Lakme,Crest, and Olay.

Top 3 tier in this category is owned by

1) Gillette Fusion Max Manual Razor Blade
2) Aztec Secret Indian Healing Cream
3) Phillips Norelco Multi-Grooming Set 310

Surprisingly enough,lesser than 5.2% of the customers on the e-commerce website bought products of this category in 2018 contributing to its 10th position in the Bestsellers’ List. Thisclass has witnessed a steady yet rapid growth but still has miles to walk to reach the top tiers of the market industry.

9) Food, Gourmet, and Vitamins (Price: $2.24-$60):

Best Items on Amazon 2019

A healthy muscular body has always been idolized by men and women of all sorts alike.
This category underwent the metropolitan evolution to become Gym and Dietary Supplements where the demand for vitamins and nutrition is to the steady growth. Late in November 2013,Amazon introduced the ‘Food and Gourmet Category’ which has since then been a divine boon to supermarket regulars.

This category has witnessed a rise of 37.5% since 2013 after introduction and intertwining of these categories into the grand panorama of products.

Top Brands in this category are
Gatorade,Quakers,Cellucor,Whey,High-C and Vita-Coco among the top bunch.

Top 3 tiers are owned by

1) KIND,Dark Chocolate Bars and Sea Salt
2) San Francisco Bay One Cup
3) Quest Nutrition Protein Bars

Overall sale in this category has been 9.1% of the total sales of Amazon,which roughly accounts to $3.5 billion annually.

8) Personal Care Products (Price: $2.90-$80):

Best Items on Amazon

This category has smartly been stuffed with products of regular use and shall therefore never fail to secure the top few notches of the industry.
With a whopping 28.4% customer views,this category ranks among the most wishlists and top rated items in the list and the marketplace alike.
Sales have more or less been a constant 17.2% attributing to its evergreen demand.

With the expected toilet papers and sanitary napkins securing the first few tiers,belly blasters and moisturizers occasionally make way.

Top 3 lines in 2018 are achieved by

1) Pampers Sensitive Wipes
2) Bounty Select A Paper Towels
3) Angel Soft Bath Tissues

Top Brands in this category are
Pampers,Bounty,Angel,Sparkle and Amazon Batteries.

7) Games and Consoles (Price: $34.99-$740.25):

Best Items on Amazon

Since the advent of new scientific technologies and the growth of pop culture into the gaming panorama, it has developed into a whole new sport with an entire industry dedicated to it.Gamers now triumph over internet forums and have their creeds and ranks to boost.Experiencing this rising trend,Amazon created a whole new gaming category out of the PC,Laptops and Accessories category in 2007.Since 2010,it has seen a skyrocketing rise of 24% viewers and contributes to more than 11% of the overall sales.
Gamers around the globe have crowned Amazon as their favorite gear destination according to a survey by Swagbay.

Top few notches in 2018 have been secured by:
1) No Man’s Land
2) Legend Of Zelda
3) Nintendo Pokémon Go Plus

The recent spate of events witnessed the viral trend of Pokémon Go users pushing Pokémon Collectibles to much higher notches than earlier expected.

Top Brands in this Multi billionaire industry are
Xbox, Sony (PlayStation), Nintendo, Nvidia, Wii and Dual Shock.

6) Electronics above 50$ (Price: $50-$250):

Best Items on Amazon 2019

Here comes the creed of the ‘Oh So Magnificent iPhones and MacBook’s’. We bet you ranked it way further than in the list. Apparently, this broad category accounts for roughly 9.2% of sales on the e-commerce Giant with 8.7% views and wishlists.This category is a universe of all the macro electronic goods existent and has a consistently steady future in the coming years.

Top brands in this category are
Apple, Microsoft, Intel, HP and Dell among the top few notches.

Top 3 tiers in 2018 have been secured by:

1) iPhone 6S
2) MacBook Pro
3) iPhone 5

5) eBooks and Kindle (Price: $45.21-$134.58):

Best Items on Amazon

Apparently, the e-book revolution once initiated by Amazon gained a broadpublicbase and Amazon now owns world’s largest Multibillion eBook Industry known as Kindle. Apart from eBooks,Magazines, and Journals,Kindle now holds its innovative gadgets specifically designed to lucid and convenient reading.

Views account for a total of 32.6% and Buyer percentage 12.4%

Top three notches have apparently been secured mostly by Kindle Products:

1) Kindle Paper White
2) Kindle Paper WhiteLate
3) Kindle Fire

4)Toys and Collectibles (Price: $1.41-$2.23):

Best Items on Amazon

‘We do love our kids a lot. Don’t we?’
This evergreen category accounts for more than 33% of sales and 15% views on the website. Thisgroup surprisingly has been popular with adults as well,with speedcubes and action figures coming into the scene.

Top 3 notches have been secured by:

1) Cards against Humanity
2) MegaBloks First Builders
3) Manhattan Toy Winkle Rattle and Sensory Teether

Did you know that world’s most sold item is a ‘Rubik’s Cube’?

3) CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays (Price: $0.47-$30):

Best Items on Amazon

With more than a 500 movies releasing worldwide annually, with more than 50 Oscarblockbusters,this category sure becomes a Multibillion Industry. Though there has been a drop of 16.1% since 2013 (thehighest drop of Amazon in a decade),over 18% customers bought CDs,DVDs, and Blu-rays from Amazon.

Top 3 notches in 2018 have been secured by

1) Marvel’s Captain America:Civil War
2) Star Trek Beyond
3) Dawn of Justice:Batman v/s Superman

2) Electronics under 50$ (Price: $5-$50):

Best Items on Amazon

This category includes all essential microelectronic goods under the hood and has the highest demand significantly in the metropolitan scale. Sales rose up a 1.1% since 2014 and this category contributes to over 21% of the overall sales.

Top 3 products of 2018 in this category are

1) Amazon Fire TV Stick
2) Amazon Echo
3) Fuji film Instax

1) Books and Magazines (Price: $4.49-$65.05):

Best Items on Amazon

Finally,we’re at the first selling category of all times which has been unshakable ever since its inception even after the advent of eBooks. Amazon sure has a bunch of Bibliophiles.
Total views account for 24%, and total sales have been more than 35% in 2018.

Top 3 notches in 2018 have been secured by:

1) Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
2) The Uninvited- Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely
3) Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis.

Hence here ends the long list of items which can be found easily in online Amazon store and the irony is all of it are just a doorstep away as soon as the order’s get placed.

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