Top 10 Worst World leaders

No one wants a person leading their home country that is going to do nothing but destroy it or make the economy worse than what it has ever been. Most of the time leaders enjoy stating that they will do certain things if they get elected but then by the time they are in office, nothing will be changed for the good. Politics is always a very tricky discussion and no one ever agrees with one another about who is best for the particular role. But, there are cases where a country will have a leader that is so horrible that no one can stand them. Listed below are the top ten worst leaders.

10. Thabo Mbeki

Worst World leaders

He tried to take the place of Nelson Mandela after he got into the presidency for South Africa but that did not work very well. The man has done a horrible job at being the leader because before he was even president he took billions of dollars from the taxpayers in order to replace the defense forces weapons that were all outdated from the seventies and the eighties but when the man was officially president, he did not change anything. That made him considered as a ghost in the presidential office.

9. Robert Mugabe

Worst World leaders 2019

One of the longest Presidents to be in office. The reason he is one of the worst is because he is selfish. He is unfair and ruthless. He was president for Thirty six years and still counting. He is the reason for the downfall that has happened in Zimbabwe. He cares about no one but himself. This guy is so selfish that he only cares if he has money and nothing of anyone else. He has multiplied his fortune over the years and is still doing it today.

8. Jacob Zuma

Worst World leaders

He is the president of South Africa. The song he dances around to is Umshini Wam. this song has made white Africans very upset but he does not care about how they feel and still dances to it. The song pretty much implies that he should shoot the “pink skins”. He encourages people to do so and that is just how he plans to run his country. He is also known as a sex god. That they know of he has had six wives. They know these six wives names but not the others. He has been said to have raped a few and some names still has not come up.

7. Muammar al Gaddafi

Worst World leaders

He worries more of himself than others. He has been in the office for more than four decades. He has done some good but mainly bad. People are trying to get rid of him because of the groups that he is the leader of. He shows that he can do good but then in turns does twice as bad. He wants more gain than anything. He became president to make himself known and all the bad that he has done and more that is to come.

6. Julius Malema

Worst World leaders 2019

This is South Africa’s Youth leader. He is known to have run for office because he wants to be the biggest political clown. He causes hectic havoc. He has guts but has no brain and no mind. He does not think before he speaks making him spout bad things that he wants done. He makes the military in his country dress funny and wear caps that look ridiculous. He wears a hat and it is said that he does this so he can cover his bald head.

5. Islam Karimov

Worst World leaders

This is the president of Uzbekistan. His middle name means a deadly machine gun so that there should make you wonder about him. He has been in the office since the nineties. No one will step to him because of the power he has over people. If he feels threatened he takes action and makes sure it does not happen again. He has been known to launder money which makes things that much more worse. His wife also took the fall for this and was on house arrest.

4. Bashar al Assad

Worst World leaders

President of the Syrian area. His name means donkey and well some people already call the animal of other names. He manipulated to make his way to the top. He has tweaked the constitution and make it harder for others to even try to get where he is at today. He used the military to keep control of the area and this is one thing that keeps others out. He has placed people in prison to keep their mouths shut and out of his chair.

3. Omar al Bashir

Worst World leaders

The president of Sudanese. If you look at him you will see that his motive is “I’ll Bash” to get what he wants out of everything. He will issue and warrant to get people who defy him out of his way. If it comes to rape then you will know that he has been suspected of it and he has also been known for murder and transfer of humans. He has taken war to the next level and done it free will.

2. Thaksin Shinawatra

Worst World leaders

Minister of Thailand. He is defined of sin and the word is in his name so why not suspect it. He forces people to go with what he says and this is why he tends to get his way because if it goes through him then he will make you do it regardless. Even if it is wrong you are told to do as you should and follow the leader. He is cruel and an abuser. He has hidden from what he has done even after found guilty of doing it. If he returns to the area then he will get two years in prison and the punishment.

1. Kim Jong

Worst World leaders

One leader of North Korean. He is the worst of them all. He makes the others on this look like little kids in training. The people here have to either starve or be enslaved so they can even get by. They have certain camps that make it even worse than it should be. He is known for the rapes that has happened, kidnapping of people who are innocent, murder and torturing others. He even watched a rocket launch to who knows where and killing thousand during the launch.

These above are the top 10 worst world leaders in 2018. Leaders are always going to be an important part of the countries we live in and there will be nothing we can do about how they decide to rule our lives. Always choose wisely if you are given the option to vote and do your research about the person as well. In the cases that there is no option to vote and the person is just thrust upon you then you may as well just get over it and accept the fate of the country and hope that the new leader will do right and help improve the economy.

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