Top 10 Richest Zimbabwean Peoples

Zimbabwe is situated in the southern Africa and comes in the richest countries of Africa. In 2014, Zimbabwe had a GDP of $10 billion. Main economic activities are manufacturing, mining, and agriculture; also these activities are the backbone Zimbabwe’s economy. Other not so major economic activities are tourism and trade.

Private sectors of the country, Who is creating a big contribution to Economy of Zimbabwe as new policies are made which encourage the private investment. Businessmen have invested into different sectors of the country such as mining, telecommunication, and manufacturing due to which Zimbabwe has a very good GDP rate. So, here is the list of top 10 richest Zimbabwean peoples in 2018.

(1) Strive Masiyiwa (Net worth – $829 million)

Richest Zimbabwean Peoples

One of the richest black man in the world, Strive Masiyiwa is the richest man in Zimbabwe and has also appeared as the richest man in Forbes ranking of Africa. Strive is the chair person and founder of global telecommunication group Econet Wireless which has a net worth of more than $600 Million. Econet Wireless and it works in Africa, South America, and East Asia Pacific Rim.

Apart from telecommunication, Strive also is doing Africa’s leading businesses which are insurance, renewable energy, financial services, safari lodges, renewable energy, and hotels. He is also doing bottling for Coca-Cola.

(2)Takudzwa Razemba (Net worth – $785 million)

Richest Zimbabwean Peoples

In his 20s, Takudzwa was founder of Orbz Corporation, Hainz Group and Holden International. He had started his career by developing websites in a very small apartment. The companies owned by him have market capitalization of more than $82 billion. His companies are listed on three stock exchanges which are FTSE, JSE, and NYSE.

(3) Nicholas Van Hoogstraten (Net worth – $729 million)

Richest Zimbabwean Peoples

Nicholas Hoogstraten is a businessperson who has shares in many companies, which contains Econet and RTG. He currently recites in “Central Estates” which is his massive farm.

Nicholas has made huge investments in properties, tourism sector and mining, and also made investments in Britain which has net worth of $293 million. He got interested in investment when he turned19 after purchasing an estate in Zimbabwe.

(4) Billy Rautenbach (Net worth -$568 million)

Richest Zimbabwean Peoples

Billy Rautenbach is also known as Muller Rautenbach. Rautenbach has set up a plant called as “Green Fuel” which according to him will help the country Zimbabwe to generate efficient fuel that can be used and this will eventually reduce the import bill of Zimbabwe. He is a mining and transport business tycoon. Before he turned 40, his business had extended in too many Richest African countries.

(5) Shingai Mutasa (Net worth – $142 million)

Richest Zimbabwean Peoples

Shingai is a graduate in economics and had done it from University College of London. He had started his professional life in commodity trading and he also marketed his family business. He was very good at acquisition and due to this he has come amongst the five richest people of Zimbabwe; Mutasa currently has TA Holdings that is listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and also has marketing assets of BP refined oil.

(6) Philip Chiyangwa (Net worth – $288 million)

Richest Zimbabwean Peoples 2019

Philip Chiyangwa is a richest entrepreneur and politician. He is founder of Affirmative Action Group and the chair person of Native Africa Investments Ltd. In recent times, Chiyangwa was in news when his wife filed for a divorce against him and asked for a big share from his money which was about US$288 million.

(7) Ben Magara (Net worth – not estimated)

Richest Zimbabwean Peoples

Ben Magara has 22 years of experience in mining industry. In the year, 2013 he became Chief Executive Officer of Lonmin plc which is the world’s third-biggest platinum producer. He is also the proprietor of Marikana Mine. Ben was brought up in rural Masvingo. He is a graduate in mining engineering which he has done from “University of Zimbabwe”. His salary is estimated to be at $1.15 million.

(8) Sifiso Dabengwa (Net worth – not estimated)

Richest Zimbabwean Peoples

In 2011, Raymond Sifiso Dabengwa was appointed as the president and chief executive officer of MTN which is Africa’s biggest mobile operator. He became the highest paid CEO in African telecoms in the year 2013. The salary of Sifiso is $772,735. Before joining MTN Group in the year 1999, he was working as an Executive Director at Africa’s electricity generator Eskom.

(9) Divine Ndhlukula (Net worth – not estimated)

Richest Zimbabwean Peoples 2019

Divine is director of DDNS Security Operations. In the year 1999, Ndhlukula started “Securico” within her backyard cottage. She had started up with only four employees and the company now has more than 3500 employees. Divine had built a $13 million worth company due to which she become country’s most respectable player in security Industry. Her company is certified with ISO9001:2008 this makes her company the first to be certified in Zimbabwe.

(10) George Guvamatanga (Net worth – not estimated)

Richest Zimbabwean Peoples

George Guvamatanga was brought up Kambuzuma, Harare. From 2008, he is the Executive Director and Managing Director in Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe Ltd. He formerly was Head of Treasury of the company and was also the president of Bankers Association of Zimbabwe.

It’s very obvious from the list that the top richest people in Zimbabwe in 2018 have very diversified business. Only the salary can’t help one to take a position in the top richest people listings. The high tax rates on the salary leave very little money in your pocket. The salary job reduces the ability of the person to create own employment or establish his business.


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