Top 10 Richest Pastors In The World

Pastors need no introduction as far as money is concerned. Not to get much into the justifications of owning so much wealth, most of them are bestselling authors and businessmen who have mastered the art of making money. Their ability to move masses with services and television broadcasts has led to them being known the world over. Rich pastors are known to be generous philanthropists. While giving back is expected from them, they do not shy away from living lavish. There might be question with regards to owning such riches, but who is to say the man of the cloth cannot live ‘’comfortably’’? These are the top 10 richest pastors in the world in 2018.

10. David Oyedepo Net Worth

Richest Pastors

The biggest church on earth, the Winner’s Chapel, with a seating capacity of 50,000 faithful folllowers is owned by non-other than Pastor David Oyedepo of Nigeria. He is the principal founder of the Nigerian Christian Charismatic Organization, his presence in over 45 countries worldwide, including Dubai, the UK and the US. He was mentored by Pastor Adeboye and went on to be three times wealthier than him. He is behind establishments such as schools, churches and hospitals especially in Nigeria. His two children are taking after their father, heading the Winners Chapels in the United States and United Kingdom.

9. Bishop T.D. Jakes Net Worth

Richest Pastors 2019

Probably the most popular and easily recognized faces of American gospel; Bishop TD Jakes is a minister and best-selling author particularly in the US. The televangelist has close affiliation with the last two American presidents (George Bush and Barack Obama) amid national crises like the Hurricane Katrina. He is a learned fellow with both a Bachelor’s Degree and a Masters from Friends International Christian University. Even though he continues to make his wealth evangelizing, his financial prowess dates back to when he was an active gospel musician, winning Grammys while at it, and a best-selling author.

8. Chris Oyakhilome Net Worth

Richest Pastors

Nigeria seems to be a locale for rich pastors. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a known evangelistic minister all over the world and although he is a Nigerian born Christian, his presence all over the world proves otherwise. His church ‘’Loveworld Incorporated’’ is a major philanthropic unit with various charitable organizations, lucky enough to gain affiliation from him, enjoying a slice of his wealth. He has recently received criticism from HIV/AIDS treatment and action campaigns for his self-proclaimed ability to cure the disease. As of 2016, he is under observation from the government of South Africa for breach of financial regulations.

7. Benny Hinn Net Worth

Richest Pastors

Televangelist Benny Hinn is one of the few remaining genuine men of God as far as deviating from the gospel of prosperity is concerned. He has been at the center of financial controversy both in the United Sataes and Canada. His miraculous televised events continue to cause ripples the world over and has prescence in almost every Christian nation on earth. He owns a Gulfstream G4 stream as part of his wealth. He is known to be extravagant while undertaking his evangelistic ministries, and with a net worth close to 50 million dollars according to it is not hard to know why.

6. E. A. Adeboye Net Worth

Richest Pastors

Nigerian pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye started off as a lecturer in his native tow of Lagos Nigeria before taking up pulpit duties. His church the Redeemed Christian Church keeps on expanding and with presence in over 100 countries worldwide, his influence is felt the world over. He holds a PhD in Mathematics and although uses very little of it, he uses his mathematical knowledge with regards to finances quite well. With thousands of branches and affiliate parishes in Nigeria alone, he continues to spread the word quite impressively.

5. Creflo Dollar Net Worth

Richest Pastors 2019

Creflo Dollar is known for his high profile VIP class living lifestyle, apart from his career as a minister and pastor. He owns a Rolls Royce, various 2 million dollar homes and other expensive property. He was given an F by the ministry for budgetary awareness and transparency further lowering his profile as a true upright man of God. He is also not far away from major controversy. He was once accused of assaulting his own daughter. He holds a Bachelor of Education degree from West Georgia College.

4. Kenneth Copeland Net Worth

Richest Pastors

Kenneth Copeland knows the gospel of prosperity like the palm of his hands. It seems he is just preaching out of experience. He sprung to the public domain as a recording artist. One noteworthy work is his 1957 album ‘’Promise of Love’’, that made it to number 17 on the top 40 albums that year. He went on to start his own church and never looked back from then. His family resides in a $6.3 million, where he hosts various TV and radio broadcasts.

3. Billy Graham Net Worth

Richest Pastors

Billy Graham not long ago was considered ‘’America’s Pastor’’. His powerful mastery of the word and his wise counsel won the hearts of each individual close enough to the word to know him. Born in 1918, he attended Trinity Bible College in Florida where he studied Anthropology and Biblical Studies. He was popular during the Martin Luther King Jr era, personally escorting him out of jail. He is a powerful civil rights activist, and with a following believed to be in the region of 2.2 billion people, his influence is still felt worldwide.

2. T.B. Joshua Net Worth

Richest Pastors

T.B Joshua is a prophet in Nigeria. Perhaps the most influential gospel figure in Nigeria, Joshua started off as a lecturer in Lagos, Nigeria, he is known the world over through selling his ‘’Holy Water’’. Amid the latest Ebola pandemic, he sent the ‘’Holy Water’’ to potential and affected victims of the pandemic. He is known to convince patients of HIV/AIDS out of their doctor-prescribed medication with an audience of over 1.5 million on Facebook alone, you can understand how he manages to remain relevant and make money along the way.

1. Joseph Prince Net Worth

Richest Pastors

Joseph Prince is head of the biggest church in Asia. That said, this favored man of God. He takes home a cool $550,000 as salary every year. Prince started off as an IT expert, his somewhat far-fetched career as a man of the word, gained popularity both in his hometown Malaysia and the United States alike. Close relationships with equally popular Joel Osteen fueled his rise to riches, building his own mega church in the process. He is also a web sensation and runs an online podcast with thousands of active listeners from more than 150 countries.

These above are the top 10 richest pastors in the world in 2018. These pastors might not be able to fully justify owning such amount of wealth, but they do not dwell on that. They give back, with most of them starting schools, hospitals and various community development endeavours. They are also accomplished authors and gospel singers. Whether or not the cash is fully genuine, it is not in our place to judge.

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