Top 10 Richest Airlines in The World

Travelling using an airline is the quickest way to get to any destination in the world with a shorter time and with some enhanced comfort. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) the airline industry is making nearly a trillion dollars hence it’s one of the sectors that supports the global economy at large. However not all airlines in the world have the capacity to offer the a world class service to their customers such as private luxury suites, premium seats, private lounge, world class entertainment, first class cabin, and much more. Here are the top 10 richest airlines in the world in 2018.

10. Qantas

Richest Airlines

In Australia Qantas is the largest airline in terms of fleet size and covers many international destinations than any other airline in the country. It is also the third oldest airline in the world after KLM and Avianca. The airline was founded in 1920 and since then its world class facilities and services has made it to win several awards and established its place among the top world class richest airlines in the world. Among the awards the airline has won in 2015 are best premium economy class airline, Australia’s favourite domestic and international airline in trip advisor, best business class airline, luxury travel magazine gold list award, awarded best airport lounge, best lounges and best catering airline, airline excellence award, best premium economy class onboard catering by Skytrax world airline award and much more. With such awards of excellence and recognition and the number of years the company has been into business you can be sure the airline appearance in top 10 richest airlines globally it’s a fact.

9. Garuda Indonesia

Richest Airlines 2019

The Garuda Indonesia airline was once an airline with financial strain after a setback but today after a dramatic turnaround it’s one of the richest airline globally. Their fleet renewal and compliance with regulatory measures has made the airline regain the confidence of clients and today the airline has been rated as a 5 star airline by Syntax. The airline has scooped awards such as world’s best cabin crew award, world’s best regional airline, world’s best economy class airline and world’s best cabin crew award. With such change the airline has become one of the best and richest in the world.

8. Eva Air

Richest Airlines

Eva Air is a Taiwan based airline that has been in existence since 1800’s and with operations in over 60 international countries and with over 70 Boeing, Airbus and McDonnell Douglas. The airline operates in North America, Europe, UK, and most Asian countries. It’s also famous for providing its clients with the best customer service treatment and cargo the whole world there exists only eight 5-star airlines in the world and Eva has been recognized globally and rated 5-star airline by international rating organization SKYTRAX. On top of being a 5-star airline the airline has also been recognized as the best business class comforts and amenities in 2017, worlds top 10 best airlines, 2012, 2015, 2016, best economy and elite classes and second best premium economy class for three years.

7. ANA All Nippon Airways

Richest Airlines

This japan based airline is among the richest airline in the world. It’s recognised as a 5-star airline and the only Japanese airline to be recognised as a 5-star rating for four consecutive years. Ana All Nippon Airways has also received awards on being the best airline with world class staff and best airport facility by Skytrax. Its world class first class ticket can cost between $6500-$7500 topping the list of top 10 world class airlines that a first class ticket can cost that expensive. But it’s due to the comfort and amenities clients get to enjoy. In 2016 the airline has received an award for being the top 5 best airlines in the world awarded by Condenast reader’s choice.

6. Etihad Airways

Richest Airlines 2019

In the United Arab Emirates Etihad Airways is the national airline of the country. It’s one of the fastest growing airlines in the world and with its ever improvement on amenities such as entertainment, services to clients and dining and new fleet of planes the airline is offering clients a premium service. The airways serves more than 116 both passengers and cargo destinations in 68 countries with their 120 + aircrafts. The aircraft has been recognised globally for its world class services with awards such as, airline of the year 2016, world leading airline 2015, world leading airline –first class, best first class 2015 among many others

5. Emirates

Richest Airlines

In Middle East Emirates is the largest airline and one of the richest as well. It serves clients in more than 150 destinations in the worlds with its world class fleets of Airbus A380s and Boeing 77s. in terms of revenue the emirates airways globally is ranked 5th but this is largely contributed by the services the airline offers its customers in 2017 the airline has been awarded as the best airline in the world with customer service for the fourth time and this airline is the most awarded since it has more than 500 international awards that will act as a testament for quality of service offered. Some of the most notable recognition are aviation company year and best and richest airline in the world 2018, world’s best inflight Entertainment for 12 years and also best airline in the Middle East.

4. Turkish airline

Richest Airlines

Turkish airline is one of the richest and best airlines in the world that has got operations in more than 280 destinations in all the 6 continents. It has been valued to be more than 3 billion and due to the state of services the airline offers the customers it has been awarded several achievements which are a symbol of quality of service. Some of the awards the airline has received are best airline in business class lounge and dining 2015-2016, best airline in southern Europe from 2009 to 2016 and best overall airline in Europe for 5 times now. The achievement are a symbol of the amount of resources the airline has invested in its fleet of airplanes in terms of human resource and amenities.

3. Cathay Pacific Airways

Richest Airlines

This is a Hong Kong based airline which operates over 52 countries in the world and in over 200 destinations worldwide. The airline has more than 146 fleet of planes. The airline wealth is most attributed from the formation one world global alliance which serves more than 750 destinations worldwide. Its world class first class will cost you $31,000 through its worth it in relation to the quality of service you will receive. The airline has received recognition from its first class airline lounge, best airline premium economy class 2018 and best Airline Lounge in Asia Pacific among others.

2. Singapore Airline

Richest Airlines

Singapore airline has one of the best spacious and most comfortable aircrafts in the is ranked among top 10 richest airlines in the world due to its fleet size and the type of aircrafts the airways owns such as Airbus A380 which is the largest passenger carrier craft. Its fleet size is more than 105 both large passenger and cargo aircrafts. The airline in 2016 alone due to the quality of services it offers to clients has received most of the prestigious awards any airline can wish to have such as best airline service excellence choice awards, Asia’s leading airline-first class, Asia leading excellence inflight service, best airline for 25 years, best long haul carrier, best cabin staff, best economy class and many others.

Such recognition is a measure of the kind of financial resources the airline has invested in to emerge as a winner in so many awards and nearly in all categories in one given year alone.

1. Qatar Airways

Richest Airlines

The richest airline in the world is Qatar airways and provides its services to more than 150 international destinations across all the 6 continents. It has one of the best modern aircrafts you can find on the planet and the quality of services they offer ranging from entertainment, comfort, and human resource its no measure compared to other airlines. Qatar airways has a fleet of more than 200 aircrafts, and the amazing thing is, it has not been in the business for long meaning its one of the youngest global airlines.

The state of the art aircrafts and an unrivalled level of service offered by the airline has made it earn many accolades making it one of the airlines to have a 5-star rating. Some of the awards in 2017 alone the airline has managed to win airline of the year, worlds best business class, cargo airline of the year, world airport award, best staff service in the middle east awards, and all these recognition’s and many others coming from Skytrax.

So, these above are the top 10 richest airlines in the world in 2018. These airlines have been awarded many awards and branded with 5-star rating meaning the capital invested in the airlines is quite a substantial sum of be the best you have to invest in the type of aircrafts the airline has, number of aircrafts, quality of service especially the staff, and most importantly the safety of your passengers and cargo.


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  1. ETIHAD and Emirates both are equally good. They are affordable, provide best in class features. Main advantage is that they provide connections to every part of the world from dubai. The facilities, the crew are all very good.

  2. Qatar airways provides a great service for its passengers. It connects almost every part of the world. It is known to a large mass and their service comfort makes people to intend to fly with them more. Qatar is the richest country and it provides world class or best in class facilities. The economy class is very luxurious.

  3. It’s surprising that Garuda airlines of small country like Indonesia is in the list. They are frequently hit by earthquakes and tsunamis but still they have good economy as they run one of the successful airlines in the world.

  4. Singapore Airlines provide great facilities for business class at affordable prices. The service by the company is very good. They connect to various parts of the world at cheaper rates.

  5. The rich Arab nations provide some high class, luxurious Airline services. From places like Doha, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait almost all the places of the world are connected. Thus, these Arab airlines make best out if it.

  6. Qatar airways provide some great, luxurious facilities for business class. They have a great service and connect to many parts of the world. They sponsor for the world’s second richest Football club FC Barca

  7. Even though there are a lot of Indian airline companies and it is a big business in the country, I wonder why there isn’t an airline company amongst the richest in the world.
    I also doubt that why Lufthansa airways and Swiss airlines aren’t included in the list as I have heard that they make huge revenue every year and connect to every part of the world. They are very luxurious and many international flights are engaged by these two firms.

    • Indian Airline business always goes as a scam or loss. There is no proper idea with the firms that start airline business in India. They either try to provide cheaper services by incurring loss for themselves or do not provide international class service at all in spite of high prices on tickets. The employees are also not paid properly, resulting in blackouts and passengers do not tend to fly with such systems.

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