Top 10 Highest Paid Teachers in The World

Teaching as we all know is a very noble profession. Imparting education is a big skill that only some gifted people possess. Teaching has been in existence from primitive times where earlier schools used to be place where people learn different skills and now we learn from books. The word teacher as described by dictionary is a person who teaches in a school or a college. This makes us think they might have a normal pay and live a normal life but wait!!?

Here is a list of the top 10 highest paid teachers on earth in 2018 whom you may not know. The amount that they earn may shock you a little but they are worth it.

10) David N Silvers (Net-Worth – $6 Million)

Highest Paid Teachers

David N Silvers is a Dermatologist practicing and teaching at the Columbia University Medical Centre. He is said to earn more than any other professor working in the university along with him now. He earns approximately 4.33 million in a year which is way more than any Dermatologist earns in a year. He is also the Director of Dermo Pathology Laboratory in New York. His earnings are not only as he is a Professor of Dermatology but also great surgeon.

9) Kannan Ramaswami (Net worth – $7 Million)

Highest Paid Teachers 2019

Dr Ramaswami is a management expert and professor in the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Born and brought up in India now a citizen of the United States. He is the highest paid Indian professor teaching Management. He has been a part of different educational programs in HP, L.G Electronics, Motorola and ONGC. He has also won some awards for his research and excellence in the field of management.

8) Zev Rosenvaks (Net-Worth- $7.2 Million)

The richest professor in terms of teaching he earns 3.3 $million just by teaching. He is a pioneer in the field of IVF. He is the wealthiest professors in the United States and winner of many precious awards in Reproductive Medicine. He is now the director for the Centre for Reproductive Medicine and Infertility. And holds years of experience in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology was one of the pioneers in the invention of IVF.

7) Robert S Langer (Net – Worth – $10 Million)

This Scientist Teacher is a receiver of 26 International Awards for Biotechnology. He is now a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the holder of around 760 patents in the field of engineering and medical fields. He earns approximately $4.2 million just by teaching and is the highest paid professors in MIT. He has the biggest Engineering honour of Queen Elizabeth Prize of Engineering.

6) Stephan Hawking (Net – Worth – $20 Million)

Highest Paid Teachers 2019

This person was not just a human but a legend for all ages to come. Each and every educated person on the face of earth knows this scientist.He is also one of the most popular professors in the world. He has written and discovered many things in the field of science. Almost all world big leaders have met this great person. Even the dangerous Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or paralysis of the body cannot stop him from imparting his knowledge and wisdom he speaks with the help of a voice generating device.

5) James Stewart (Net-Worth – $23 Million)

Worlds one of the most renowned Canadian Mathematician teacher and author and has many prestigious awards on his name. He is well known for his home which costs around $30 million. He has taught in prestigious McMaster University as a mathematics professor. His main source of wealth was through his books that he wrote which are still very useful for both school and university students.

4) Cyril Taylor (Net – Worth – $675 Million)

Cyril Taylor is the founder of the Richmond University in London which has around 1000+ students from worldwide. He is the first educator in history who has been awarded Knighthood by the Queen of England twice. He was the one who devised the student exchange program that has benefited students worldwide. This multimillionaire professor is living a happy wealthy life at the age of 81 in London.

3) David Cheriton (Net worth – $1.3 Billion)

$1.3 billion net worth him is one of the richest man on earth rather richest teacher living on earth. He is a computer science professor in one of the richest universities, the Stanford University. He has a very simple life and is one of the world’s biggest donors for the research and development in the field of computer science. He did his graduation in Mathematics and then did his Masters and PHD in computer science and is a professor of it since 1981.

2) Adi Shamir (Net worth – $2.3 Billion)

Adi Shamir was born in Israel on July 6th 1952 is the second richest and highest paid professor in the world. He is known as one of the world’s most successful Cryptographer and a great mathematician. He has received 10 awards for his research and development works. And is now 64 years old still aiming high in life.

1) Henry Samueli (Net worth $3 Billion)

Highest Paid Teachers

The richest electrical engineer in the world earning way more than many electronics companies are earning annually he is also an owner of an Ice hockey team whose net worth is approximately $17 Billion annually.

Hence after knowing about these 10 great teachers who will be remembered for centuries we can conclude that teaching is not only a respectable job, it’s rewarding as well. The achievements of all these people is huge it’s an honour to be able to see them. Hope that we all also reach that level.

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  1. After Mobileye acquisition by Intel – Prof. Amnon Shashua should be put on this list (No.3 or 4, I guess).

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