Top 10 Most Handsome Criminal in The World

There are many of the criminals in the world who have created some serious crimes and are still being a very big problem for the world. Many of the criminals are listed in the most wanted criminals list around the world. Many people must have heard about these criminals. However, here we will see some of the criminals who look handsome.

These criminals have some of the attractive style and some of them are living a lavishing life. Though these criminals are dangerous, they are having good looks and here we will present you the list of some of the top 10 most handsome criminal in the world in 2018.

10. Omid Tahvili

Most Handsome Criminal

Omid Tahvili was born on 31st October 1970, in Iran. His criminal activities are operating mainly in Canada and United States. He is a handsome person. He has nice body and some of the stylish dressing style, making him a good looking person. Omid Tahvili is the head of the Persian crime gang who are operating more in Canada.

He is involved in stealing and several money laundering cases. In the year 2007, he had escaped from the Canadian prison. In the year 2008, Forbes had listed him in the world’s ten most wanted fugitives list.

9. Joseph Kony

Joseph Kony was born on 7th August 1961, in Uganda. He is a head of violent group committing various crimes. Though he is a criminal, he had certain good looks and he looks like any other African actor. He initially started the fight against the government, however he later turned out to be very violent and done many crimes against the humanity.

He has been accused of several war crimes and crime against humanities. He is one of the dangerous people in African continent.

8. Matteo Messina Denaro

Matteo Messina Denaro was born on 26th April 1962, in Italy. He is a head of the mafia gang which is very dangerous. Though he is a criminal, he looks very handsome. He is a very stylish person, who can be seen in very expensive and attractive coats.

This criminal is one of the most wanted criminals in the world and is underground since many years. He gained domination in the mafia world by defeating his rival gang severely. He is listed in the ten most wanted criminal lists in the Forbes list.

7. Joaquín Guzmán

Most Handsome Criminal 2019

Joaquin Guzman birthdate is not known exactly and according to the different records he must have been either born on 25 December 1954 or 4 April 1957, in Mexico. Though he is a very dangerous gangster, he looks very handsome. In his younger stage he looked like any other Hollywood star. His stylish attitude has been very attractive.

Joaquin Guzman is one of the most wanted men in the world. He is a head of the drug trafficking international organization names Sinaloa Cartel. He is also involved in various other activities like extortion, murdering and kidnapping.

6. Glen Stewart Godwin

Glen Stewart was born on 26th June 1958, in United States. He is been involved in murder, robbery and drug trafficking. He is a nice looking person and is a heighted person. His height has gifted him with nice personality and he looks nice. He has been in the list of Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list of FBI.

Glen Stewart Godwin had killed his fellow inmate and escaped from the prison in California. He is involved heavily in the drug trafficking and been involved in several other crimes.

5. Victor Manuel Gerena

Victor Manuel Gerena was born on 24th June 1958, in United States. He is leader of the gang which is involved in various armed robbery. He is a very charming person with piercing eyes which looks very attractive. He is always seen in very nice attire and has a very fashionable style.

He had done the robbery of amount $7million which was one of the United States highest cash robbery. $1,000,000 was the reward offered by FBI for his capture.

4. Alexis Flores

Alexis Flores was born on 18th July 1975, in Honduras. He is wanted in the case of kidnapping, rape and murder of a five year old girl. Though he has done a heinous crime, one cannot deny that he is a good looking criminal. He is a well-built person and has attractive looks.

After doing this crime, a warrant was issued against the Flores. However, he boarded a flight unlawfully to avoid the arrest.

3. Sean Kory

He is a 29 year old criminal, who has beaten up a person wearing Fox News T-shirt. He is a very good looking person with a very fashionable look. He has long hairs that look like a model and very funky dressing style. He is an attractive person.

Sean Kory had unlawfully beaten up a person, while doing that he kept shouting “I hate Fox News”. He was beating that person with a hard tennis racket.

2. Armie Hammer

Most Handsome Criminal

Armie Hammer was born on 28th August 1986, in United States. He was accused of keeping marijuana cookies in his car. He is a very handsome guy who is also popular for his work in various movies. He has very mesmerising eyes which had attracted many of the women.

He worked in various movies like Billy: The Early Years, The Social Network, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., etc. He also won an award for his work in The Social Network.

1. Jeremy Meeks

Most Handsome Criminal 2019

Jeremy Meeks was born on 7th February 1984, in United States. He was arrested for doing various gang activities and doing some unlawful activities. He is at top position in the list of Top 10 Most handsome criminal in the world. He is a very handsome person with a good height and well-built body. He is a very fashionable guy and many girls are attracted to this guy.

He was behind the bars for some period. However, in spite of being behind bars he was getting modelling contracts.

These are some dangerous criminals who are in the list of top 10 most handsome criminal in the world in 2018. They are good looking, cunning and notorious criminals.

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