Top 10 Most Googled People in The World

These people have been looked up so much they hit the top ten list of people most googled. We have famous people we have liars and we have huge people. They all made the list because of one reason. They was put in google search and the person hit search. This does not make them big people but it shows that people will pay close attention to them because of something they did to get attention. Below is the list of top 10 most googled people in the world in 2018.

10. Kevin Durant

Most Googled People

This basketball player is known all over. He is a star all over the place. They made a film about his mother and the name of it was The Real MVP: The Wanda Durant Story. They did this because he said she was the reason for his success. He said this during his speech in two thousand and fourteen, at the NBA Most Valuable Player.he tries his hardest and makes it as far as he can as long has he is around. He will always be known for how well he played basketball.

9. Usain Bolt

Most Googled People 2019

During the Olympic Games he won the hundred meter event. He did this three times in a role. He is a sprinter and he does as he does best and runs. A documentary was done on him because of his career. It was named I Am Bolt. he started in Jamaica. He will continue running and winning awards for a long time until he can no longer do it. He rose to the Super-athlete Stardom and is very proud of himself.

8. Cam Newton

Most Googled People

He is a football player for the Panthers. People know him for being the quarterback but they also know him for the fashion he dresses in. he is the number one player and will continue on with this spot for many many years to come. If you see him or you see his face on the front of a magazine you will see that he dresses really well for someone who loves to play football. He has a great smile and his face will make the females won after him.

7. Simone Biles

Most Googled People

She is googled because of the awards she won at the Rio Olympics. Zac Efron had affection for her during this period. She took home four awards to her home during this time showing off her talent. She also has great taste in fashion with her great smile and beautiful eyes. She may not be that old but she sure does show off how well she can do certain things. People will google her to find out how well she did and how well she is still doing. She has long hair that is also very beautiful.

6. Ryan Lochte

Most Googled People 2019

This man is only being googled because of the lie he said was true. He proclaimed is was robbed and he was not. Because of his lie he is now not allowed to be included in any of the swimming contest till the year of two thousand and seventeen. He made himself look like a huge douche and this all happened during the Rio Olympics. No one knows why he lied unless it was for the fame but it worked because he is being googled by so many people that he made the list.

5. Steve Avery

Most Googled People

This man was part of the Netflix documentary about Making a Murderer. In the year 2007 this man got convicted for murdering Teresa Halbach right after being cleared of rape that he had spent twenty years already serving a sentence for. In the movie about him, they tried to say that the police officers framed Steve for the murder but they officers vehemently deny the accusation.

4. Bernie Sanders

Most Googled People

He ran for the presidential election but lost in the Democratic nominations section to Hillary Clinton. Plenty of people wonder if he would have won the democratic nominations, would he maybe have beaten Donald Trump for president. He actually did not stand a chance against any of the politicians that was surrounding him at the time. Such a sad time for poor Bernie Sanders.

3. Michael Phelps

Most Googled People

He is an Olympic Gold Medalist that just won his twenty third Gold Medal that he has acquired since beginning his swimming career. Not only did he win all those medals but he also decided this was the year he would retire and settle down by getting married to the love of his life. He has had an exceptional career in swimming and will go on to do tons of great things that he decides to do.

2. Hillary Clinton

Most Googled People

The whole reason she has gotten the second spot on the list is because she did not win in the presidential elections because if she had, she would be at the number one spot. I am sure everyone was waiting to see her name on this list though correct? Not only was people keeping checks on how she was doing in the campaigns but they also want to know what is going on with all the stuff about her email servers. That was the number one thing about her that was googled, Hillary Clinton email servers. After they got information on it all they turned around and voted for Donald Trump instead because of all the fishy lies the woman kept telling.

1. Donald Trump

Most Googled People

He ran for the presidential elections and managed to snag the top spot as the President of the United States. This man is going to be our next president and even though there is a lot of drama surrounding the voting results, he is going to be all of our leader and deserves just as much respect as anyone else. He has great plans for our country and hopefully he will live up to all of his promises.

These are just a few of the people who have been googled. Some for certain reasons and some because they are big fat liars for what happened to them. Of course the president would be one that everyone googles to make sure he does what he says he will be doing.

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