Top 10 Most Famous Misanthropes Ever

A lot of people may not even know what the term misanthrope does stand for. What does it mean? A misanthrope is a person who strongly dislikes or even hates the human race in their own kind of way that is sort of solitary and standoffish at the very same time. In addition to, misanthropes feeling hatred for members of the human species, he or she may also experience strong mistrust and contempt for them as well. Who are the top ten most famous misanthropes ever? Read on to learn more.

1. Ebenezer Scrooge

Most Famous Misanthropes

If one were to look at classic literary works, one of the first books that would come to mind is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, and when they see the character of Ebenezer Scrooge. They will say a first-rate famous misanthrope fictional character in all his bah humbug glory. Ebenezer Scrooge is every inch a true blue misanthrope and it shows in everything that he says and does in this truly fascinating novel about Christmas and the joy that Christmas should bring to one. Old Ebenezer is so embittered and disconnected from others that he doesn’t even know how to express himself. He is the personification of the definition of what misanthropy is all about and is in essence. However, he does start to experience personal change, after encountering the Spirits of Christmas Present, Past, and Future.

2. Oscar Wilde

Most Famous Misanthropes

Oscar Wilde is a famous Irish playwright, novelist, essayist, and poet by profession. He wrote in various forms during the 1880’s. In the early 1890’s, he did become one of London’s most prominent, and also very popular playwrights that did make a lasting impression on the literary world. He was known for his novel called The Picture of Dorian Gray, a number of plays, and also his epigrams. However, he was also a famous misanthrope, and his own saying proves it. The saying was this. “People are quite dreadful. One’s self is the only society possible.”

3. Patricia Highsmith

Most Famous Misanthropes

Patricia Highsmith is also another very famous misanthrope in her own right. She is an American novelist, as well as, short story writer who did pen 22 novels in number. She is mainly known for creating psychological thrillers. Her psychological thrillers have been made into two dozen film adaptations. Her very first novel called “Strangers on a Train” was used by Alfred Hitchcock in 1951. Highsmith’s personal life did indicate misanthropy and that was because she often suffered from depression, was a total pessimist, and was often viewed as being misanthropic and cruel by some of her contemporaries and acquaintances.

4. Franz Kafka

Most Famous Misanthropes

Franz Kafka was a writer that was viewed as being one of major figures of 20th century literature. He was a German language writer of both novels and short stories. His works of fiction were something extraordinary in that they were able to blend together the elements of realism and the fantastic. The characters in his stories were mainly protagonists that were isolated and having to face bizarre and or surrealistic type predicaments. Some of the themes that are explored in Kafka’s works do include alienation, guilt, absurdity, and existential anxiety. One of the most famous of all his books is no other than The Metamorphosis. Franz Kafka may have had a schizoid personality disorder and he feared that people would find him sort of repulsive. His dislike and mistrust of a lot of things did show itself very clearly in some of his writings.

5. Ludwig Wittgenstein

Most Famous Misanthropes

Ludwig Wittgenstein is regarded as being one of the most important, as well as, the most influential of all philosophers of the twentieth century. Wittgenstein as of Austrian and British descent and he worked in varied areas. Some of these areas do include logic, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of the mind, and also philosophy of language. He also did teach at the University of Cambridge from 1929 to 1947. He was One of his works called Philosophical Investigations, which was published as a book in 1953, did garner him the honor of being, a book that would be regarded as being one of the most important of all philosophy works of the twentieth century. Wittgenstein seemed to be disconnected from people by choice and did a lot of strange things in his life that proved he was a misanthrope. He made controversy for himself when it was alleged that he hit children in remote Austrian villages for making mistakes in math to other forms of odd behavior. He did later say that the only real satisfaction he ever found was when he was writing about philosophy. Wittgenstein had a very unusual personality and manner in which he viewed the world.

6. Lord Byron George Gordon

Most Famous Misanthropes 2019

Lord Byron was a leading Anglo-Scottish poet and a creative person that did lead the Romantic movement. He did a lot of works in his time. However, some of his most known of all works are no other than, the lengthy narrative poem that is called Don Juan. Another of hiss lengthy narrative poems is Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage. “She Walks in Beauty” is also another one of his works. He was considered to be one of the greatest of all British poets. He was obviously every inch a misanthrope. He not only imposed on himself an exile, but he was also, someone who lived flamboyantly and notoriously without a care in the world and answered to no one. He described himself best as being a strange mélange of good and evil that it would be hard to explain further.

7. H.L. Mencken

Most Famous Misanthropes

H.L. Mencken is a famous and known American journalist, satirist, scholar of American English, and cultural critic. He was also given the name of “Sage of Baltimore” and is looked on as being one of the best from the rest as far as writers and prose stylists do go. He did comment on everything under the sun from social scenes to literature to music to prominent politicians to contemporary movements. He did some satirical reporting on the Scopes Trial that did make him get lots of attention. He referred to the trial as being the “Monkey Trial.” From Mencken’s most private of writings in his diary, it does strongly indicate, he was a man that favored militarism and says it was a central fact of human nature. He was a famous misanthrope in his own kind of way.

8. Bill Hicks

Most Famous Misanthropes

Bill Hicks was a standup comedian in America that was known for using material that did encompass a wide variety of topics about social issues. These social issues did include religion, politics, and philosophy. He was also a known satirist, social critic, and also a musician. The material that he did decide to use was sort of controversial in approach and tone. It also contained some dark elements as well. His style of dark comedy did get him censored for a while after he made a joke about how he did cause an accident of a friend that left that friend in a wheelchair. When he did this joke, it was in front of the camera on an episode of Late Night with David Lettermen back in 1984, and NBC had a strict policy in place that no handicap jokes were permitted to be used on the air. Hicks strived to be controversial in a lot of things he did and this is what did make him a misanthrope.

9. Irving Layton

Most Famous Misanthropes 2019

Irving Layton was another poet that was bold in his words and poetic style. He was a Canadian poet who was originally born in Romania and wasn’t afraid to tell anyone with his very strong “tell it like it is” attitude and approach. His very individualistic way of doing things did get him a big following but it also succeeded in making him enemies as well. He used the art of modern poetry to his advantage in everything he did. He was obviously a misanthrope in his creative works which did provide a bolt of lightning in their own most in-conservative type of way. Layton was a person that did fight Puritanism his whole life. He was very prone to doing self promotion, being full of bluster, and his long-windedness.

10. Grumpy Cat

Most Famous Misanthropes

Grumpy Cat is every inch a true grumpy cat. Grumpy Cat was born with the name of Tardar Sauce on April 4, 2012. She has a permanently grumpy looking facial appearance and she became known to internet visitors and others when her photo was first posted on Reddit in September of 2012. She is now the subject of lots of popular internet memes in which negative cats lol comments are used. Some of these comments do include I had fun once, it was truly awful. Grumpy Cat is the first famous animal to be misanthrope with her grumpy look, comments, and feel.

These above are the top 10 most famous misanthropes ever. A misanthrope is someone who would not like another person simply because they don’t. There is no other way to put it other than that. It is to the point, clear, and tells the truth of just how misanthropes do feel to be around his or her fellow man. They strongly do seem to abhor not only the human species but also human nature as well.

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