Top 10 Most Famous Families in The World

The media often takes great fascination with popular people that share a blood line, or are legally attached by marriage. Even if they bear no resemblance, or have vastly different personas; like TV personality and weatherman Al Roker and actor-rock musician Lenny Kravitz, whom are cousins. Then there are those familial dynasties that can never be forgotten – even decades after the key players’ demise.

This list of top 10 most famous families is come from various categories – arts, business, and politics. However, there are some that may not seem popular or appreciated but they have had an impact on the world as many of us know it. Like many families all around, some key persons have quirks or have done something that is unforgettable by many. Others started off as background players but spawned a generation that would be known for their lifetime achievements. So, lets check the list of top 10 most famous families in the world in 2018.

1. The Kennedys

Most Famous Families

This was the first family to give us a president who was not only in tune with equal rights for all but identified with a changing culture. Together, John and his wife, the fashionable Jacqueline would resonate not only with the youth and minorities but had a branding that is both intellectual and artsy. While younger brother Bobby would not make it to the presidency, his message of equality, however short, was remembered by all affected by his and John’s early demise. A couple of decades later, the Kennedy political history would shift drastically. While the Kennedy/Shriver clan aligned themselves with the Democratic Party, actor and husband of cousin Maria Shriver would become governor of California as part of the Republican party. Often surrounded by controversy and privilege, this family will go down in the books as one who changed the game of politics and popular culture.

2. The Jacksons

Most Famous Families 2019

This group has experienced many highs and lows, both individually and collectively. Its most famous member, Michael, the self-proclaimed King of Pop, experienced much success – and controversy – in 50 years of living. As part of the Jackson 5 singing group, his presence moved many, even though he may have been a small child. Growing up in the media allowed them to include other siblings, who would eventually branch out into other forms of entertainment. After the Jackson brothers disbanded, brother Michael would go on to sell millions of albums and become in pivotal force in the debut of music videos. Not far behind was Janet, the youngest of the siblings who also co-starred in sitcoms and movies since she was a child. Although patriarch Joe would be criticized for his parenting skills, his aggressive style gave most of the performers a discipline that has made them a force in the fickle music industry.

3. The Bush Family

Most Famous Families

A Republican Party political family from Texas that had the first father and son to become the United States president. George H.W. served from 1989-1993 and was criticized for his many comments against oppressed citizens. After Bill Clinton left office in 2000 (after two serving successful terms), son George W. would go on to serve two consecutive terms. Both father and son have varied public opinions when it comes to their overall effectiveness as leader of the U.S. Other famous members include businessman Neil, and cousin Billy, who has worked in the entertainment industry.

4. The Sedgewick’s

Most Famous Families

This very wealthy family has a long history in politics, business, literature, and entertainment. Theodore would serve in the U.S. Congress and his descendants would also have lengthy careers in law and the military. While there was no substantial data to support that someone in the Sedgewick family invented the elevator, famed artist Andy Warhol would invent a family member into a hot commodity in the swinging 1960’s. Edith, or Edie, as she was best known would star in many of Warhol’s films and was featured in Vogue magazine. Considered America’s version of UK model Twiggy, she epitomized the mod look and her small frame made her the envy of the media. She was also one of the first celebrity socialites to have a hip image. Years after her untimely demise, cousin Kyra would go on to be a respected actor with an impressive resume. Kyra is also married to fellow actor and musician Kevin Bacon.

5. The Simpsons

Most Famous Families

The only non-human entry but these TV characters have had a great impact on pop culture. While not glamorous or rich, they embody what is good – and bad – about American culture. From loving but lazy father Homer to bratty-but-good-intended son Bart to progressive-thinking Lisa who wants to move forward but remains loyal. For more than 25 years, this clan has dealt with – and moved on from common obstacles and issues that affect most. Job layoffs and discrimination, gentrification, sexual harassment, marriage fidelity, are taken lightly with a funny and sometimes, unpredictable, outcome. This family also celebrates trends such as reality television, competitive eating, and spoofs of various TV shows and music.

6. The Rockefellers

Most Famous Families

This family is not just rich but extremely wealthy. According to the Motley Fool website, patriarch John D. was three times as rich as Bill Gates, at the time of his death in 1937. The oil magnate became the world’s first billionaire in 1916. Starting off as a bookkeeper while in his teens, John would found Standard Oil 25 years later and earn his first million. His son John would earn millions from his construction of the Rockefeller Center in New York. This popular tourist attraction is about 20 commercial buildings located in Midtown Manhattan. Other descendants have thrived in the fields of business and also carry on the father and son tradition of giving back to the community through various philanthropic efforts.

7. The Kardashians

Most Famous Families

The name came to media attention as father Rob Sr. was best known as being part of O.J. Simpson’s legal defensive team when he was charged with the murder of his ex-wife. The “Dream Team” as they were best known was credited for fighting against charges that seemed impossible to defeat. A few years after his untimely demise, daughter Kim began a series of relationships, both intimate and professional, that would land her family in the midst of a series of public relations tactics that have proven to be successful. With E! Channel, the children of Robert Kardashian, along with ex-wife and then-husband Bruce Jenner, starred in a series of reality shows detailing various facets of their lives. The offspring have also been involved in numerous relationships that garner media attention today.

8. The Baldwin Brothers

Most Famous Families

For much of the 1980’s through today, this family remains active on the screen. Alec, Daniel, Steven, and William have starred in a great number of Hollywood and independent flicks. Known best for their good looks and on-screen charm, even while approaching middle age, they are a force that can be compared to no one.

9. The Smiths

Most Famous Families 2019

Veteran actor and rapper Will Smith has made quite an impact on the big screen since starring in the 1990’s sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He and wife Jada have not only lit up the screen together but son Jaden is making a name for himself in flicks like the Karate Kid and The Pursuit of Happyness. Daughter Willow is also a recording artist and model.

10. The Bradys

Most Famous Families

Probably the most parodied sitcom of all times due to the sitcom’s sugary sweet plot. The story about the mishaps of a blended family with six kids that gets along – all the time – has been the subject of many jokes. However, they are one of the most beloved families in TV history.

While this list has a lot of different types of families, it also celebrates those members working in unison. Although things happen to the famous, just like those who work regular jobs, there’s still unity. Top 10 most famous families work hard to show the public that there’s nothing but love for one another.

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