Top 10 Most Expensive Yachts in The World

Yachts are recreational boats or ships which were originally from the Netherlands. It was used by the Dutch army because they were light and faster than any other sailing vessel available at that time. It provided enormous help in pursuing pirates and other mercenaries across shallow waters. Yacht length ranges from to 10 metres to over 50 metres.

However, the yachts we are going to talk about in this list aren’t army or navy or any kind of official vessel at all. The boats we are gonna talk about are almost floating mansions or at the very least villas which cost almost as much as the formers do. Today’s expensive yachts consist of swimming pool, helipads and VIP suites. What’s more, these yatchs are often made to be owned privately. And once you own these babies, the world is your oyster and nobody could ever stop you from chasing the horizon, in a Jack Sparrow fashion, except only more luxuriously. Below is the list of the world’s top 10 most expensive yachts in 2018.

10. The Rising Sun (Price: $200 million)

Most Expensive Yachts

The ship costs almost as much as 1060 decent houses in the United States during normal economic conditions, or a nice 350 acre private island in the Caribbean. The ship is 453 ft long and is owned by Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle and David Geffen movie producer. The ship has 82 rooms, a basketball court, a huge wine cellar, a private cinema and the mandatory helipad.

9. Seven Seas (Price: $200 million)

Most Expensive Yachts

The cruise ship is owned by Steven Spielberg, who often rents it out at $ 1.3 million per week. The ship is 300ft long and has guest strength of 12. The ship has an infinity pool, a movie theatre and a gym.

8. Lady Moura (Price: $210 million)

Most Expensive Yachts 2019

It’s the 28th largest yacht on the globe. But despite what its size ranking is, the luxury yacht is one of the best water vessels in the world. The steel ship has its name lettered in 24 carat gold. The yacht has can hold up to 30 guests and a crew strength of 60 and is docked in the south of France in summer months.

7. Al Mirqab (Price: $250 million)

Most Expensive Yachts

Unlike other superyachts of present times, this ship is not of the safe white colour. The ship has a striking blue hull and looks super sleek. The ship has been awarded the motor yacht of the year at ‘World Superyacht Awards’. The ship has guest strength of 24 with each guest having their own suite with a bathroom, living room and a bedroom. It even has private rooms for its crew.

6. Dilbar (Price: $263 million)

Most Expensive Yachts 2019

The ship launched in 2008 is 360 ft long with a height of 50 ft. It is owned by a Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov and is the namesake of the mother if Usmanov. The yacht has a number of living quarters with a guest capacity of 20 in each. The yacht has all the amenities a yacht should have including a big helipad.

5. Al Said (Price: $300 million)

Most Expensive Yachts

When it was manufactured, the Al Said was the second largest cruise on the planet with a length of 508ft. However, now it has been bumped down to the fourth position. The vessel is owned by Sultan Qaboos bin Said, its eponym. It has a guest capacity of 70 with crew strength of 154.

4. Superyacht A (Price: $323 million)

Most Expensive Yachts

The ‘A’ in Superyacht A stands for the joint initial of owner Andrey Melnichenko and his wife Aleksandra. The ship has an eye catching exterior that looks like a stealthy battleship but its interior is a lot more comfortable and cosy, with crocodile skin furniture, nookie rooms, disco floors and a lot of other amenities.

3. Dubai (Price: $350 million)

Most Expensive Yachts

The Dubai is the third largest cruise which almost looks like a ferry and it is owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who happens to be the vice president of the UAE. The liner is 534ft of handcrafted mosaic-y goodness which can hold up to 115 people including a huge crew. It was built in 2006. It has seven decks, several Jacuzzis and pools and most importantly a glass staircase that can change colours.

2. Eclipse (Price: $400 million- $1.2 billion)

Most Expensive Yachts

It is the second largest private yacht to be owned by anyone on the planet. And that anyone happens to be the fiftieth-most rich man in the world, Roman Abramovich (net worth $ 10 billion). The vessel has two swimming pools, three launch boats, a submarine that can go up to 50 metres deep, two helipads, paparazzi proof shield, bullet proof glass and a German missile defence system. And above all that the yacht has a high quality stabilization system that keeps the yacht calm and prevents motion sickness.

1. Streets of Monaco (Price: $1 billion)

Most Expensive Yachts

This yacht is still under construction, soon to be revealed. It’s almost triple of the last item on the list, the second most costly yacht, Eclipse. It is designed by the British developers, and it is modelled on the city of Monaco. That is right; it is a 500ft floating island. It has replicas of famous building of Mediterranean City like Monte Carlo casino and Hotel de Paris and the Monte Carlo racetrack, all scaled down to fit the boat. However, interestingly this entire floating city can accommodate only 16 guests and 70 crew members even with its four decks and 550ft of Mediterranean goodness. There are 7 guest suites with attached reception room, bathroom, dressing room, bedroom and balcony. The master suite is more of a three storeyed apartment than a suite. It also has a tennis court, swimming pools, cafes and underwater ocean views.

The designer Stuart Hudges has taken over the first spot in this list. However, not technically, since the yacht he is making is still under construction and not owned by anybody. The yacht called the history supreme is $4.5 billion and has decks and flooring made out of pure gold and platinum weighing more than 200000 pounds.

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